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  1. Thats soooo awesome! You have given me hope that I can lose 40lbs before my wedding!!!
  2. wow! u look great! how long has it taken u to come this far?
  3. bumping for other input
  4. I know several people who like it, I myself didn't care for it much... I prefer Turbo Jam just b/c I like that style of working out better! Welcome to the boards! Good luck with YBB! I'm sure you will like it!
  5. Thanks! Sounds delicious!!! Almost like a fake "potato" soup!!!
  6. I was wanting to put a veggie lasagna together today to be eaten tomorrow... My question is...I bought the noodles that you don't have to cook first, and I am planning on putting eggplant in it- that I know it tends to get kinda gray when cut... do I need to cook it then refridgerate it or can I just refridgerate it today and cook it tomorrow... tia
  7. maybe you could make the fake "frosty" using pudding powder and milk with ice... I use them with 3tbs pudding powder 1c soymilk 9 ice cubes sometimes I add different berries, bananas, etc. Hope this helps! If you want a creamier smoothie add a couple spoons of ff cool whip...
  8. RiKKi

    Newbie here!

    Welcome welcome! I have several furbabies myself, 4 cats and 2 dogs actually.. Welcome again and get familiar with some faces you will be seeing us alot!
  9. Awsome pics! I can tell a big difference!!!! WTG!
  10. You look great!!! Such an inspiration!
  11. RiKKi

    morning star

    I LoVE morningstar products, I really like the sausage links(1pt for 2) and the bacon strips are also good and would make a great breakfast sandwich!
  12. I posted this in the veggie forum too--- Well, today I experimented in the kitchen as i am feeling super yucky!!!!! I made this yummy soup 1c cheese tortellini(I used frozen 1 can veggie broth some carrots sliced( I used baby) 1 md zuchinni sliced 2 large mushrooms sliced and about 1/2c frozen chopped spinach I am sure you could add as many different veggies as you wish... I brought the veggies and broth to a boil and cooked about 10 minutes, then added the tortellini and cooked about another 10 minutes... I am guessing this made 2 1.5c servings at about 3pts each... If I am wrong someone shout at me 1c of the tortellini made 5 pts... __________________
  13. whoooo whoooo!!!! You're doing great!!! Keep it up!! Onderland in no time!!!
  14. so, tell me more about this mastercook? is it a program I can buy somewhere or what?
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