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  1. Julia - Thanks for the information. My girls just got a Wii for xmas and we were trying to decide between wii fit and ea sports. I think we may have to go with the wii fit. Thanks again for the Information.
  2. Thanks for the info. I will definately try to see what is offered if possible online.
  3. I did watch and will not comment, other than to say that I think a good decision was made.
  4. DH and I are going out to dinner on Sat. and thinking about BBQ. I was wondering what would be the best options for a meal while I am there. I am sure that nothing is going to be exactly healthy. I am planning on ordering a salad or maybe soup to start out my meal. TIA
  5. This sounds really good and lasagna is one of DH favorite foods.
  6. Lynn, Thanks for the symapthy. It is greatly appreciated. I was thinking that is how things were. Thanks alot. It will make life simpler.
  7. Hello Buddies, I just had a question. I was wondering if simply filling was like core used to be. I was trying to count points, I was doing well until the beginning of this month when I lost my sister in law to cancer and started classes. I know these are not excuses. I was just thinking that it may be easier to do simply filling so that it will be easier to grab and go. Thanks in advance.
  8. OMG I bought these while shopping last week and yum. Best of all they are only 1pt per bar. Sorry I can't recall the price but it is worth it for a nice treat.
  9. Thanks for sharing this sounds wonderful. I am making it for my superbowl party on Sunday.
  10. This sounds delightful. I think I am going to make it for my super bowl party Sunday. Thanks for sharing.
  11. This sounds interesting it is on the try list for the week. Thanks for sharing.
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