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  1. monmis

    Baked Oatmeal

    Yum! Just dug this up again(thank u search feature) and it's in the oven.
  2. If I eat out, I will usually get oatmeal but last time I did that, I was hungry in a few hours. However, if at all possible, i eat an egg white omelet. Its not really an omelet i guess. I mix 1/2 cup ff cottage cheese and 6 egg whites together in a pan. I have added garlic, feta cheese, even cooked broccoli or spinach in the past. I eat the same things most days so I never get tired of it. It really fills me up. I eat it about 45 minutes after exercise so I am always hungry for it. I do eat a banana and an apple about mid morning. I love simply filling because I never have to feel "true hunger"
  3. Just thought I'd share a success story. My step daughter joined 15? weeks ago. She is 13 and needed to lose 40lbs.... She has a 14 year sister and they both have always been chubby with the youngest always been the most overweight. Anyways, 15 weeks in, she has lost almost 25 lbs and looks amazing. She is working the program, feeling just wonderful. She is developing self-confidence and is thinking of joining the cross country team. On top of that, she lost 10lbs before she even joined WW's so you really can see a difference. She is an example of a picky eater who just didn't realize how many calories/points she was eating when she ate her favorite foods. Now that she knows how much she can eat and lose, she is doing great. She never once complains about being hungry,etc... She is just plugging along. She is eating like a teenager just with portion control. But she has picked up some 'tricks of the trade" like filling up on veggies, fruit, making her own french fries in the oven, etc... Now there has been role reversal though. The oldest is overweight but has always been smaller than the younger one. Now, the oldest weighs more and seems to be gaining:(. We are trying to lead by example and not saying anything or making her feel bad. The oldest has always tormented the youngest about being "fatter" but we are trying to convince the youngest to not "rub it in" now that she has lost so much. For the most part, the youngest is abiding by this. She can't help but gush about how baggy her clothes are getting and how she now enjoys gym class, hiking etc... The older one on the other hand is struggling emotionally, making hateful comments, and generally feeling bad about herself:( I really do feel for her though. I'm so proud of the younger one because i was a very overweight teenager and i know its not fun:( My stepdaughter did have to get a doctors note and we weren't sure she was ready but she has proved us wrong!
  4. monmis

    60 lbs. gone!

    Great!!!! keep up the good work! Congratulations:)
  5. I have lost 120 lbs and have been maintaining within 10 lbs for 7 years! I have made it a lifestyle! I exercise regularly and train for long distance endurance events like 100 miles on a bicycle. I don't go off program. I eat till I'm satisfied on healthy foods(I do core) If my grade school and college classmates, roommates could so me now! They wouldn't recognize me. Have I been coasting for 7 years since reaching lifetime? Absolutely not. I work the program EVERY day. I exercise most days. I exercise when I'm tired, have a cold, etc.. The last time I took more than 2 days off in 8 years was last year when I got pneumonia. I feel blessed to be able to exercise. I know some cannot. I started walking less than a mile, built up to powerwalking up to 4 miles, and now run regularily and train for bicycle rides in the spring. My coworkers hear that I lost 120 lbs(none of them knew me when I was overweight) and their jaw drops. I will try to get some pictures to post. I believe that BCB played, and is playing a part in my success.
  6. Breakfast Oatmeal(add cinnamaon, cocoa powder, canned pumpkin, splenda) Egg White omelette(add finely chopped cooked spinach, squash, zucchini)Right now, I add cottage cheese and eat it with sour cream and salsa. Looks "interesting", has a wierd texture but I like it. Lunch I eat a lot of fruit. I only eat what I bring to work so that helps me stay on track. I cook on the weekends so I just have to grab stuff. Grapes, apples, oranges, Homemade broth based soup frozen in single servings(vegetable or chicken) Faux "cream of" soups made with broth and pureed in blender. Ex: Carrot, squash, Broccoli Oatmeal-Make your own individual packets with spices/splenda already mixed in. Baked oatmeal(recipe on this site) I try to make my lunch very nutritious( to get in my fruits and veggies) but then again, I only have 25 minutes to inhale it(I'm a teacher) and I've trained myself to avoid the school lunches and vending machines. I lost weight on the points system but basically have been doing core for maintenance.
  7. Rasha-Glad to hear you are back on track! You inspire me in that you are starting a running program as you lose weight. I didn't do it till I had lost most of my weight! Keep up the good work! Lunabiker-That path around the lake sounds wonderful! I love when I get a chance to see a change of scenery on my runs... Thats why I like Saturdays so much. I drive close to 20 miles to get there but its worth it. Njtravels-Yes, I have found its very hard to find someone who rides at your pace! My first tour, I rode behind someone who rides to slow for me! I came back from the tour with aching hands and later realized that its because I rode my brakes the whole time.... The 2nd tour I did, I went by myself but rode the whole time with a guy I met the night before it started. He was in front of me and held his pace so I could keep up. He's a little faster than me but nothing like my training group. Well, its Wednesday. The weekend is in sight. I weigh myself once a week now and yesterday morning I was up 3lbs! I know the body fluctuates, I know I am well with in my range(towards the low end) but it was a reminder to be careful on BLT's and to count pts well. We shall see what the scale says next Tuesday. I might drive across the state to the west coast(of Fl, that is) to visit with a friends mother. Its a 3hr trip on secondary roads. I'm debating whether to take off at noon on Friday since I will have my grades done and its just a work day. I want to be able to do my long run still so I'm trying to figure that out!
