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  1. Hey Ron - welcome to the healthy living wars - we alpha males hang out at the men's forum so check us out. Lots of good advise here at these forums, even if most of is from the female experts in weight loss and good choices. We men are definately a minority here. Life is good.
  2. Hang in Fester - good things come to those who stay the course. I wish I was 26 again, but then again maybe not. Seems as tho that time of my life was such turmoil and bad living that I am amazed I survived. Congrats to you for having the wisdom to make major healthy living decisions at your age. Life is good.
  3. Lots of good posts here. A week is not long enough to see any change in our pattern of eating or trying to live healthy. Keep coming back is an old motto but appropriate here. Hell, my weight can vary +-3 lbs a day!! And maybe more in the summer time if I am exercising and it is hot. Hang in there - stay with the program and results are guaranteed.
  4. I was fortunate in the meeting venue because we started a meeting at our work site. You needed a minimum of 15 paying people (maintainers don't count on the money side) and a willing WW leader. We had both. I attended the meetings to loose my weight and found them essential - I continued the meetings during my first year of maintenance. Lately, I have decided to do without the meetings and go it alone and have not attended a meeting since Oct 27, 2007. So far I am doing okay and had a slight period over goal which I was able to pull back down practicing a rigorous committment to the Flex side of the program for a while. Recently, I broke my kneecap which wiped out all my cardio exercise which I thought was essential to my weight loss. I actually lost weight during my recovery period because I really counted the pts and logged my food because I didn't have the activity pts to play with. But I am really anxious to return to my cardio routines (walking/jogging) as I miss them greatly. Meetings helped me with the accountability in the beginning - I seem to be able to have the discipline now to stay on program.
  5. Welcome Darkie. . . Post often - let us get to know you - lots of good stuff on this site. Later.
  6. Welcome!! When I first started WW I was always hungry. A couple of things were suggested to me - 1. I had to reach or be shown what my "comfort" zone was as I was used to eating until I felt "stuffed." 2. My leader said I was not eating enough protein as that would last with me longer and forestall the hunger pangs. The other things I started doing was to always eat breakfast and eat healthy snacks (apples are my favorite) mid-morning and mid-afternoon. I also have used WW snack bars at work if I want something sweet and salty during the day. Works if you work it. Best wishes in your weight loss journey.
  7. Hey Mike K, Welcome to the Board. Lots of good advise here and tips on the weight loss journey. Post often - check out the Men's forum. Life is good.
  8. Welcome to the BCB, When I first started out my cupboard included the following: Vegetables: green beans (frozen & canned); carrots & celery; lots of ready made salad; fat free salad dressing - heavy on fat free italian (watch the sodium); cucumbers. Fruit: stuff that is easy to transport - lots of apples; bananas; berries; melons; canned fruit - packed in own juices or water - my favorite is pineapple and ff applesauce. Meat: lots of chicken and turkey - fat free or low fat. Dairy: skim milk, fat free yogurt, fat free cottage cheese, laughing cow cheeze (low fat). Snacks: WW ice cream bars; 94% fat free microwave popcorn; baked crackers (reduced fat); WW mini bars. Carbs: usually tried to stay with Core cereal - shredded wheat, puffed wheat or rice; 5 grain whole wheat bread; whole wheat spaghetti; oatmeal; potatoes. But probably the key thing for me was portion control so I did weigh and measure at first to sort of get an idea of what a portion should look like. Life is good.
  9. Welcome to BCB - you are in the right place. Teenagers and take out is a tough one. Rather than ban the fast food altogether how about trying to suggest portion control and doing the healthy choice at fast food. I.E. - no large size; hold the mayo; try doing a salad with the grilled rather than fried chicken; chicken without the skin; "low-fat" dressing; diet soda rather than real; order off the kids meal; don't do fast food everyday. And if you do a fast food - make up for it in other meals (program meals) or ramped up exercise to counter the calorie load. Later.
