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  1. Ok the beef stroganoff was my first core dish on the diet and I have to say it was FANTASTIC!! I do admit that I added some salt and had to thicken up the sauce a bit. Instead of Bulgar (which I could not find at Publix - but then again had no idea what it was and stopped every elderly person in the store figguring they might know) I used brown rice. My 9 yr old says to me "mom this doesn't taste like diet food, it's good!!" LOL thank you......now I have a question, if I baked some pork chops, veggies and red potato's that's all core right???
  2. So can you not have the grain granola that's in the store? I just started yesterday and am probably not familiar with all of the rules.....thanks for anyones help!
  3. I just started Core yesterday and was afraid that my dessert cravings would get the best of me. But this recipe is fabulous, I actually substitued strawberries and it was to die for.....I can eat as much of this as I want right????
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