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  1. Good luck! I am an online member too, and have been tracking for about a week now. If you have a smartphone, you should consider downloading the WW app to track points from your phone. I hope to see you around
  2. Bianca-Hope you feel better! being sick during the summer is no fun! Marla- I know what you mean about the little ones waking up at the crack of dawn only on ur days off of course, lol, how did you do with your water intake today? I have been exercising on a stationary bike the neighbor gave MIL for the past few days I wake up early and do about 30 minutes,and am watching what I eat, I need to get back on track! there is no excuse for going off plan! Hope everyone is having a great weekend! btw: Where are Liz and Trish?? miss you buddies, hope ur okay
  3. Karen- Glad to hear that your class went well! I will be trying to squeeze in another walk today, but it's impossible to find a spot w/out tourists, lol, I work in downtown Manhattan so everywhere you go, there are people walking around, esp. around Battery Park there is always a huge line of ppl waiting to visit the Statue of Liberty, oh well I am really trying to stick to the 10 day food challenge, but the whole eating a very light dinner is not easy....HAve a great day everyone!!
  4. Karen- Congrats on landing the position! Too bad about the other instructor though. What time do you have to wake up to make it to the gym in time for the class? I wouldn't worry about the increase on the scale, could it be that you had a lot of sodium over the weekend? Theresa- (((hugs))) I hope everything is okay. Marla-Hang in there buddy! Hope your body starts adjusting to the meds soon! I started walking again during lunch and will be out again today, the weather is beautiful now just to find a way to walk around all those pesky tourists...Have a great day everyone!!
  5. Good morning buddies! Where is everyone?? I had an okay day yesterday, I ended up using more flex than I really wanted but today is a new day,plus we have a planned walk during lunch with the other members of the walking club, should be fun Karen, Bianca, Theresa, Marla- I hope everything is okay! Check in!
  6. Happy Monday!! I really wanted to come and post this weekend but didn't get a chance! These 2 days went by in a blur, but I did stay OP and got in some exercise we went fishing with DH and some others last night and actually ended up catching some fish (the first time this year, hahahaha) Bianca- Congrats on the new furniture!! I hope this week goes by fast for you, time always flies when you are counting down the days!! Karen- How was the yard sale? Going to check out your blog right now Have a great day buddies!!
  7. Karen- Great job on getting in the exercise! I went for a 15 minute walk during lunch. I love your food diary btw :)good luck at the yard sale, I hope you have nice weather out there tomorrow so lots of ppl will come and shop! Bianca- I was looking at nytimes.com and there is an article about the upside-down plants and I thought of you, you should check out the info. and definitely try it this summer! There is nothing like the taste of home-grown tomatoes, I know DH may laugh in the beginning but once he tastes those yummy tomatoes I don't think he will complain, hahahaha I will try to increase the exercise on Monday which is the beginning of our 10 day food challenge here at work, the main concept is to eat a big breakfast, smaller lunch and very small dinner. I have never tried it before, has anyone else??
  8. Thanks Ru! I don't have taco seasoning at home but I can make the substitute! I think I may try it out this weekend, sounds yummy!! Make sure to come back and let us know how it came out!
  9. Bianca- Hope you are feeling a little better! That Mexican recipe sounds good, maybe I will add it to my list of recipes to try Where is everybody today? I guess Liz is on her way to the casinos to win some big $$$, but where is everyone else??
  10. Good morning !! TGIF!!!! I have woken up almost everyday this week wishing it were Saturday already, lol I can't wait to sleep in even if it's just an extra 30 minutes I weighed in this morning and saw 215.6!! so I am down 4 pounds! I still need to improve on my snacking in the evenings, but I am making steps in the right direction. btw: I tried the 1 tblspn of PB with TJ's organic LF cream cheese and it's pretty good, tastes like a creamy peanut butter and less points than 3 big tablespoons of PB Come and check in buddies!
  11. Bianca- I never had that problem before, do you stretch before you workout? About the primary doctor, are you making an appt. soon? She may see something that other doctors have overlooked, you never know.... Liz- I love the pics of Lilli, she is too cute!! AFM: I had a bowl of vegetarian chili and feel the munchy monster coming on, but I came here and will be pulling out some frozen grapes in a minute. I do not want to overdo it tonight, tomorrow is WI and I want to see a nice number.....
  12. Good morning buddies It is a beautiful day here in NYC, I hope I am feeling okay for a walk later, we'll see. I was OP and mindful of my grazing last night, but have not been exercising due to my little issue,but it is slowly clearing up so maybe by Monday I will be moving around some more. Marla- Have fun camping! I have always wanted to try that! Theresa- I hope everything is okay ((hugs)) and sneaking out of the party sounds like a good idea...... Bianca- sorry you are so frustrated, are you still taking the ACV everyday? Have you found a primary doctor yet? Hope everyone has a great day!!
  13. Liz- lol, sorry I guess I wasn't clear, but OW is just plain owwww as in painful, which best describes my situation
  14. Karen- I'm glad that everything worked out okay with the morning spinning class! And I am definitely looking for the sugar-free syrup when I go to Target next time, thanks for the tip All that talk about meatloaf has encouraged me to add it to my meal list for next week, nothing is better than a good, old-fashioned meatloaf sandwich! I grew up with traditional Eastern European foods so I am trying to get in my share of classic American dishes that I missed out on as a kid, lol Bianca- I've seen the cake wrecks before and they are funny! there is another site with signs in China that are written in English but are translated from Chinese literally and are so funny, you can google it and get a good laugh Liz- I can't wait to see some pics of your DD's graduation! and a big *kick* to ex-DH for not being there! DD is lucky to have a great mommy like you! Theresa-Great idea to plan in advance for your hectic week! Are you able to plan any meals ahead of time? AFM: My WI day is Friday. I am proud to say that I have made huge improvements to my late night habits, and I am hoping that the scale will reflect that on WI day. I still take some bites and licks of food throughout the day,but I have decreased it dramatically, and I am counting the points for all of them. I think having the frozen grapes and Orbit gum around (it was only 50 cents a pack at the grocery store last week) has helped me alot. The visit to the ob/gyn was real uncomfortable, at the beginning of the exam, the doctor said the first word that came to mind was OW hence my non-existent water intake these past few days, but hopefully things will be improving and I will slowly begin drinking more and more liquids.
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