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  1. i have not seen the scale really move in over 2 months BUT i can tell you that my body is very different.... that’s my core shot from 2 days ago (profile photo). I work out no matter what... everyday... i love the way it makes me feel at this point. My story is like this... over the last few years (5 total) i have been going through some hard times with my weight due to medication.. This past February I got the green light and a life change. I have lost all the weight you see from February... I workout and eat regularly.... i think the key is not to look at the number but to look at how your clothing fits and looks on you.
  2. I think i am just going to post in the same post .... i hope you guys dont mind. Dec. 1 - personal traning bootcamp (60 mintues) Dec. 2 - body conditioning/free weights (60min) / Zumba (60 min) Dec. 3 - 5 mile interval treadmill run (speed(6/9/12) Dec. 4 - zumba (60 minutes) core (120 minutes) legs (60 min) Dec. 5 - rest Dec. 6 - Spin (60 min) legs (45min) Dec. 7 - ultimate body conditioning (60 min) core (30 min) Dec. 8 - personal traning bootcamp (60 mintues) Dec. 9 - body conditioning/free weights (60min) / Zumba (60 min) Dec. 10 - 3.5 mile interval treadmill run (speed(6/9/12) Dec. 11 - rest (NYC trip) Dec. 12 Dec. 13 Dec. 14 Dec. 15 Dec. 16 Dec. 17 Dec. 18 Dec. 19 Dec. 20 Dec. 21 Dec. 22 Dec. 23 Dec. 24 Dec. 25 Dec. 26 Dec. 27 Dec. 28 Dec. 29 Dec. 30 Dec. 31 I am hoping to see 160 at the end of this month! We will see how this goes
  3. Here is what I can tell you; I workout 6 days a week 2 hours a day. I would recommend not getting on the scale... There are days when i weight MORE after the gym then i did before... When you workout a lot the scale will lie... you need to know what your body fat content is... your goal weight will change with the body fat content... I weight 166 yet I wear the same clothing that my friend does who is 135... The number on the scale will become nothing eventually. You just have to stick with it.
  4. Know that doing crunches WILL work…. You have to work very hard to get a good result on the abs…. I can tell you that I do 1 hour of cardio a day and I do 300 crunches a day and it SHOWS! It works…. Also the belly flab might have something todo with what you are eating…. Just because you are on weight watchers it does not mean that you are making “belly flab healthy” choices.
  5. Hey Allison!


    Just wanted to check in with you and see how your weekend and last WI went?

  6. Hi guys! Please take note that this morning I did a 3 mile run ☺ I am so happy you have no idea! I have not been running, I did use the elliptical last week but nothing else has happened…
  7. Thank you for that! I was thinking of starting WW again and see if I can stay accountable. I did mountain bike a lot, there were several trips that we took that were 30+ miles.
  8. Morning/afternoon; I was doing so well when I started in May I did 28 miles that month and 40 last month… July has been VERY hard (11 miles) this month and 0 last week. I was on vacation and I did mountain bike a lot but I still should have got some running in – but didn’t. So now that I am home I am procrastinating about running again. I didn’t do anything this weekend – didn’t run with my group on Saturday and didn’t do anything Sunday. I have gained 10 lbs while on vacation and now feel like a total slob. Does anyone have any positive words or suggestions on how to get over this hurdle? Also does anyone have a good light diet that I get do to drop this weight that I picked up over vacation? Sorry for blabbing…
  9. I was so ecstatic this morning when I took my measurements. I know that the level that I am at I am getting results that are real not the stupid scale that tells me I am 160 and the next day 170. The interesting this is, I am wearing the same thing I was wearing when the scale told me I was 160 but right now its telling me I’m 180.
  10. Morning! Last night I did not get on the scale because it’s not my friends anymore. I did get my tape out and I am happy today that I lost inches. 6.1.09 to 6.17.09 Waist – 40 to 38.75 Butt – 44 to 43 R/L legs – 27 to 26 both the same I am a happy camper today… J Tomorrow is my 1st run with my fleet feet group. It will be a good one. I am doing this to make some friends and see if I am running correctly and I want to make every stride count. Last night I didn’t go outdoors the rain was VERY HEAVY so I just stayed in and did the P90X X-stretch for 1 hour. Tonight I plan on doing my Yoga-X and running tomorrow.