  10. Welcome to the clan-hood. Lots of good advice on this board - look around and find a group that fits your style and circumstances. Post often - and like they say elsewhere - half measures avail us nothing. You can do this!!
  11. Wow Phil! What a nice post. I too am a male, about your age (57), who has joined my WW group at work where there is me and one other man. But for the most part I am welcomed and adored - and even tho I sometimes have to put up with the "well you men loose faster/easier than we ladies" I like the group and have learned loads from them. This is a great board - post often. Life is good.
  12. Yo Two Bit, Welcome aboard. NOt many guys in this weight loss journey - but we have a great bunch of alpha males over in the mens forum on this site. Check it out. Lots of good advise and encouragement there. Later.
  13. Yo Cricket & Everyone Else. . ., I hear your pain!! I am a single parent with an 11-year old Son who I have spoiled rotten. My work schedule is also hectic and I make a lot of sacrifices for both my Son and my job that negatively impacts my healthy lifestyle. But I finally realized I had to borrow from other self-help programs that say you have to be selfish to succeed. My exercise has been mainly walking, some exercises at home, and use of a treadmill, if really desperate and it is 40 below zero outside. I started agonizingly slow, but now can routinely do about 3.5 to 4.5 miles per day in about 70 minutes. Today, my Son understands that I am going to leave him to his own devices while I do my daily walk/jog and he understands that when I say we have to eat healthy it is not going to be a quick binge at McDonalds. I get in extra steps at work by parking about 1/4 mile from my office building, taking the stairs virtually all the time, and being "inefficient" at work - going to see my co-workers in person rather than telephoning or emailing. I eat breakfast always; have lots of healthy snacks with me at home and at work; and am both body and food aware so that my choices about getting good and the right amount of food is paramount when the event arises. My "standards" for my domestic chores have slipped as I made time for myself but still our condo would pass most health inspector reviews. I guard my time jeolously both from my employer perspective and personal perspective and have learned to say no to a lot more things than I used to. Sometimes, I don't even answer my telephone when it rings at home, letting the answering service pick up - if important, folks will leave a message which I can choose to do if warranted. Lastly, most of us I believe are compulsive in our eating pattern and personality and we expect immediate results. Another self-help program says that time and continued sobriety will keep you on the recovery road - patience and forgiveness with selves in our journey needs to be always kept in mind. Life is good. . .it works if you work it.
  14. Welcome to the good life!! You have made the right choice. I was hungry too the first few weeks in WW. What helped me was to eat a solid breakfast (which I usually skipped) and snack healthy through out the day. For a while I had to hit the veggies really hard, especially in the evening when my snack demon was around. Today, my typical breakfast is: 1 c shredded wheat w/skim and banana; 1 sl 5 gr whole wheat toast w/peanut butter and 1 tsp of olive oil - heavy on the points but it stays with me all morning. My mid morning and afternoon snacks are usually apples or some other fruit and sometimes the WW mini bars. For me, protein usually helps with the hunger pangs so I will do a low fat cheez stick or even grab a slice or two of deli chicken or turkey when I get home from work. Give it time - this thing really does work!!
  15. CONGRATULATIONS!! More proof that it works if you work it!! Keep it up.
  16. Soundin' good jblue, Like the others say, forgive yourself and move on. I still do a binge every now and then, knowing when I am doing it, that I will have to do my pennance. What I usually do when I do blow it is to ramp up my exercise following the event and go into loosing mode - usually running the food log until the blow comes back off. I am on maintenance (and on core) but I now have much more awareness of what I am eating and know if I am going astray. So far I have been able to arrest my strays and get back on track. Life is good. . .
  17. Good advise from all. I liked the comment about measuring yourself early in your weight loss journey and along the way. I didn't notice my pants size dropping until one day it just dawned on me how loose my old pants were. I went from a size 44 inch waist to a current 38 inch waist, and can actually fit into 36 inch pants if they are "relaxed fit." The picture idea is worth exploring and was one reason why I started my healthy living lifestyle. I had one photo that really showed how heavy I was. Keep doing what you are doing - it will work with time.
