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  1. Thought popcorn seemed too good to be true.... Thanks for the link ~ I'll definitely be counting my beans and tofu now, though!
  2. Beans and Tofu count too? AWESOME! I count potatoes, I've never counted popcorn, but I eat a 1 pt bag almost everyday. Maybe I should count it towards my veggies...
  3. I like the Chai tea from Tazo~ they sell Tazo brand at Starbucks you could get one there to try it out. I don't add milk to mine, I drink it with 1 to 1 1/2 sweet and lows.
  4. ROTFL! I feel the exact same way. We have one about 30 miles away, but those are heavy traffic, city miles so it takes 1 to 1 1/2 hours to get there. I'd really like one I could get to in 30 minutes or less.
  5. I second the sticky idea and I love the quote in your sig ~ "DON'T WAIL ON THE SCALE IF YOU CHEAT WHEN YOU EAT!"
  6. I love "Fake it till you make it" That's been part of many a therapeutic intervention of mine over the years (though never related to weight loss, thanks for the idea...) I also like, "Skinny is as skinny does" or "Healthy is as healthy does"
  7. Eat for the body you want, not for the body you have.
  8. I should add that this is one of my favorites. I used a variation of this "Nothing tastes as good as being skinny feels" when I was actively losing.
  9. "The last bite tastes the same as the first" (personally, I think no bite ever tastes as good as the first; after that it's just "chasing the dragon." I use this to stop at small portions of high points foods.) "Better to go to waste than to go to waist" A trick I use a lot is to tell myself I can have the food if I count it then I mentally list all the foods I could have for the same amount of points and decide if it's really worth it. For instance for a 16 point Blizzard, I'll think I could have a Clif bar (4 pts,) a bowl of oatmeal (4 pts with my additions,) a bag of 1 point popcorn, lt ice cream (2-3 points,) a bocca burger on lt bread with 2% cheese (3 points) a vita muffin (1 pt) By the time I think up a whole list of foods DQ is long gone!
  10. Great point ~ life usually give me a rest day or two during the week My DH is a bodybuilder and takes one full week off every 4 weeks or so (from lifting ~ he still does a little low intensity cardio.) His muscles actually get harder and he sees gains because they are able to fully repair.
  11. I haven't found these shells, but add me to the one is zero points club. I've read numerous (and reliable places) that fiber binds calories (1 g of fiber binds 4 cals.) Therefore, a low-cal, high fiber food could legitimately have zero points. Of course, as mentioned previously, WW math is unique, and we need to be careful and responsible. Any help on where I can find those tortillas? We buy La Tortilla Factory ones (one pt a piece) at Sam's Club.
  12. Thanks for the review! I've been thinking about this set, and was planning to wait until it's at Dick's or BB&B to skip the shipping cost. Please let us know how it works ~ I might re-think paying the shipping.
  13. I think the Sam's Club ones are La Tortilla Factory, like Christina said they don't have a strong wheat or nutty flavor. They are just under $4.50 for 20. My DH and I love them ~ he has been eating them like crazy. He was eating PB&J on them last night.
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