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  1. WTG! It is a testimony that this plan really does work and is something we can do for the rest of our lives! Awesome Job!
  2. Hi all! Are newbies welcome? I have been a WW maintainer for almost 2 years now. I have good days and bad ones! It would be great to be part of the group!
  3. Thanks TryingWW!! Next time I will weigh it before I start eating...You are right about the eyeballing...It can get you in alot of trouble!
  4. Hi buddies! I have a question about servings for Chinese takeout. Just last week I ordered chicken with chinese vegetables and steamed rice on the dinner menu....I was wondering if anyone knew how many servings is typically on the dinner plate..It looked like 2 but could've been 3...It definitely wasn't 4. Just wondering if anyone has ever encountered that issue?
  5. Hi Tanya! I should start in about 2 weeks! I am excited! Yippee! I guess everyone starts as a receptionist! I will keep everyone posted on how it goes! Happy Birthday Cressa!!
  6. Thanks Katy! That thought has kept me going with Weight Watchers....and also to "err is human". As far as any good books...Anything by Nicolas Sparks off the top of my head...
  7. Hi Katy, Sandy and all who follow! How are you ladies this morning? Katy-I understand about cold weather...I don't like it either. Sending warm sunbeams your way! Sandy-I fell off track this past week also. I went wrong with Chinese..then wanted to beat myself up about it. I should know better by now. One bad meal should just be one bad meal...Laugh and move on...This week will be better for the both of us!
  8. Thanks for all the congrats! You guys are awesome! Right now, I will start out as a receptionist and eventually branch off to be a leader. I won't start for 2 weeks. I think they want me well trained before the new year. Of course, I will give you all the insider scoop at WW. Love you guys!
  9. Good morning Karen and all who follow! I have exciting news!!! I had an interview with Weight Watchers yesterday and they hired me!!!!
  10. Good afternoon all! Went to WW meeting this morning and down -1.4. I met my goal of wanting to lose for the lose for good campaign before it ended! Yippee!!!! I made an announcement in front of all my WW buddies that I would start adding activity this coming week. So they are going to ask me about it next Saturday.....Accountability is very powerful...Needless to say...I will be doing something to talk about next Saturday..
  11. Good morning Esther, Sandy and all who follow! Esther- Your grandchildren are adorable! Sandy- I am happy for you on your weigh in! :bcb_bravoHow much did you lose if you don't mind me asking... Well, I posted yesterday about how I was going to Cracker Barrel and would tell everyone how it went. You all would be so proud. I made a photocopy of the Cracker Barrell points from my WW Restaurant companion...circled what I would have and ordered only that. I allowed myself between 7-9 points...planned my day around it actually....grilled tenderloins-3pt, green beans-1, mixed greens-1 and biscuit-3 with water= 8 points total and everything (even green beans and mixed greens..shock..shock) was delicious!!! Needless to say...I will go more often...It really wasn't that expensive either...same as other sit down restaurants... I'll be checking back in later...this morning got to go to laundry mat to dry clothes:bcb_yuck:, take my car back to the shop to get my speedometer cluster put in (all week been driving and not knowing how fast I was going) then last but not least.....got to check to see if the parts for my husband's car have come in so I can take it to the mechanic and get it fixed... Needless to say...may be this afternoon before i post again...who says life is not an adventure...wouldn't have it any other way!!!
  12. Good morning harliee57 and all who follow! Feeling lazy this morning! Sipping on a cup of coffee and crossing my fingers that energy will just flow thru me...LOL This Saturday is the last day of the lose for good campaign! Sending out skinny vibes...Please send some back! I am going to Cracker Barrel later to meet a friend. I will let you know how good I behave...There I said it...now I have to keep my words and not let you or myself down...Accountability is a powerful thing!! Have a great day everyone! I will either post tonight or tommorrow morning how I behaved at Cracker Barrel.
  13. Good afternoon buddies!! How is everyone on this fine, fine day? This weekend has been crazy especially with my car and my husband's car acting up. I weighed in yesterday and maintained. I was actually rather shocked because I tracked like crazy...I expected to lose for the Lose for Good Campaign:bcb_confu...I have one more week to go. I think next Saturday is the last day...Please send skinny vibes my way:bcb_bigsm...LOL
  14. Good afternoon everyone! It has been a crazy week...crazy day...wouldn't have it any other way... I have surprising had a good 3 weeks of solid tracking...I feel in control and I love it!!! Tomorrow morning i step on the scales and I am praying it is being to pay off...not necessarily for me...but I do want to lose a couple of pounds for the lose for good campaign on WW...I believe it ends October 17??? Anywho....I do want to contribute something... Wish me luck everyone!!! I will post tomorrow to let you know how it went. Harliee57-water aerobics sounds like so much fun... strawberryjayne- great pictures! Is the name of the show Designing Women? mseeebee- I hope you feel better. Something is going around. k8edid2000-wow i love Florida!! Have a wonderful time! Tanya- Let us know about that lunch train...never heard of it but it sounds fun... big2little4me- i hope the iron kicks in soon...not having very much energy is rough... sfslave0814- hopefully, things will slow down for you soon...we know how it is to be busy... I'll be checking back in later...if I missed anyone..I apologize...You all are fantastic!!
