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  1. Thanks for the ideas, I'll give them a try.
  2. I have a delicious salad dressing recipe which I've lightened up considerably by substituting Splenda for sugar, but how do I lessen the 1 cup of vegetable oil the recipe calls for? (I use canola or EVO instead of vegetable oil). Can I use 1/2 water and 1/2 oil and still have decent results?? Would something else work better? The original recipe calls for oil, sugar, vinegar, poppyseeds, salt, brown mustard, diced onion. I love, love, love this dressing but would like to make it a bit healthier. Any advice??
  3. Now that the days are getting cooler, it's time for recipes like this, so BUMP!
  4. Exactly!! And if you want a "smoother" applesauce, run the cooked apples through an apple strainer (I have no idea what the proper name of it is, but it's used to strain cooked apples, so I call it an apple strainer!). The added sugar is what makes the applesauce high in points, but substituting Splenda is a much better alternative.
  5. This recipe looks like something even my picky DD would eat. Thanks for posting!
  6. My body can't tolerate these either. Perhaps it's not the fiber itself, but all the added stuff they put in it to make it taste good? I suggest getting your fiber naturally, from fruits, veggies, and beans. And yes, lots of water. Just remember, if you put "fake stuff" in your body, you can't expect it to treat you with complete kindness in return.
  7. Totally agree! Even my DD10 who LOVES enriched white bread only finds this bread tolerable enough to eat, so that alone should be proof enough it tastes good! LOL And at 1 point for 2 slices, you can't go wrong!
  8. I have a silly question... I know boneless skinless chicken breast is 1 point per cooked ounce. But how do I determine what the cooked weight will be when it's still raw? I'd like to portion out my chicken breasts before freezing and it would be nice to know what size (raw) I need to start with to end up with to leave me with 4 oz. cooked breasts.
  9. I did the same thing over the weekend when I made this for the first time! Way too much sauce, but that's where the extra points come from anyway (I calculated the points myself from the ingredients I had in front of me and it came out to 7 pts with a 16 oz. bottle of dressing). Regardless, it was super yummy (and easy) and I will definately be making this a regular meal. I just reheated the last of the leftovers here at work and I've already had 3 people come by my office to find out what smells so good!
  10. If I make this without the caraway seeds will it still taste yummy?
  11. Bumping up...anyone try this recipe with chicken breasts instead?
  12. Bumping...is "Alba" similar to the WW smoothies?
  13. I love squash and this recipe sounds nice & easy, thanks for posting. One question...I buy chicken broth in a can or box, not in an envelope. How much does an envelope equal in liquid?
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