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  1. Ya know, what helped my core without me really knowing is doing yoga. I have been doing yoga for about a year and half, and while I started primarily to help with my flexibility because my jogging was making me really stiff, I am a lot stronger in my core. I never have any back issues any more, my abs are firm, and my shoulders and arms have really good definition. Must be all those downward facing dogs and head stands. Bye.
  2. Good for you both. I think what worked for me is making the committment to do this for myself. And when rough life times are happening I put what I call "structure" back in my program. You both are doing some of that. For me, that includes: going to meetings and weighing in - regardless of my slips; doing this program "one meal at a time" - sort of like "one day at a time"; if ya bite it write it - tracking is essential - take your tracker with you always; I have to move/exercise - usually moving my big muscle groups the most (walk/jog); give yourself realistic time frames and goals to melt the weight off - this is hard the older I get; assign pt values correctly and measure things to calibrate your eye. And do something that you enjoy to get yourself out of yourself. The class thing you mentioned is good - I go to a yoga class that respects my level of fitness. Life is good.
  3. Welcome back docguy. New Year's is a good time to start and the new WW Points Plus program looks like a good re-vamp of a formerly successful program. I am on maintenance but am going through the new program out of interest and to see how my body reacts to a changed food regime. It works if you work it!! Life is good.
  4. Greets, I always eat breakfast now. I didn't always do that - or my breakfast was a doughnut and coffee. This is my standard breakfast now a days: 1 c. - High fiber cereal - Go Lean - 3 pts 1 c. - Skim milk - 2 pts Blue berries - 0 pts (like new Pt+ pgm) 1 sl - High fiber bread/toast - 2 pts 1 tbsp - Almond butter - 3 pts 1 - tsp olive oil - 1 pts? Good to be here.
  5. Got to agree you do sometimes get "envious" remarks about being at goal and looking good. We guys also tend to get the remarks (from women) about how easy it is for men to loose the wt. But my leader has been good about including me in the "bravo" moments to keep my encouragement levels up. And I heard somewhere that you have to give it away to keep it. So I do share my story reminding the members that my 60 lb wt loss was not easy (even for a man) and that maintenance is also not easy for me. WW works if you work it - including the new plan that is being rolled out I am sure. Life is good.
  6. Thanks guys for comments. No light headedness - but am going to experiment with eating more - I too don't eat a lot of red meat any more. Maybe some good fats are in order - sort of like an Eskimo chomping down on some whale blubber. I am also ramping up the exercise and introducing some resistance/weight training to my routine which is jogging/walking and yoga. So will need to watch my protein intake to be sure I am getting adequate amts. Later gators.
  7. Keeping score is essential. I am a daily weigh-er and am amazed at my wt variations. When I was losing, and in the summer doing exercise, my wt could vary by 3 lbs per day!! Now on maintenance I still see variation but is more consistent - probably due to some pretty routine patterns in my eating. I also take credit for the NSV (non-scale victories) - my pants size went from a snug 44 in to a comfortable 36 in today. That feels good and many times trumps the scale numbers.
  8. Anyone else notice this. I am on maintenance (actually 7 lbs below goal) and am cold most of the time!! For the first time ever I bought a small under desk heater for my office to take off my chill. And it is mainly my fingers and feet. I recently had a life insurance physcial and my blood work and physical look fabulous for an old duffer - I turned 60 yrs this year. Maybe I am just getting old - where is that wool shawl? Other than that - life is good!!
  9. Life happens - I too used to post more than I do now. But I still have this site in my Favorties at both home and work. But I will commit to post when I visit. Good discussion. Thanks all.
  10. One of my at home routines is YOGA. I got to class, but have a mat at home and do yoga in the am to get my blood moving. Then through out the day I strike balance poses when I am doing something that requires just standing and working my hands for instance (dishes, cooking, reading email, etc). I imagine I look kinda funny doing tree and washing dishes or stirring oatmeal but it works!!
  11. Always eating breakfast has been one lifestyle changes WW got me to do. I usually eat cereal for breakfast - like others I hit the high fiber varieties: Kashi Go Lean; shredded wheat; oatmeal. Often I will add 1/4 c frozen blueberries - pop them into the microwave for about 30 seconds w/the cereal to help soften the frozen berries.
