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  1. Shelly, Are you stitching your Angel of Healing on linen? I am doing summer on light blue 32 count linen. I love the colors in this one, but the flower spray with the beading is really a bear. I so hate it when I miscount. Nothing worse than having to tear out stitches. I am trying to hurry up and get all the necessities out of the way today so I can spend the rest of the day stitching. It is a perfect day for it, cold and rainy.
  2. Hello stitchers! Shelly (firechick) directed me to this thread. I have been stitching on and off for 25 years. Just picked up a project again after a long lull. I too am hooked on Lavender and Lace patterns. Have 2 angels in the works right night, the angel of Spring and the angel of Summer. When I get buggy eyed from the tiny flowers and beading on one, I switch to the other. I have completed the angel of Fall and would like to do the whole set. Maybe by the time I retire. I was reading about the shop in Berlin, Ohio that a couple of you had mentioned. That is only about an hour from me. I may have to make a road trip as we don't have much here to choose from; just what's available in Michaels and Pat Catan's, which is limited. Maybe checking in her will keep me motivated to stay on task and get these projects finished. Can't wait to hear more about all of you.
  3. I did hills yesterday. Once a week I am going to run my street and do the hills. Hills are a big challenge for me. I put week 1 in the activity planner in e-tools. I rounded up the running to 10 minutes = 1 AP. I rounded down the walking to 20 minutes = 1 AP. For week 1, you get a total of 2.
  4. I am all off kilter this week. I tried something a bit different yesterday. I used the week 1 podcast, but I ran the whole 20 minutes. When I was supposed to be walking I ran, and when I was supposed to be running I ran faster. Make sense? It was one heck of a workout, and my lungs were burning, but it was fun. Think I will add some days like this into my distance to mix things up and work on my speed. Frank, you have the big 20-minute stretch coming up. I know you can do it. Have fun with it! Great job to all you runners. Keep it up.
  5. Welcom Kim and Chuck! You are off to a great start. I at the last minute decided to enter a 5 K race on Saturday. Okay, it was discouraging. :bcb_pisse I couldn't run the whole 3.1 miles, had to stop and walk a couple of times. Plus I was slow, pretty much bringing up the rear other than some very elderly guy who walked the whole thing. One of my mistakes was starting at too quick a pace. I know I need to get at the back of the pack and just go my own pace if I am going to run the whole way. I do need to work on my speed as well, and I have some ideas for how I am going to do that. Anyhow, this gives me lots of things to work on before the next race, probably New Year's Eve if the weather is decent. I think I am taking the day off from running today. Not feeling too wonderful.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions to keep my footing. The Yak Trak things look like the easiest solution. Chuck, love your term, "wogging." Make sure and come back when you get started. You are going to be an addict just like the rest of us.
  7. Today was my first run in the snow. It went well but a couple things for me to take note of: It was 15 degrees out, and I noticed initially I got a bit winded. Once I warmed up, it was better. There was about an inch of snow on the ground, and it was building up bad on the bottoms of my shoes. Anyone experienced with running in the snow have any suggestions for good winter running shoes? Given all the above, it was some work today but I completed 3 12-minute segments with 1 minute walking break in between segments. Not too shabby.
  8. Happy Sunday everyone! I did my long 33-minute run today. It went well. Perfect weather for me, right at the freezing mark. Next week is 36 minutes, and I am thinking I might enter a 5K on Saturday. Pat, so sorry to hear about your pooch. Its always so sad to lose our dear friends.
  9. Frank, you are just cracking me up with your tight pants. Too funny.
  10. Hi there buddies, Everyone is progressing so well. I am so proud of all of you! I finally figured out what I am going to do now that I completed the program. Each week, I am going to add 3 minutes to my run time. I am going to do to 2 broken up segments and 1 long run like this: Day 1: Run 11 minutes, walk 1 minute. Repeat twice for a total of 33 minutes running. Day 2: Same as above Day 3: Run 33 minutes. Then next week I will increase to 12 minute segments, for a total of 36 and so on. I am throwing around the idea of entering a 5K on December 9. I really am finding the events keep me motivated.
  11. Happy day after Thanksgiving everyone! Kate, welcome. You are going to have so much fun with this program. Running is just shear joy to me, and this is coming from someone who always hated to exercise. I did my first race yesterday. It was a 2 mile run on a bright, sunny, 25-degree morning. I finished in about 25 minutes, which is a good time for me. It was awesome running with some 1400 odd participants. Next year I will be doing the 5 mile race if all goes well. I am going to be on the lookout for some local 5Ks. Now that I have done one, I think I am hooked.
  12. I did week 9 day 3 today. Technically I have finished the program going by time, but my distance is not up to 5K yet. I still cannot believe I did this as much as I struggled in the early weeks. Now I am going to just add distance to my runs and try to get my speed up a little. So, can I still post here? It is fun seeing how everyone is progressing.
  13. Wow Frank! I was just looking at your stats. You have done amazing with your weight loss. Way to go on your running too. Hope the buddy thing pans out. That will make it fun for you. I am feeling very guilty. I got lazy this weekend and totally skipped out on my program. Now I am going to have to double up and go today and tomorrow. Thursday is my first race, 2 miles. DH is going too but probably walking. One DS is doing the 5 mile race and the other is noncommittal. He is the one that should be running as he is going to be going to the Marines in July.
  14. Pat we were enjoying the same unseasonable weather as you. Yesterday the sun peaked out from our usual November cloud cover and temperatures soared up to 65. There were tons of people out when I did my run. I started week 9 yesterday. No problems doing the 30 minutes and I am starting to pick up the pace a bit. I am running slow enough that I don't hit the 5K mark in 30 minutes, but that is something to work for once I finish the program and move on. Less than a week til I enter my first 2-mile race! Frank, you are off to a great start. This program is so empowering. It just feels so good to set these goals and reach them. Keep up the good work! Lisa, the 20 minutes was so intimidating to me, but I know you can do it. The program really does more than prepare you for those long stretches to come. You are going to feel so good when you hit it! Lora, I like your idea about adding distance. You are doing wonderfully. Already to week 6! Hope everyone gets some great running time in this weekend!
  15. Talk about the time flying, tomorrow I start week 9. It took me a bit to finish week 8. I was having a hard time getting through the whole 28 minutes without stopping. I finally did it a couple of consecutive days so feel I am ready go move on. What to do next. I am thinking about starting over but alternating running slow, like I do now, with sprinting to build up my speed. Or I will just keep adding a bit to my time weekly until I hit a point where I want to stop. I don't know yet. Any suggestions for the next step? I definitely want to keep running after I finish this program.
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