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  1. Mystique


    I like just plain old Bran Flakes They are only 1 pt. for 3/4 cup.
  2. I tried it and I was not impressed. It was super dry and the skin stuck so you couldn't peel it off. I would much rather peel the skin off the original fried chicken breast for 3 points where I know it is moist than the dryness of the grilled at 4 points. Of course, it could just be my local restaurant too overcooking it.
  3. Generally, when they say 2oz. of pasta, it is before cooking.
  4. I like the plain puffed wheat. It's only 1 pt. for 1 cup up to 1 1/4 cup depending on which one you get.
  5. check out the baked apples under the dessert section, it's only 1 pt!
  6. Welcome!! You'll have to keep us updated! And ask questions if you need help! Core has a huge learning curve, so if you need help make sure to visit the core board!
  7. Mystique

    Baked Apples

    I used 1/4 cup water, but my apples did not soften up, they were still really hard, and I diced them into 1/2" pieces. Would it help if I covered them during baking? I had to stir them half way too because the tops ones were super dried.
  8. My mother-in-law loves to top her with Smucker seedless Black Raspberry preserves. I know they make sugar-free.
  9. Does this help? http://www.diet.com/productsbase/show_product.php?id=03a26ede87303e6974e9bc5c&prod_x_name1=Weight+Watchers+English+Muffins+-+6+ct
  10. I was going to suggest this. If you freeze them in trays and then pop out into a freezer bag, it's cleaner/neater. Then, if you need oz. in a recipe or such, sauce cubes are 1 oz. each.
  11. Thanks! I don't know why I didn't even think to look there, lol.
  12. I know how many points it is, but how many vegetable servings do they count as?
  13. Trying to figure out how to determine vegetable servings. How many servings are in the whole can? This time I got the southwestern-style vegetable. I was guessing about 1 cup without the broth, but there are beans in there, too?
  14. Mystique

    WW Problems

    I was going to say the same thing about sodium. Good for you for getting everything health wise checked out to make sure there wasn't an underlying issue. I, too, was surprised at the point calculation changes. My dh went from 32 points to 44! If you are eating out, try to forgo the buns. That bun is usually a few points in itself. I thought I'd do good and eat a healthy subway sub when in a rush one day. I should have checked my dining out companion first. For a "healthy" sub it was 11 pts. I couldn't believe it. I learned my lesson there. If I have to eat there, I'll go for the sub salad! Where are you located in Kentucky? I am in the Henry County area.
  15. The nutrition facts still don't say what the ingredients are.
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