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  1. 45 min brisk walk in the rain. Wore a raincoat for the first time in months!
  2. Guess I get this going for today... 45 min walk w. DDog 30 min Pilates
  3. I love the ball. I've moved many of my standard Pilates moves to the ball to make it more challenging and it's kind of fun! Plus, it reminds me of being a kid. Bounce, bounce, roll around and lounge....
  4. 35 min Pilates + walk planned for tonight.
  5. I agree! It's one of my very favorite places in the US. The hiking is fantastic. Love the Yosemite fall hike. Hard but well worth it. We usually stay at Camp 4 with all the climbers. Their dedication and passion for the rocks/ El Cap. is amazing! Have a great time!
  6. Couldn't find my favorite thread so here it goes! 30 min brisk walking downtown w. pedometer. Nice day!
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