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  1. jamie111

    Dump Cake

    I made this last night and it tasted great, DH loved it! One question, did your fruit turn runny after baking, b/c my berries turned runny and mushy, and I was just wondering if this is normal, or did I bake it too long? Regardless, this dessert is great!
  2. jamie111

    Dump Cake

    just wondering if you defrost the fruit first before putting it in the cake pan? thanks,
  3. this sounds really good, but how many points did you figure?
  4. jamie111

    Dump Cake

    i want to make this tonite, and just wanted to know, does anyone know if you just put the fruit frozen in the bottom of the cake pan and then sprinkle the white cake mix on top? i wasn't sure if you defrost the fruit first, Thanks!
  5. One thing I always buy at aldi's is a big tub of their fit and active nonfat vanilla yogurt, to mix with kashi cereal, the yogurt is delish, and only $1.39 for a big tub, the only negative is that it has aspartame and not splenda, but it is still very good!
  6. Once again thank you Joanne for all you do, esp answering all of our repeating posts!
  7. Hi, do you need to use ff sugar free choc pudding, b/c you said you just used ff choc? i was wondering, and also will this dessert come different if you used skim milk instead of 1%? i want to try this this weekend, thanks!
  8. could you help me, i was trying to click on your link and it wouldn't redirect me, i want to make the one that is similar to an actual pizza, could you post again or tell me which forum its in, thanks!
  9. does anyone live in the western NY area, and shop at Tops or Wegmans? Do these stores carry these muffins? This is where I live and I want to get these muffins to try, but not sure if my stores carry them, post if you know or live in this area, thanks!
  10. thank you very much for the info, i cant wait to try stevia, since, i am trying to get away from aspartame and splenda.
  11. thank you so much, more pts than i wanted to use, but that's ok.
  12. i was looking in my ww cfc, and i could not find betty crocker hamburger helper in there, i had this for dinner, the cheeseburger macaroni kind, and my dh threw the box out, before i could find out the pts, does anyone know? thanks
  13. i also love the ww yogurt with the kashi go lean mixed in, it is very filling and only a 3 pt snack!
  14. i have been wanting to try these muffins for such a long time, but i can't find anywhere around me that sells them, so i'm going to check out their website, they look really good in the advertisement, and for only one pt, are they really that good, has anyone else tried??
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