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  1. does anyhone know if these are core? usually frozen aren't but it seems there isnt anything in it that wouldnt be.
  2. lsulli5


    trying to keep track of my daughters poinits. she's 14 and when she is out, well.....twinkies are in. anyone know the points value of a twinkie?
  3. lsulli5

    No Pudge

    I don't know how many of you have eaten the no pudge brownies for 2 pts each. I personally think they are delicious and make induvidual servings in the microwave since I can't be trusted to have a pan of brownies in the house; Well now No pudge has ice cream novelties: fudge pops, cookies and cream pops and sundae cones. so far I like them all !
  4. Does anyone know if Davinci sugar free syrups would be a core food? I hope so. I figured since there is no sugar in it it would be.
  5. Has anyone heard of or tried this skim milk? I heard about it at my ww meeting and they said it was 1 pt per cup as opposed to 2 and that they also have a chocolate milk.
  6. I actually love the ww 2 pts bars. at least some of them. The fill me up more than other bars, and the chocolate ones taste better than other bars. I especially love the PBJ and the Peanut Caramel and I thought Dr. Phil bars were merely ok.
  7. Hello everyone, I have always ordered these great bagels online since the stores in my area don't carry them. But I was recently in Florida, Fort Lauderdale area, and noticed they carry them in Publix and Albertsons.
  8. lsulli5

    Birds Nest

    I don't see why not. there are so many variations we could try. i did them also with choc/butterscotch chip combonation.
  9. lsulli5

    Birds Nest

    I got a great, easy recipe for a snack today. Made it and it is sooooo good. 2 cups Fiber One cereal 1/4 cup raisinis 6oz choc chips melt or microwave chips, mix fiber one and raisins, then pour melted chips on mixture and mix. Spoon 1 tsp of mixture to make each nest. Refrigerate till it hardens. It makes 16 servings at 1 pt each.
  10. anyone know of a recipe for blueberry bran muffins? I think it is an old ww recipe thanks in advance
  11. does anyone have any websites or recipes for the george foreman rotisserie or any rotisserie or that matter? i made a chicken and a pork tenderloin and they came out wonderful !! juicy and lo in fat !
  12. doesanyone have the old recipe for oatbran muffins that used pumpkin and oat ran cereal? I made these about 10 years ago, and would like to make them again. Can't find the recipe though. Linda
  13. I am assuming that you can substitute no pudge brownie mix as well for the sweet rewards mix. And the no pudge has different flavors. Cappuccino or rasberry might taste great !! I am definitely going to try it.
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