  8. Thought I'd start a new thread a little early... I did my 13 mile long run on Saturday morning in the wee hours of the morning. It was the easiest yet AND I avoided tripping and falling like I did the time before. I just got a MP3 player after using an ancient radio one that cut into my arm. It makes a lot of difference. I'm planning on doing a 1/2 marathon in Decemeber. At this point, I'm trained for it(up to 15 miles) and could do more but I think I'll stick with the 1/2 for now I did a century ride a week ago. It was tough. I went with some friends and we were able to split hotel/gas expenses which was good but I'm not a speed rider and they dropped me after mile 7 out of 100. It was ok. I rode by myself. I finished 20 minutes or so after them(part of me wonders why they couldn't have slowed a little). My group was like the last ones in as we didn't get an early start. Anyways, I'm glad I did it but I know now I can't keep up with them. Besides, I really don't like to ride in a paceline on an event. With losing weight, I think I've lost strength:( The century was on Sunday, we had a 3 1/2 hr drive home and then work the next day! I was TIRED! My next century is in mid-November on central FL hills(this section of FL IS hilly). I'm excited. I'll probably ride alone for this one though. I'll definately get an earlier start though!
  9. Hi all! NJTravels-Hope your dog is doing well. I bet that cone drives it crazy! Ddawn-Thanks for the encouragement. Yes, my friend who had the bad wreck has recovered and is joining us on our century on Sunday. I can't believe its so close! I'm very excited. I hope you get your motivation back! I've recovered nicely from my minor meeting with the sidewalk last saturday. Now, I just have a nasty looking scab on my elbow that my co-workers and students like to ask about. This week was homecoming at my school in all its craziness. Teacher's are required to go to the football game tonight. No offense to the football lovers and yes I do support my students but I don't know any of the football rules, the game goes on forever, its very crowded and it ends late. Since I woke up before 4 am to run, arriving home tonight at 10:30 pm IS late! I had a great run this morning, I usually do laps around my development but this time, i just did laps around one part of it(I think its .25 of a mile). Anyways, I ran around it for 26 times! Listening to music sure does make it go by faster. My French I class is having a culture day(ie-pig out on French food day). I really truly do not want any. In other words, its not worth the pts to me. I don't like having food in my classroom like that but its a necessary evil. have a great day buddies! Monmis
  10. Hi guys! I'm still around. I read your posts most every day. I've been running a lot and I just did my long run onsaturday of 13 miles... It went great, easy run, using a new mp3 player, but I tripped on uneven sidewalk and went flying. This is the 2nd time I've done this in 3 months. I am just so happy I didn't break anything. I scraped up my elbow and wrist pretty bad though:( I finally got a scale. I knew I was down to my personal goal but I wasn't sure how much I should be eating. It turns out, I was cutting myself short and about 2 weeks ago, I was undereating(not good) and started eating 7 more pts a day as I was still losing. Well, it was hard getting on the scale as I had no clue what I weighed. I was happy to see I AM in my range for my height and towards the lower end which is where I feel good and good since I have a small frame. Now, I'm working on maintaining and feel much more in control with a scale. I was really anxious and like well should I be eating more points or shouldn't I? I'm up to 30 pts if you count all condiments, multiple "0" items, etc... I finally feel like I have enough pts to play with and my metabolism is cooperating! I have a century cycling ride coming up this Sunday. I'm so excited as I'm going with a few friends and we are staying overnight and riding it together. These are the same friends who I was with when one of them had a terrible spill. We bonded over that I guess you could say! Well hope all your runs are going well. Its great to read the posts from those new to running. monmis
  11. Hey buddies. Just checking in! My school year is going great.... I love my students, etc.... The weather has cooperated for the most part so I can run before work... I even tried running at school on the track, showering in the girls locker room and then starting my day... On Sat, I ran 10 miles and then biked 30 fast miles.... Saturday was rough.... My friend was cycling with me and 2 others and she clipped my back tire(I was pulling and I hadn't slowed down or swerved to cause the accident). I didn't feel it but she lost control.... It was very very bad. We had to call 911 and there was blood everywhere. She was breathing and came to and we made sure she didn't move and prayed.... She is ok!!!! She has stitches/staples and probably will need plastic surgery for a nasty cut on her nose. If you had witnessed the accident, you would have thought she would be in much worse shape.... So, Saturday was a rough day but Sunday night she called me and sounded very good! I needed to take a rest day Sunday anyways as I had doubled up on exercise several days. Its funny how I actually didn't feel good! I know part of that was from the trauma of Saturday but still! I love Running! Have a great week!!!!