  18. I sort of backed into the program. My coffee break friends were trying to start an at work site meeting and needed a few more people to make the quota. I said why not, been trying to drop the poundage for a long time by exercising but it would not stay off. It worked for me!! I hit lifetime and the rest is blissful history so they say. Also old photos of me when I was huge helped me keep motivated to keep loosing. Great board this one here.
  19. Howdy Jshaw, Welcome to this board and to WW. I was always hungry when I started and my leader said to be sure to eat enough protein. I also concentrated on getting more zero or low pt vegetables which was a switch from my old eating habits. I also now keep the hunger edge off by snacking between meals on things like apples or whole grain food. For me, I didn't set my goal weight until I reached my 10% goal and then quite a bit of time after that as I had a bunch to loose. This works if you work it!!
  20. Same here. Once you get into the habit of doing the exercise you really feel odd if you let it lapse. I am the same way, same work hours, and am tired at times when I get home. Sometimes a light snack will help me with an energy boost (I use skim milk and low fat string cheeze or a slice of 5 grain whole wheat bread and peanut butter). For me, to loose the wt and now keep it off, I have to do both healthy eating and exercise. It works!
  21. I started the same way. At first I was doing it to go along with the group at work so we would have enough to do an at work meeting. Then I only thought about dropping 10 - 15 lbs with a beginning personal goal wt of 200 which is 21 lbs over the WW goal range max. Well, the wt dropped off and I hit 200 and decided to go to 185 which is still over my WW goal range max. The wt continued to come off and I got a doctor's recommended wt goal of 184 which is 5 lbs over WW max range (179). Been on maintenance for six months now at the 184 goal and will probably drop lower (for a while) because then I want to add some muscle mass to my skinny arms and legs. I really am enjoying my non-scale victories (NSV) almost as much as watching the number on the scale. I feel better, look better, get lots of compliments about my appearance and efforts, my blood test numbers are all within normal, I stopped taking statin drugs for high cholesterol, I have more energy to do things - the list just keeps going. Life is good.
  22. Welcome Katielady, Sounds like you are serious about this lifestyle change. Best of luck to you - sounds like you already got that tough on yourself routine down!! Lots of good boards to explore and post to often. Looking forward to reading your posts!!
  23. I like both salads and find them quite acceptable without the dressing that McD provides. I was wondering how many points the new Southwest salad was!!
  24. I eat dinner at restaurants or do take out probably 90% of the time. Although, I like salads my main tip for all this restaurant dining is to be aware of the high point - high calorie choices and if I do order them to watch my portion control. It is not a sin to leave over half of your restaurant order behind! I do things like order thin and crispy pizza at Pizza Hut with single toppings; choose vegetables rather than high point carbohydrates; order things off the senior menu so the portions are lower; grab something to eat before I go to the restaurant (my favorite is usually a piece of fruit); don't eat anything deep fried or breaded; eat slowly and enjoy the company or atmosphere of the dining establishment; and keep the exercise and activity high to offset the extra caloric intake. Works for me - enjoy!!
  25. Bummer on the replies, But if you skim down the other threads you will notice that is usually the norm for this site so don't feel slighted. Patience is something I had to learn and force my addictive personality to accept. Martha Beck in her book, The Four Day Win - End Your Diet War and Achieve Thinner Peace says there are different types of people who want to loose weight and live healthy and that you need to look at yourself and identify which type you are. The types she lists are: 1. The VIP - high info need; high need for structure. 2. The Scholar - high info need; low structure. 3. The Apprentice - low info; high structure. 4. The Explorer - low info; low need for structure. I tend to be a mix of the Scholar and Exlorer so using Weight Watchers for my structure and doing lots of reading on the Internet work well for me. I find that most of her advice is found in WW including making small changes to my lifestyle in four day increments and linking those four day sets into a 20 day cycle that tends to fix the behavior into a "good" habit. Beck is a lot of head stuff - which is kinda cool for me. Keep coming back!!
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