  15. Good evening all! Just popping in to say hello! Looks like everyone is having a good week so far! Breakfast: grits w/butter Lunch: tuna salad on lettuce Dinner: black beans on salad snack:popcorn, plums:salut
  16. Thanks K8edid2000 and StrawberryJayne for welcoming me back. A little recap....I am from NC, married no kids, attend WW weekly meetings, WW lifetimer, just recently graduated from college. I love WW and I get to meet lovely people like you! My new favorite hobby is reading!!!!! Keeps me to chewing...LOL
  17. Good afternoon everyone! How has everyone been? Sorry I haven't been a better buddy. I promise to do better. I fell off the wagon...Now I am back on. I have been for 2 weeks. I need to incorporate exercise back in. 4 days a week I am walking at work but I used to exercise 45 min -1 hour a day/6 days and not counting the walks at work. I will take baby steps to get back. I thought I would stay on program 1 more week (total 3 weeks before I bring exercise back in) Just wanted to pop back in and they everyone that I have missed them and I am back!!!
  18. Good evening everyone! I am usually better about posting but the last few days have been hectic! It's like a flu have been going around and people are calling in like crazy....My journaling this week has been ok. Definitely could be better. Tommorrow is a brand new day. I will do better. I'll try to catch up on what is going on with all my BCB buddies on this thread tommorrow. I am looking forward to getting to know you all! Have a wonderful evening!
  19. Good afternoon everyone! Do you mind if I join in on your thread? I am a life-timer and sometimes feel like I am on my own. I really want to be part of a group. I am married with no kids and work as a retail auditor. I go to the meetings every Saturday. I need that accountability. I have read the comments from everyone and it seems like everyone is friendly and really care about each other. It would be an honor to be a part of the group! Have a great OP day!
  20. Aphreal, I love the way you put it. It is nice to know that there are some people out there still struggling but still pressing forward! You are an inspiration!
  21. Thanks Lindsay! I know I can count on my buddies! I had been doing so well for 3 weeks in a row....It is going to be ok! I am tracking now let me tell you! I also did better when i would check in on this board each day! Got to get better about that!
  22. Good afternoon all! i was up 3.6 pounds yesterday! Talk about mind blowing....I know some of it is PMS but I am not sure how much....Truth be told I didn't track as well as I normally do last week. Also because I was sad about my weight gain...yesterday I kind of ate whatever I wanted at Golden Corral....UGH...So I had to give myself a pep talk today and tell myself not to give up on myself and that today is a new day! So far I have been tracking like a good little girl...I am sending love and hugs to all my WW buddies!! Have a happy and safe 4th of July!
  23. Good evening everyone! Katy-I read you have a batch of baked oatmeal in the oven...Please share...I bet it is a low point and delicious treat. Ok buddies, I survived yesterday with no more chocolate cravings. Yippee! If the mood does strike today or tommorrow I do have the WW chocolate chip brownies....(I promise to only eat one ) Thanks for all the suggestions:bcb_up I cooked some pinto beans in the crockpot. I just made a salad and poured 1 cup of the beans over it....Yummy! No dressing required! Rhonda-Enjoy your nap! That is always a beautiful thing. lindsay-I am so glad you got your motivation back! I just got mine back recently and it feels good...especially for me to be in control of what I eat instead of the other way around. LOL. Cressa-I hope your hip is better today. Sandy-enjoy your coffee with your sil
  24. Good morning all! Down .8 pounds this morning! Yippee! Cressa-Are you ok? I hope the pain has lessened considerably by now. I don't blame you for not going hiking. Time of the Month is here and I craved chocolate. Instead of eating a couple of PB Bliss bars (they got hot in the car while I was at the gym)....I ate 4 Kebbler Chocolate Chip Coconut cookies. I went from a possible 2 points (2 PB Bliss) to a whooping 7.5 points and would have gotten more satisfaction from the PB Bliss. Thank goodness for WPA. I only have 1.5 daily points for the day. Learned a lesson here.....to be prepared next time the temptation strikes.... Any suggestions are welcome on the chocolate craving
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