  12. Every morning I have a high fiber wwheat slice of bread (3g+) some almond oil and a tsp of extra virgil olive oil. If I need a quick snack before a work out I will do a slice of the same high fiber bread and almond or peanut butter. I am on maintenace so the oils although high in pts seem to work out for me. Later gators. Gordon J.
  13. Arrgh! I know what you mean. I have gotten a few negative comments that ask if I have cancer or some other auto-immune disease. Sometimes I play and say yes I only have two months to live . . . watch the shock and then say no I won a lifetime battle of bulge. But the vast majority of comments are positive and mark truly the non-scale victories that make you feel so good about yourself when someone recognizes your hard work and change in lifestyle. I also have made it a point to return same when I see someone who has changed for the good. What do they say - got to give it away to keep it? Later.
  14. Yo, I am a guy, but my weight variance can easily be +/- 3 lbs a day. More if I am exercising hard and it is hot. I tend to look for trends over say a week's or more time which means I still weight fairly often (3 or 4 times a week now) even tho I am on maintenance - different strokes for different folks on the weighing thing. I always keep in mind that my weight didn't happen over night or one week, but is trying to address an issue that I have had since grade school and that was almost 45 years ago. Take care - hang in - work it and you will see results.
  15. I was on my way to becoming a full blown type 2 diabetic like my two brothers who are both on insulin. My mother was also a type 2, on insulin, until she went on dyalisis. The Doc said I will go the route of my family members and probably die of heart disease like my father if I didn't drop some lbs and engage in a consistent exercise program. I went on WW in March 2006 dropped 53 lbs, hit goal in Nov 2006 and have maintained for almost two years now. My WW food plan is what the doctor ordered for controlling my glucose intolerant bod and my blood work is all within normal limits. My Doc marvels at my change in my healthy lifestyle -says he wished more of his patients could do the same. I feel great, with good energy levels, and renewed interest in all things including the manly arts! Bye.
  16. LGinTn, Wow - good loss the earlier go around. Proves you can do this thing when you put your mind to it!! I am on maintenance and know how difficult it is to maintain the lifestyle change we need to make this a permanent part of our lives. I compare this to recovery from an alcohol and drug addiction, of which I am a veteran (20 yrs of sobriety). For me, the one day at a time philosophy needs to be applied to the WW food program. Like the alcohol and drugs my pattern has been reset and it has to be for life - no half measures as they say. Welcome home - you will do well again. Later.
  17. When I was loosing I charted my wt loss in an Excel spreadsheet and graphed the results putting the graph in public view in my work area. I was a consistent loser, but what helped was my work collegues who would come in and see the graph and comment and complement. I also revelled in NSVs, like smaller clothes, again the complements, and fitness factor making getting around and other things a lot easier. I also changed up my exercise routine and began doing somethings I dropped doing years ago - like returning to downhill skiing and even venturing out on in-line skates (at my age!! I am 57 yrs old). I have just recently started a yoga class to work on my flexibility and build strength in my knees and shoulders - and to be quiet and get "centered." But like the others said, so much is now ingrained in my daily life that it becomes second nature. LIfe is good.
  18. I toss a ton of food. And I have reached the point that I am okay with that - and follows the departure of the clean your plate axiom that was drummed into me since birth. By the way, my whole family is portly, has stage II diabetes, heart disease and the assorted related maladies. I am a single parent with my 12 yr old son, so cooking for just us is hard and we do dump a lot cuz it goes bad. My motto to my son is eat until you are full and then stop - we are working on eat slowly so he can tell he is full. We eat out a lot and I routinely toss lots of restaurant food cuz of their overly large portions and rather than have it haunting me at home I find it best to leave it behind. Want to feed the world hungry? - up your contribution at United Way, or some other charity focused on feeding all the hungry. Life is good.