  12. Happy Friday buddies! thanks to all who posted in response to my post on the last running thread. I feel like I'm still on a "high" from finally losing those last few lbs. But, on the other hand, I'm taking every "precaution" to not gain those lbs back now that I'm back to work. I lost the extra lbs during the summer when I could set my own schedule and now I am back to the "school" routine. I will continue my exercise(as I was doing this last year anyways), I will continue to avoid "goodies" brought in by students and food in the teachers lounge, etc and I will see what happens. Now I have to figure how many pts to add back and maintain. Its hard for me to "add back pts" after struggling so much last year to lose those last few lbs. Anyways. Here is an example of a food struggle. They had a luncheon for the teachers today. It was basically cafeteria food.... Iceberg lettuce salad(no dressing but not filling anyways), Bread, cookies, brownies, and overcooked Spaghetti. I don't care for any of those things and I really didn't want to spend a ton of pts on stuff that A: is not the best fuel for my body and B: food that I didn't like. And, everyone is of course watching me due to my big weight loss. So, I picked at what was on my plate and then ate my own gigantic spinach chicken/cheese/egg white salad in my classrom afterwards. Oh well.... Running wise, I have resumed my 1 to 1hr15min run around my development in the wee hours of the morning. Its not too bad and I'm grateful I can do it. I'm looking forward to my long run saturday morning. I drive 20ish interstate miles to get there but its along the ocean, great sidewalks/bike lane and water fountains every tenth of a mile. Enjoy your weekends!
  13. Hey buddies!!!!! Not sure if you remember me but I posted often before the summertime. During the summer I don't have email. Anyways.... I'll try to give you a short report... My 500 mile week long cycling ride was a BLAST!!!! I even did the optional century on the rest day, got lost, and ended up doing 112 miles on that day alone in Georgia Hills! I didn't push my bike up a single hill. And although I ate hearty meals(not much control over what I got and besides you are burning tons of calories), I lost a ton of weight on the tour! I had about 15?(I don't know, haven't been on a scale in years) lbs to lose to get to my personal goal.... I came back after the tour and increased my running and lost the rest of the pesky lbs!!!! I'm at my personal goal weight(I've been told not to lose any more) and went down 2-3 pants sizes. After a particularily difficult year weight wise, I'm so happy to feel successful once again. Last year, I WAS exercising, I WAS watching what I ate but I was definately at a plateau then. I have been running for several years but I increased my distance and I think losing these few lbs really has helped me in my running. I am up to running 15 miles at once. I am not sure whether I'll do a 1/2 marathon or a full marathon. I"m sure I could train for the full one but with going back to work(I'm a teacher) and other things, I might just do the 1/2. I plan on checking in on this thread regularily. These next couple weeks will be hectic for me though. t take care buddies!
  14. Hi buddies... I'm at work stareing at the walls again.... I'm a teacher and we had time last week to clean up and then yesterday and 1/2 of today is for clean up as well. I'm doneeeeeee and I read just about every daily post on every board yesterday! I figured out that this morning was my last run in my development!!!! From now until August, I will be able to run in different locations and have some variety. No more laps around trash dumpsters for me:) Oh, and I won't have to wake up at 4 am to do them:) I want to continue to head to my personal goal this summer and fit nicely into my entire closet for the next school year. I am nervous though because my summer is obviously not as structured which works well for me.... I am kick starting it with my tour though! I am beyond excited. I have most everything laid out and am ready to pack it together.... I leave from S.FL tomorrow, head up to NW FL for a day and then head up to Dalton, GA! I am so happy that I got my monthly visitor EARLY and not smack dab on the first day of my cycling tour as was expected:) If my calculations are correct, I will have, at most, Aunt Flo riding along for 2 days of the tour~! I will check in post-tour in a little over a week! Good luck to all in their events!
  15. Hey buddies! I shall be disapearing for the better part of 2 months as I don't have internet access at home. I will check in when I'm visiting people who do! This weekend, I did a 9 mile run again. It was a little tougher than last week probably because I had not gotten enough sleep the night before. I've found that eating a good breakfast before a run/bike ride, usually works well for me. On Sunday, I got up early again, and rode 20 miles on my bike solo in order to get some more miles in before I met up with friends for a 13 mile ride, 1 mile run, and a 1/4 mile swim. Well, when my friends showed up, they said they were going for a 30 mile ride!!!! Not that I can't handle that but they ride fast and I hadn't planned for it, so a friend and I rode at a good speed by ourselves. We swim in the ocean and its beautiful! I love looking at the minnows/small fish underwater.... I don't swim in that deep of water and my friend said the day before, she had seen 2 BARRACUDAS the size of her swim by(she swims further out)!!!! Yikes! Well my tour is fast approaching!!!! It starts on Saturday... I have to pack today. I spent the weekend running around getting last minute things.... I ran about 4-5 miles this morning. I was very happy the weather cooperated.... I have a feeling I didn't eat enough activity pts this weekend. I was hungry going to bed last night, hungry waking up and hungry after breakfast. I eat a ton of fiber/ veggies/ healthy foods so that is not the problem....
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