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  1. Darn, I think you are right! (but I was hoping I was wrong!). Thanks!
  2. What size fries did I just eat? I normally don't go to BK and I ate the fries that came in a combo. I did not upgrade to a large or super-large. So would that be a small or medium? They were in a little brown box container.
  3. Thanks everyone! I will show him all your responses. I'm not sure why we thought that 13 was the maxiumum activity points - probably because that's what the slider goes to. He does use a lot of gels and recovery drinks that he buys from a sports-nutrition place. I think what happened was that we determined his base points to be 29 and he felt like he was starving even though he was eating lots of veggies. He's basically doing his physical activities every other day so so the 13 he was taking on some of his riding days were easily used up. So on several cycling days he was consuming 42 points which left him weak that day and the next. Core might be an option also, but I'm not sure it would allow the gels/shakes etc. that he needs. Thanks everyone!
  4. My husband could stand to lose 15-20 pounds according the WW guidelines and he agrees. He likes the WW program and it would be great if we could do it together. But we are not sure it's right for him and I'd love your opinions. He is 45 and has a very sedentary day job as a consultant. But about 4 times per week he participates in highly competitive bike riding both velodrome riding and road riding. Sometimes he even competes in moutain bike races. He's in fantastic shape and feels that if he lost the 15 pounds he's be even more competitive. So the issue really is that he doesn't feel comfortable if he is only able to add 13 extra activity points for the days where he cycles say 75 miles and claims he feels 'depleted' for a couple of days afterwards when he's tried to do WW with me. Typically he does 3 hours of high intensity exercise on those 4 days. But he admits that part of the reason he's a bit chubby is that he eats like he's training EVERYDAY, not just his riding days. What do you all suggest? Should he tweak the program or perhaps it's not the best one for him? He knows all about the nutritional aspects of competitive sports so it's not that he's choosing the wrong foods.
  5. Hi everyone - even though I 'came back' a couple of days ago, I'm afraid I won't be Firming (or any other formal exercise) for a week. I'm off to Walt Disney World with my family until the 22nd. I really need a vacation and I'm the biggest Disney nut so I know it will be fun. Have fun Firming - I'll see you in a little over a week!
  6. Hi everyone - I'm back. My doctor gave me the green light to resume exercising after my little chest pain scare a week and a half ago. I still have two heart tests I need to do within the month - but they are mostly just a formality so my doctor can say that I've had a full cardiac workup. So far I've had two EKG's, blood enzymes, chest X-ray and heart monitoring - and everything has been normal. But it's probably just me worrying but I'm not going to push myself too hard - I'm going to alternate walking and some easier FIrms until everything comes back. So today I'm doing a 2 mile walk and pilates.
  7. I think it 'depends.' Not that I have personal experience with it, but I have several friends who have lost weight and kept it off with WW or other plans. My friends who lost weight with WW (or another plan), who were only overweight for a short time - like after a pregnancy, or perhaps a few years of being overweight, lost the weight, then basically just reestablished their old 'slim' ways of eating. On the other hand, my friends who have serious, long-term weight problems have either gained it back or had to really watch their weight permanently. I really do think it depends on the person. My WW leader says that she doesn't count points but every so often tallys up her points just to see that she's within the guidelines.
  8. Hi ladies - I've been MIA for the past few days. I had a scary thing happen on Saturday that put me in the Emergency Room. To make a long story short, I went to Urgent Care because I was having trouble breathing and had chest pain, among other symptoms. They sent me to the ER. In the end they ran a bunch of tests and concluded that it was a panick attack. Scared the crap out of me. But truthfully I've been feeling a bit out of sorts on and off for about two weeks now. I've decided to temporarily switch to walking and yoga for a week or two until I get in to see my regular doctor - not because I think it would be dangerous, it's just that the extra adrenaline that you get from a tough workout actually makes me feel worse when I get like this. The last time something like this happened was about 4 years ago and I was treated with meds for it. I'd still like to check in here because I'm going back to Firming ASAP.
  9. Today I did Better Body & Buns. I finally got my desire to Firm back. Nina - congratulations on seeing "Abs!" Unfortunately I can't say the same. cessation - I hate Firm customer service also which is why I've usually gotten Firm things through Collage. It's worth it though!
  10. If you buy them on Ebay - just make sure that it says Firm Basics on the top of the box. There is at least one other one that has 'basics' in the title but are advanced workouts.
  11. The Firm is the name of a company that puts out a series of workouts. Basically they make 3 main types - cardio, cardio-sculpt, and sculpt. Most of the newer ones use some kind of step-up box and some dumbells. There is also a sculpting stick used in some of them. Take a look at their website: http://www.firmdirect.com/firm/ecs/main/index.html You can see short clips of them here: http://www.collagevideo.com/cart/default.aspx It's hard to say if you could do them or not. They do have beginner modifications and technically you could do most of them (I think) without the box. In my case I waited until I'd been doing other forms of exercise for a while which you have been, so you may have no issues. The Firm also has a series of 3 beginner videos called the Basics series which doesn't use the step-up box. They are usually available on Ebay. I ALWAYS start with those when I am just getting into it - but it may not be necessary for everyone. http://cgi.ebay.com/THE-FIRM-FIRM-BASICS-Fat-Burning-Workout-VHS_W0QQitemZ120127140618QQihZ002QQcategoryZ309QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Good luck!
  12. This morning I still didn't feel IT - so I went for a 40 minute brisk walk outside. I THINK I may have been trying to do too many tough (for me) Firms too soon. Two weeks ago, I was mostly doing the Basics, then I quickly switched to longer, harder ones - perhaps I was pushing myself a bit too hard? Anyhow, we shall see how I feel tomorrow.
  13. Hi Cessation - welcome!! I'm not doing so good. Yesterday I took an unexpected rest day, my original plan was to swap it with today which was scheduled to be my rest day. For some reason yesterday I just COULD NOT muster up the will to put in the tape. So I thought "ok, i'll listen to my body" THis morning the same thing happened so I left it until this evening. I did about 25 minutes of MCB and then gave up. It wasn't too hard, I just feel sort of depleted - hard to explain. I'll try to get back on track tommorrow morning - perhaps I'll choose an easier tape. mrsreptile - ack! back pain. I'm sorry to hear that you have that. I recently went through a period of that and it's no fun. Good thing you know how to deal with it.
  14. That's great news Nina - what a wonderful change in your dad. Miracles can happen!
  15. You guys look terrific!!! Joanne - how fun, you already went and visited the Firm. I love all of them but Nancy is my favorite - she's about my age (I think) and is SO inspiring. My does she look slim in those pictures - and taller than I thought.
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