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  1. Thank you! I like this version so much better......
  2. Nancy: Nope, not stiff - pain. I was talking to someone last night who did the same thing hunched/scrouched down laying tile. He said that he was trying to save his knees. I'm stile sore today, not as bad as yesterday - a few more days to heal. I did some upperbody weights last night, but you'd be surprised to stabalize your upper body your lower body kicks in!
  3. In pain..... I can't believe I feel this much pain for so little.... I was kinda hunched down, balancing on the balls of my feet - leaning, crouched over to clean WAX off of my carpet and wall (spilled a candle!) No biggy right. I can't walk today! Well, I can, but ya know... I never realized that I put my forearms on my thighs in the ladies room! Ouch! I must have stretched my quads being in that position - nothing else hurts at all! Walking is ok, but getting in and out of my chair - I'm using more upper body! ANY SUGGESTIONS?!?!? I need to be able to workout or I will cry!!
  4. Yes, do get the gym to give you the tour and set up a workout schedule for you. Doing too much too fast can be a negative for you. Plus, exercising safely is very important. Don't focus on LASTING focus on each rep, each step, doing it properly. You will add on slowly. Cardio, same thing - start slow and steady increase speed and intensity - this is a slow process - don't push yourself too hard. Slow and Steady wins the race!
  5. Heidi: Yes, I know. I couldn't get the "ball" approved at work either. I did research... there are bases on wheels for holding a ball - looks so weird..... I ended up getting a balance disk. It is great. I keep it slightly under inflated toward to front part of the seat of my chair.... I can do pelvic tilts, circles, figure 8's and no one knows!!! Woo Hoo.... I also put it on the floor and stand on it or under just one foot for a weird feeling, unstable "fire those stabilization muscles" squats and lunges....here and there when I can. Can you say HARD!!! Wow... It only cost around $20 and so worth it.
  6. Better late than never..... Busy weekend..... but I did bang out 2 workouts and 2 very long walks... I actually got a little lost.......I found my way home..... M- Curves walk at work T - Curves walk at work and during son's practice W-Curves walk at work T-Firm GFB - love this dvd - so hard... F - walk at work - no weight/resistance work St CoreSecret Ball Sn CoreSecret Ball - I am addicted.....I really am..... I love my ball - I really like weekend mornings...everyone, but the cat is asleep and I get to workout. I really like Gunner Peterson's CoreSecrets ball workouts. I love my ball. I sit on it while watching a movie. Just love the thing.
  7. Just want to say..... You are all wonderful people..... I so appreciate when there are fresh posts here to read. Keep up the good work!
  8. Laurie2000 - Thanks for the link - I am going to add these... I know I have extra skin there, but I think these exercises will add to my overall goal of a slimmer tummy.
  9. Hi Everyone! I've been posting here for about a month. Been committed to working out for a month - joined Curves a month ago and I lost 4". (I get measured at Curves) OK now everyone look down at my signature to see my numbers..... I'm proud of 4". I contribute it to working out. Period! M-CoreScrets 25 minute full body T-12,000 steps walking & Curves W-Curves & something tonight before movie T - UCB - not giving up on getting this one! F-Curves And any day could have walking at lunchtime if time and weather permit. Keepin it slow and steady! Thank you for all the support and encouragement - I hated exercising, but trying to change my views.... it has to be a part of my daily life like eating and brushing my teeth are.
  10. Nikki: Thank you! I now have that site bookmarked! How do they sell so cheap!?!?! WOO HOO!!! I am going to have to budget. I have DVD's I haven't done yet, but want that one... when I saw it previewed I knew I needed it. I really don't have a butt... "FLAT A$$" and "Thunder Thighs" were my DBR nicknames for me. I got "prego" and now I have a little something back there, but hee hee - butt needs a lift! ROFL!!!!! Also, my DS is 9 and since he was 7 he absolutely loved my Total Gym. I moved and don't have room to open it now, but we would work out together - him at the lowest level (yes OK'd by his doctor) Alex is lean and mean! Karate and Football. Give your child a try at doing things with you or be your "Coach" Sometimes you can't do it on your own time you might have to share that time to get everything you want to done. If your child sees you doing it then maybe it will be instilled that exercise is a part of daily life? Wow am I good or what ROFL!!! "Flatt A$$" signing off!!!! I KILL ME!!!!!
  11. Hi, I'm late in on this, but if you look at a month instead of a week you will be much happier. Also, depending on where you are in the world, my neck of the woods was extremely hot and humid and there was a lot of water retention at my WI meeting last week. Only 5 people lost last week. Give yourself some slack. Just my 2 cents
  12. I will not give up - cardio is something I have to do - so I've gotta get with it. Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the encouragement. When I get lost I just do alternating basic until I can pick it up again. I do my own arms (for balance really). I also forgot that I have ceiling fan above me. I'm ok, just have to remember to move the step. I think I am going to find the GF Buns DVD. I have the GF Abs, haven't done it yet. I like the slow deliberate movements when the steps are stacked. The incline really has a lot of possibilities! I know what you mean about stamina. I will not give up!
  14. Hi all - I am just not coordinated. I almost killed myself during UCB. I'm trying, but my feet get in the way, I go left when I should go right and the Samba mixes me all up. I like everything in the segments where the steps are stacked - slow and steady moves. I also prefer Ali - I can be picky when it comes to instructors - I love Gunner Peterson from CoreSecrets! I saw the new FIRM informercial and they are offering a bonus tape - Giggle Free Buns - I want it does anyone know how I can get it?!?! I am easing into the FIRM slowly. As I said, I am not coordinated. I would rather repeat the same move then move on to another and then another. "Put it all together" and "add on" scare me. I am trying though! Thanks for listening!
  15. Back on track! Sunday: 4 mile walk - CoreSecret 25 minute DONE tried UCB watched other FIRMS Monday: Curves (lunch walk if no rain) Tuesday: lunch walk - Firm UCB - I will get this down eventually! Wednesday: Curves Thursday:lunch walk - (don't know yet) Friday: lunch walk (don't know yet) Saturday: CoreSecrets - 25 minute
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