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  1. Hi everyone....I don't know if anyone here remembers me?? It has been a long, long, long time!!! I see Joanne is still here....Joanne...you were always a great inspiration to me..glad to see you again. Anywho....I was a firmie...gosh..it's been a few years ago. My life has been a whirlwind since then but I am committed to starting again. I found out I was pregnant in February 07'.....things went ok but I had to stop firming because I had two very scary pre-term labor episodes. I had a beautiful, healthy baby boy on Oct 20th, 07'...(who decided to arrive right on his due date . After his birth I struggled with post partum depression and then started having other problems with muscle and joint pain, fatigue and headaches. Just last month..I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. With all that being said...the doc said a great treatment for fibro is exercise in moderation. So...I started back up on my weight watchers exactly a week ago...started doing my stationary bike and gazelle and today did Supercharged Sculpting. I fell in love all over again with The Firm. I had to do a lot of modifications because I have been told to start out very slow and not push myself too hard...but I was able to get thru the whole video and I FEEL GREAT!!! I am embarrassed that my weight has gone back up so much. I have my baby weight plus some. I think I was down in the 150's at one point...(after losing 100 pounds on WW and firming). My starting weight last Tuesday was 213...yikes!! Today is my weigh in day and I was happily surprised to be down to 207...so things are working...I just have keep being a "good soldier"..lol. ok...sorry this got so long. I hope to re-connect with folks here and can't wait to meet everyone that has joined since I left. Oh yeah...i'm previewing my post and my "last stat's will definitely have to be changed...ouch!! Hugs
  2. Hi all.... Here's my plan for the week... Sunday: Rest done Monday: Total Muscle Shaping and Gazelle done Tuesday: Ultimate Calorie Blaster done..it was tough though... Wed: Supercharged Sculpting done Thursday: Gazelle done Friday: Aerobic Body Shaping Sat: Rest I hope everyone has a great week... Luv, Liv
  3. Hey Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm still alive!!!!!!!! LOL......I know I'm checking in kind of late for the week and I know I've been MIA for quite awhile now...but here I am. Actually.....we were on vacation for awhile, then when we got back...I had some tailbone and sciatic nerve problems(doing much better now).....and worst of all...our computer was out of commission for awhile.(ended up being the gaming box for my hubby's madden football game extension thingy???...it was slowing down our dsl connection to the point of it not working at all.??)...BUT....the computers back and I'm back..so here we go... I actually have been trying to keep up with my Firm workouts....I didn't do anything for about two weeks d/t my sciatic stuff.....but I've been slowly getting back into things.....and I'd like to include my plan for the week. I hope everyone is doing well...and I am very excited to be back.. Sunday: Rest done Monday: Gazelle done Tues: Rest done Wed: Gazelle and stationary bike done Thurs. supercharged sculpting done Friday: UCB done Sat: ABS Hugs, Liv
  4. Wow... Remind me to never take a week off from Firming again!!!! I went to do Aerobic Body Shaping today and it almost killed me!!! I made it through...but man...it's amazing how taking one week off can backfire my stamina so much...yeeek. Anyways...that was a good lesson learned....and even though the workout was tough....I feel great after completing it. Ok....I better run....dishes and dusting are calling my name:ugh: . Talk to you soon... Luv, Liv
  5. Hey everyone.... I didn't do very well last week as far as firming is concerned....I managed to get on the gazelle a few times...but that's about it....yeeeek. I'm coming back full-force this week though.....watch out..here I come..LOL... Sunday: Gazelle (done) Monday: Aerobic Body Shaping (done) Tues: UCB (done) Wed: Rest (done) Thurs: Total Muscle Shaping (done) Friday: Gazelle and stationary bike (done) Saturday: Supercharged Sculpting Hope everyone has a great week.... Luv, Liv
  6. Anna.... Thanks for the Birthday wishes...very sweet of you!!! We loved Sammy!!!!!!! I think he was probably my favorite out of all the bands...you will really enjoy the concert!!! Mas Tequila!!!!!!!!!! Hugs, Liv
  7. Hi everyone... Checking in here really late...but we just got back from RockFest!!! We had a great time and my friends threw an awesome princess b-day party for me on Saturday...it was so much fun! I'll try to get a few photos on my website later on. Anyways...the whole trip pooped me out big time so I need to try getting my energy level back up and I must get back to Firming this week....here's my tentative plan: Sunday: Rest Monday: Rest Tuesday: Gazelle Wednesday: Total Muscle Shaping Thursday: UCB Friday: Aerobic Body Shaping Saturday: UCB or Gazelle Hope everyone is having a great week... Luv, Liv