  11. Morning! PC- I do upper body when I go to the gym here and there but I also do P90X yoga that has pushups and plants and all kinds of upper body workouts. He seems to be a believer in be I noticed. He was the one that signed me up last night and paid. I will say that I have an obsession and I am totally and utterly in LOVE with running. P. S. I received my Salomon XT wings GTX last night… WOOHOO and I exchanged my Nike for ½ size smaller. What a great feeling on my feet Last night I went to the gym it was not too great outside to I went. I did 10 minutes on the treadmill (I hate that thing) and then I did 30 minutes on the new crazy elliptical machine that is at the gym. I wanted to run outside by my DH and his friend that went are not outside runners they are “treadmillers”. Well anyways I signed up for couch to 5K last night. 75$ at fleet feet. We meet every Saturday at 8am and run this is for 10 weeks. We finish the training with running the 5K here locally on August 30th. I can’t wait to start!!!! I also picked up a book “once a runner” I plan on starting it today… I hear that this is a GREAT read!!!!
  12. In July my DH and I are going out to PA to visit his family. They live out in the Allegany forest area, By Smithport, PA. That’s a 9 hour drive from CT. Well usually I only bring my mountain bike and we go for miles and miles of riding. This year I am bringing my running shoes and my mountain bike. So today my Salomon XT wings GTS arrive and I will be trying them BEFORE going out there. I am hoping to get nice and muddy. Well anyways; last night I went running at the reservoir for 3.44 we didn’t make good time (dog had to stop too many times) but all in all we ran MOST Of the way. I will say that my boxer is getting better at running with me- she is still a bit cranky. Here is the interesting thing, I found out last night that I bought shoes that were the wrong size, when I sent my DH to pay he got the 10 vs. 9.5 so now that they stretched out they are flopping on my feet. Good thing they came from Fleet Feet – I called today and they said “no problem bring them back we will pull the smaller ones for you” J Oh yeah – get this my DH told me that I don’t have a runner body, a running looks like Armstrong… no one will ever tell that I’m a running unless I look like that. That was a low blow I thought – and after he following up by “honey I wanted to tell you that your legs look smaller but by running you are not working your upper body at all – so you need to do more with that, and doing yoga is not working anything there either” I don’t know what that was all about but he was on the roll – he thinks that what he said was nothing wrong, I take everything to heart.
  13. Morning; I am going to vent (I’m sorry). I have been running and doing P90X – ab-ripper and yoga X (EVERYWEEK) I run almost daily I average about 9 -13 miles a week. My freaking scale has not MOVED a single ounce. Well it moved UP!!!! 3 LBS. I was okay with the scale not moving at all and me just working out but then this past Friday I went out with my girlfriends and looking at the pictures now I LOOK LIKE A WHALE!!!! I am not going to quit that’s just not me. I just want to know why I cant drop a single LBS… I am watching what I eat, I don’t eat bad food, I don’t eat too much of the good food. I was doing WW online but lately I am discouraged with the program, I do everyting to a T. weight is not going down no matter what I do – I tried: eating the AP / not eating the AP, eating FLEX / NOT eating FLEX… eating both OR eating NONE… At the end of the week it is all the same on the scale. SO I stopped by the stupid WW center near my house and spoke to the leader… SHE LOOKED AT ME LIKE I HAD 3 HEADS “ that is impossible” she said to me “ I don’t know what to tell you, looks like this program is not for you” what a GREAT OUTLOOK, she gave me GREAT advice. I felt worse walking out of there then I did when I went in.
  14. Hey guys! You definitely did not scare me away. The problem with me posting is: I try to type this up while on a conference call or in between working on something, so I tend to click post prier to proof reading it. (Sorry, I’m sure that there will be more like that one to follow) Last night I went to Fleet Feet; let me tell you, IT WAS GREAT. I got new running shoes AND my trail Salomon XT wings GTX were a great choice because they fit just right. I had a deferent story with my street running shoes. Running shoes: I tried 16 pairs and after that I ran on the treadmill with all 16, the Nike Zoom Structure Triam +12 was what I ended up getting. I also got the “green” Super Feet insert. In the Nike I have a perfectly strain ankle with no roll of any kind (they were VERY impressed that they did such a good job) In the Salomon XT I have a VERY slight roll BUT only when I 1st start and then I straiten out. So all in all I ended up with 2 GREAT pairs of shoes, made a running buddy, and have VERY HAPPY LEGS/FEET
  15. Hi guys! I went running last night – in the rain (by the time I go there it was VERY light) I did my 3.61 miles BUT was it HARD. I just was not able to find my rhythm AT ALL. I didn’t give up (its hard to there, in the woods) so I finished strong… I finished stronger then I started. I went to the store last night and found New Balance W411 in my size (last pair) for 25$. I also bought trail running shoes (that price was a different story) I bought the Salomon XT Wings GTX trail running shoe. I have not tried them yet but they FIT NICE!!!! Tonight I plan on running again, I think that I am going to try the new shoes (New Balance) I will be going to the school track so if anything I am not to far from the car.
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