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  1. That is AWESOME!!!! Have fun at the beach!
  2. Ok, so I made these last night. The stuffing was really good..but the peppers didnt seem cooked after the 30 minutes, I think I'm going to try leaving them in the oven longer next time? And maybe adding some tomato sauce...for extra moisture and taste?
  3. Well..I made these for lunch today. VERY good!! and well worth the low points! DB LOVED them!
  4. These sound really good!! I've added them to my weekend menu!
  5. I'm trying these this weekend! They sound SO good, and low in points
  6. We're having a Sheet Cake at our labor day picnic today...and I can't find points online ANYWHERE for this!! Can anyone help me out?? Any ideas on the points value?
  7. Does anyone have any idea what the point difference would be if I didnt use LEAN ground beef? My DB's family has a farm, and even though they have VERY good meat..healthy (organic) I don't think it would be considered extra lean.I really want to try this recipe, but he insists I use their beef since we can get it for free and it's so good. Thanks in advance!
  8. For lunch today DB and I had something very similar lunch!!! I wrapped fat free oscar meyer hot dogs in low fat crescants (sp?) and we had FF barbeque chips. I had 2 of the wrapped hot dogs and 1 serving of chips and it was only 7pts!! VERY GOOD LUNCH!
  9. I tried these last week!!! The Strawberry one smelled like Skittles when I 1st opened it!! But honestly, they were both too sweet for me. I'm not huge on super sweet drinks. But I thought it was kewl they came out in diet!
  10. Wow, I agree with everyone else, I can definately tell in your face and upper body!! You're doing wonderfully - Just think of what you'll look like when you lose another 17lbs!
  11. I tried making this new pasta salad tonight! I had originally seen the recipe mentioned somewhere here on BCB, i'm just wondering how many points I should count it as. I used Whole Wheat Pasta, FF italian dressing, cucumbers, peppers, and onions. The only thing I really need to count points for is the pasta, and it is 4pts for 3/4 of a cup. So how much pasta salad do u think I can have for how many points? I'm not sure why this is confusing me, but it is and I just wanted to get someone elses opinion! THANKS in ADVANCE
  12. Wow, what an inspiration! You look AWESOME!
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