  8. Hi everyone... Checking in for the week..... We have Rockfest the end of this week....I guess I'll just try to do lots of walking again. On Friday...we are pairing up in teams and going around the campsites on a scavenger hunt...so I should get in lots of walking that day... Sunday: UCB done Monday: Total Muscle Shaping Tuesday: Gazelle and stationary bike Wed: Aerobic Body Shaping Thurs: UCB Friday: walking on scavenger hunt Saturday: Rest :birthday: to me LOL
  9. Hey everyone... I just thought I would check in quick. I hope everyone is doing well. Things are going great here. My scale was "stuck" for a few weeks but I had my weigh-in today and it finally moved..yeahhhh!!! I got to thinking..my all time highest weight was 255...therefore I'm only three pounds from 100 pounds gone. I also looked at the WW BMI thingy....and i've gone from a bmi of 44 to 27 Anyways....I'm hoping I can be close to 100 pounds gone by my 29th B-day next Saturday. As far as the firm...things have been going great. I still look forward to doing it everyday..something which I've never experienced with any other exercise program:jumprope: Otherwise...nothing new. We are getting all geared up for Rockfest next week..it should be a good time. They have a ton of great bands this year including Sammy Haggar, Cinderella, Warrent, Poison, Motley Crue, Staind, etc.... . The best part is that my b-day is during fest...and my friends are throwing a princess b-day party for me..LOL. Ok..I better run.... Luv ya, Liv
  10. Hi all... Just checking in with my schedule for the week...... Sunday: UCB done and I did 30 minutes on Gazelle too..i had an energy surge..lol Monday: JF Arms and JF Buns done Tuesday: Gazelle did UCB instead Wednesday: Total Muscle Shaping done Thursday: Rest done Friday: UCB done Saturday: Aerobic Body Shaping done
  11. HI Friends.... I hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend. Here's my schedule for the week... Sunday: JF arms and JF buns done Monday: UCB done Tuesday: Aerobic Body Shaping done Wednesday: Rest done Thursday: Supercharged Sculpting and JF Abs had a stomach virus..so just did Gazelle :0 Friday: UCB done Sat.: Total Muscle Shaping done Ok..gotta run....happy firming everyone.. Luv, Liv
  12. Wow.... So....while we were at Country Fest....we did a ton of walking but I didn't do any firming. Now that I'm back home.....it has been really hard to get back into the swing of things...I was up to firming at least 5 days a week...now this week(since being back)...I've had to sub in my Gazelle a few of the days instead. It's not that I don't have the motivation to firm...it's that my body feels fatigued and my muscles are sore. It's getting better.....but it's just weird. I think I still may be suffering from lack of sleep too. We didn't sleep a whole lot while at Fest..we'd go to bed late and get up early. Also..a lot of my walking was done in flip flops...not the best shock absorbers for my knees and shins...yeeek. Like I said..things are getting better now...I can feel my stamina regenerating..lol. I have to try and do the best I can....RockFest is only three weeks away.... :crazy: . Ok..I hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend...I'll talk to you all soon.. Luv, Liv
  13. Hi Friends... Well..we're back from Country Fest...we had a great time!!!! (I posted some pics on my weightloss site....they're under Country Fest 2006). It's nice to actually be able to look at pictures of myself and not cringe!!! Yeahhhh for that!!!Anyways....we did do a lot of walking but that's about all I got done as far as exercise goes. Tomorrow..it's back to business!!!! So...here's my plan for the week..... Sunday: walked a lot!! done Monday: rest done Tuesday: Aerobic Body Shaping done Wed: UCB done..did Gazelle instead Thurs: Total muscle shaping done Friday: Gazelle done did UCB instead Sat: JF Arms and JF Buns done..did Gazelle instead Ok..I'll try to catch up with y'all when I'm a little more rested...talk to you soon... Luv, Liv
  14. HI everybody... Well..the end of this week we are heading off to Country Fest....it should be fun! I'm going to try to get all the workouts in that I can before I go....I may take my free-weights with and do some strength training in the camper..lol...I also plan on taking long walks around the campground...believe me..it's a big campground. Ok...here's my tentative schedule: Sunday: Gazelle done Monday: Total Muscle Shaping done Tuesday: UCB done Wed: Aerobic Body Shaping Thurs: Gazelle Friday: walking Sat: strength training and walk Sund: walk Tonight we are going shopping for some Fest clothes.....(I don't own a pair of shorts that fit me). I'm going to be brave and try on some sleeveless and cap sleeve type tops....my arms have improved a great deal...they're still not good by any means...but you know...who cares...I've worked hard...and I'm going to get some sleeveless shirts. Talk to you all soon.. Luv, Liv
  15. Thanks so much Nikki and Anna....very sweet of you!!!! I'm glad to hear that things are going well for both of you too!!!! Talk to you soon.... Luv, Olivia
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