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  1. Hello everyone! I am returning to bootcamp buddies after a long break. I managed to maintain my goal weight for 3 years until becoming preganant with baby boy number two. I'm ready to get back to goal but have the extra challenge of breastfeeding while trying to loose. I just took the quiz on the 30's sticky and found that I can have 34 points per day. This seems like a lot to me since last time I was only allowed 20?! Has anyone had success with loosing while breastfeeding and using these numbers?
  2. I made this variation on Strawberry short cake this weekend for my brother's birthday cake and everyone LOVED it. Angel Food Cake -store bought or (ask about making my own with the diet soda idea) Large tub or Two FF Cool Whip (1/2 tub of ff cool whip for filling rest for frosting) 6 oz light cream cheese 8 oz can FF sweetened condensed milk 1 cup strawberries Cut off the top 1/4 of the angle food cake and reserve Remove a "tunnel" in the bottom half (don’t hit the bottom) Tear the cake pieces that were removed into 1 inch bits. Filling: Mix the cake pieces with ½ tub FF Cool Whip 6 oz light cream cheese 8 0z can FF sweetened condensed milk 1 cup strawberries Put this mixture into the tunnel and replaced the top, then "ice" the entire cake with the rest of the FF Cool Whip. You may need some extra FF Cool Whip to cover the whole cake. 1/10th of the cake = 5 points
  3. Thanks! When I started WW my goal was 140 which is the high end of my acceptable range. I have a muscular build so don't expect to be on the low end. As I neared 140 I realized I could still go down a bit more before I start loosing attributes that my husband is very fond of! My WW leader said to leave my WW goal at 140 so I could start working toward lifetime membership and stop paying for meetings. I love my leader! She is very real! 135-140 is a range I am comfortable with and feel is livable.
  4. What a fun day today! I'm looking forward to Lifetime! Does anyone know if this week counts as my first of the 6 weeks I have to maintain? Also I attend work meetings and had to run out before I got to talk with my leader about maintenance. Are there any threads out there specifically about maintenance?
  5. Me too! Me too! It feels great doesn't it! Congrats on your accomplishment. I am hoping to inspire my Mom to joint. I've offered to change to meeting in her area, but she still seams reluctant. I'm sure your daughter is VERY proud of you too. Amy
  6. Thanks Barb! I knew it was supposed to be leaner then hamburger, but wasn't sure how much. Calorie King is a great resource. Thanks for the tip. Amy
  7. Does anyone know how many points for Bison meat?
  8. My favorite is a chocolate skinny cow with chocolate cookies then I take 10 peanuts and stick one in each bite. It really takes care of my TOM craving!
  9. We are hosting my son's 1st Birthday party tomorrow. I made 0 point soup for myself to eat before the party so I won't be tempted by the hotdogs and sloppy joes (I figure I'll be busy hosting anyway.) However, I have decided that I am going to have a piece of his cake. Does anyone have a point count for marble cake with buttercream icing?
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