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  1. Thanks for the messages on my blog posts! It's nice to see that others can resonate with these feelings and experiences!

  2. Leaving the skin on the unused part really helps. I use lots of lemon/lime juice and then cover it with plastic wrap very close to the skin and try not to let any air in. It still gets a little brown, but it's minimized. I love avacado too, and could eat them everyday...
  3. This is just what I needed to read today.
  4. CW you are in our thoughts. Much love.
  5. CW- Sorry to hear about your moms, I hope for the best. No Alcohol after Jan 1st, you say you've done it before, and that's great motivation to do it again. I give it up for a month or two every year as well, and I try to extend it too. The good thing about WW is that it severly limits my alcohol consumption, which I like. I'll have a drink or two with friends, and maybe some wine with dinner some nights, but that's about it, and for me that's the way it should be. GHG- on the new plan I'm not sure I've focused on planning my menu to get these in. I feel like I am still adjusting but this last week I certainly felt the ugency to include them (more) in my diet.
  6. I was Breakfast Challenging myself last week without posting. Why not join the party? Last week I did pretty well, I've been setting aside the portioned quick-cooking oatmeal and whatever extra (like walnuts, pre portioned) in a little bowl, and it literally would take me 3 mins to add the milk and fruit, splenda, and stir stir stir. Then I would eat as I was getting ready. Worked REALLY well This week I plan on making Apple Streusel Muffins, a recipie I saw in Fitness Magazine. I plan to have that with a hard boiled egg + fruit for a fully balanced 6pp breakfast.
  7. I think this sums up why the points are calculated as a whole for recipies with vegetables. It's right to let the weight loss be your guide, but I find it a bit perplexing that there is no ONE right way to do this? I mean, we all know what works and doesn't work for us- but what exactly is WW saying about the right way to do this? I'd like to know exactly where it says this. And, please address the salad question! That is what's stumping me the most. I normally would not put a salad into recipie builder.... but at a restaurant a salad NI is as a whole. So do we eyeball the ingrediants or count the whole NI? I don't know why I would maybe count the extras at home but not at a restaurant. Whatever it is, I think it needs to be consistent.
  8. Ok, I know fruits and (most) veggies are 0 pts to satisfaction. So when I eat them alone, or say I add a banana to my oatmeal, they retain their 0 value. However, in recipes (when you use the WW recipe builder) it adds up to points- which I sort of understand because in combination you may have some calories/fat, etc. However, I don't know where to draw the line- like making tomato sauce from scratch should be 0 but it adds up to points. For an example the new WW garden veg soup is 0 points, but my own vegetable soup (in recipie builder) comes out to 4-5 points! But the real confusion is in arrangement of foods- like a salad. Do I count points for everything- or just the extra non-0 items? What about restaurant salads? Do I have to count the nutritional for the whole dish, or can I count the non-0 items? Can someone please clarify? Leaders jump in please!
  9. 2% tastes like cream after drinking skim I too prefer 1%, but currently drinking skim until I get used to the new points system
  10. I am one of the said individuals who only received 5 more points, and I did/do find it more difficult with the points of everything going up. The truth is, even if we are told to forget everything, we naturally feel the need to go to what we know. As Kos said... And that's exactly where I am. I rejoined the meetings because I do wholly embrace the new program, but in my head I do wonder about how things are different. And my mileage does vary, but I know every day I follow and track, I get closer and closer to really loving this program. But I won't get there until I get there
  11. I too can't wait for the pineapples, mangos, and strawberries again. But I'm currently enjoying my free bananas, apples, cherries, and of course: my darling clementines!
  12. CW- congrats on the 5%! You give me great motivation Challenging: Like others, I had a bit of shock with the new points values, and have a hard time planning now because I don't innately know the point value for anything. I'm scared to eat out, because I haven't quite figured out anything great to have that will fill me up. And I am a bit confused about fruits/veggies in recipes (like vegetable soup) or in arrangements (like salads) and how they are counted. Good: On the flip side, I'm really measuring everything now- which is great. I'm not eyeballing- I'm measuring and being exact, and it's nice to know I am following the program correctly. I LOVE the free fruits and vegetables, I stocked up and I know this time my stash won't go bad- I will eat it up first! I also love the material I received at the WW meeting, and love reading through it and getting to re-know the program.
  13. Hey guys. JH has a blog on WW website, I'll provide the link: http://community.weightwatchers.com/Blogs/UserBlog.aspx?blogid=1024134 I'm unsure you'll be able to see it or not if you're not registered, but she did post a little something about what ya'll are discussing: "Hey guys, just wanted to tell you how much I love the new PointsPlus program. I was lucky to have my leader give me a special sneak peek to the plan several weeks ago. I have to admit, at first, when she told me they were changing the plan I was nervous. I had so much success with the old plan that I was afraid to change anything! We sat down and she explained it all to me and the first thing out of my mouth was "this plan is so smart." On the old plan it seemed like a better bargain to have a sweet treat over a lean piece of chicken breast even though eating protein made me fuller and more satisfied. But the PointsPlus program nudges you to choose the chicken. Everything about it simply makes sense to me. So don’t be shy, jump in and be positive!"
  14. Are you talking about the table/chart? That is still there under weight tracker/Table View tab.
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