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  1. I came up with this after beating my egg and milk together to find out my loaf of bread was moldy! 1 Merita Lite Burger bun 1 egg, whipped with a splash of FF milk Spray nonstick skillet with Pam and heat to medium. Dip and soak both sides of the bun in the egg mixture and cook. Meanwhile, take 1 cup frozen blueberries, add 1/4 cup "Maple Syrup" made with Splenda(I have the Northwoods brand) Cook this in a separate pot til the blueberries start to boil, then serve over your french toast when its ready. You don't NEED Ihop!!
  2. My Publix sampled them and I liked them too -- and the dollar off coupon the demo lady gave me helped out too! I like the soy burgers and products, but really liked the no hormone and low sodium content of this new product. I will have to go look for the pork!
  3. Those coupons are only valid to the original purchaser. WW tracks the numbering on those to prevent fraud.
  4. I like all the Boca burgers and buy the vegan one frequently... I cook mine on the panini grill (you could Foreman it!) I add a thick slice of onion to the top of it sometimes.. Eat it with cheese on a 1 point bun with ALL the toppings... One night after a fast paced bike ride, I was extra hungry, so I made a Double Boca Cheeseburger.... Burger King can keep their 14 point one... Mine figured out to be 4 points, using 2 burgers, 1 point bun, 2 slices FF cheese... I added all the "Big Mac" toppings -- FF 1000 Island of course ;-) What I have found with the soy products is that if you add toppings to it like you would any other burger, it is much better then just the burger by itself...
  5. This basic recipe inspired me! At lunchtime, I defrosted 2 boneless skinless breasts and mixed some FF yogurt with some Frank's hot sauce. I plan on dipping them in cornmeal and baking them off in a hot oven for dinner! Thanks for the great idea!!
  6. The cotton candy is so delish!! I hope they have great success with their company! I have emailed other companies with compliments and complaints both and often get no reply whatsoever! Bravo Philly Swirl!!
  7. YUM -- this sounds great!! I might try this with pasta and spaghetti squash! Talk about having some veggie checkmarks!!
  8. The problem with the Olean has been corrected. The warning on the WOW chips about the anal leakage hasn't been present since they corrected the problem. I love all the Light products and keep hoping for some Light Fritos with Olean! Have to agree on those sugar-free candies -- the WW Fruities should be called POOTIES!!
  9. They ARE great! I had found them a few weeks ago at Wal-Mart, the cinnamin kind are 2 points also. VERY big and very satifsfying with the high fiber count!
  10. Well, we all have different food tastes, that's for sure..... Why not just try it for yourself?!?! I have been eating fat free Kraft slices and shreds for over 3 years now. It melts and is tasty to ME on sandwiches AND other things. But, apples & oranges, Buddies, you aren't going to like everything you try, but at least TRY it for yourself!!
  11. It's pretty tasty, natural lime taste. I hated Diet Coke with Lemon, thought it tasted like Pledge smells..... Worth a try if you are like me and like a variety of zero point caffeinated beverages!
  12. Hi! Wanted to know if anyone knows about the new wheat bun option at Chik-Fil-A.... DH said he had one the other day and it seemed to be dry toasted to boot!!! I just visited the Chik-Fil-A website and there is no info. on it yet... Anyone been to Chik-Fil-A lately and know if this bun lowers the POINTS value?
  13. They are fantastic! I keep them in my freezer. 5 Points for either entree!
  14. This is awesome ice cream, tastes "real"!! 1 point per half cup.... The vanilla has specks of real vanilla beans. Here's the link to it: http://www.icecreamusa.com/products/ind_product.asp?upc=77567-29500&brand=Breyers Enjoy!
  15. I agree, its great!! If they would only make more products with Fiber & Splenda!!
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