  19. Mt_Native_Man


    Right on. The non scale victories are some of the sweetiest IMO. When I was loosing, I used Goodwill - taking my "large" size clothes into the donation door then going around front and buying some smaller clothes as I dropped the poundage. I went from a snug 44"" waist to a 38" and when those fit it was moment to remember. Now even "relaxed" 36" fit and I haven't worn something like that since high school. Life is good.
  20. Congratulations! Those victories are so sweet and to be treasured and shared with all!! I can remember taking my large clothes to Goodwill and going in the front door to get smaller clothes - while I was loosing the poundage. And after I hit goal it was sweet to go into stores and buy new clothes for my slimmer bod. . . Life is good.
  21. Greetings, On the men site I posted this portion of an article I saw on one of my fitness sites. They likened road rage to "diet rage": Next time you start to feel frustrated with your weight loss progress, keep these "lessons of the road" in mind: Pay less attention to how much further you have to travel. Stop asking yourself "are we there yet?" You’ll get there when you get there. Instead, look at the scenery, think about life, carry on a conversation, sing along with the radio, or simply be thankful for how far you’ve come. The journey is always more fun with a passenger. Have you asked anyone along for the ride? You know the route you need to take to reach your weight loss goals. It’s already mapped out. As long as you stay pointed in the right direction, you’ll get there. Even in the worst traffic jams, you still get to your destination at some point. It’s the same way with dieting – just a matter of time. It may take longer than you first expected, but you will get there. There will always be periods of stopping and starting. It’s something that you should just anticipate and allow for. No use getting upset or stressed about not making progress. It’s a normal part of the journey. Sometimes, you’ve just gotta go with the flow of what’s going on around you. Life can present some situations that you really can’t do anything about. When that happens, staying straight and steady – doing the best that you can – will keep you on track and sane. In traffic, impatient people stop, change lanes, weave in and out of other cars, driving themselves and everyone else crazy – and in the end, usually don’t get any farther along than you do by staying put and going with the flow. Shortcuts never work. Driving too fast is dangerous. That’s why they call it "crash" dieting. Slow down, take what life gives you, and make sure you arrive at your destination in good health. My obsessive compulsive personality wants that result or high right now!! But like it says above I didn't put on that wt overnight (althought it seemed that way) so it is going to take a while to loose the girth. Later.
  22. Been on maintenance for a while and know I need to weigh frequently. Probably come close to daily weighing - but am now more body aware so I can almost feel or sense when my wt is going up. Am also comfortable with the variance in wt and don't stress about them unless a trend is starting to evolve, if so then I ramp up the exercise and journal for a while to see what I am eating and the portion sizes.
  23. Be patient and know that all the wt didn't go on overnight, nor will it come off overnight. Be forgiving because we are trying to change years of mind set and habit. Lapses in judgment occur so dust yourself off and get right back on program. It's a daily thing - one meal (or snack) at a time. Come to be body aware and how we are feeling. It's for life not just a diet. Life is good.
  24. Hey Krystle, As Art Linkletter once said, "Kids say the darndest things. . ." Shows how old I am. My 11 year old boy also makes loving observations about my weight and serves as a good mirror. He once said, as we looked at photos of my fat self, "Dad you were really fat back then and now you are not so "pouffey"" (see Ice Age's Manny). He has also been an impediment at times as he has criticized me for ramping up my exercise time from occassionally to 5 to 6 times a week for 45 min to 90 min per session. It took away time that I was available to be at his beck and call . . . but I told him I was doing it for him - the healthier I am the longer I will live to be with him. Shut him up for now. Welcome to BCB - a good site with lots of good advise.
  25. Ditto to what has been said. Works for me and I give it a large part of the credit for my weight loss story. I do mostly cardio (walking/jogging) but have also mixed in strength exercises to work and tone my upper body. Although, lately I have been off my cardio since January 15 when I fell and broke my kneecap. I thought I would balloon up without my usualy 45 min to 90 min 5 times a week cardio exercise routines. Surprisingly, I actually lost weight (and it might be muscle mass) cuz I went back to my Flex program and logged all my food to stay within my pt allowance. I usually do Core and am on maintenance. But exercise has so many more benefits other than helping with wt loss, so I encourage all to get with the program and live to move more. Life is good.
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