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  1. please let me know if you still have the dvd set...i am interested thanks
  2. hi friends what another busy week good thing a new one has started! i got on the treadmill last night..did a lil over 2 miles..felt awesome! i am going to try doing the every other day run...i think that i was overdoing it before..but time will tell..i figure if i keep trying different things, something will really work i had weigh in tonight...down another 2.8. getting close to the top of my weight watchers goal range ..can hardly wait! i havent been posting much..but still 'lurking' and reading...keep running everyone..u r all inspirations to me yall have a happy tuesday
  3. hi friends hi newbies n everyone else!!! I haven't been very consistent on my runs the last couple weeks. I am having a heck of a time going very far. I am blaming it on the heat ..I run after work, so I am out there between 5 and 6. I thought I would time... } 12 minutes for a mile. I have to admit that it is disappointing to me, but I do plan on keeping on going. I recently found a gal around here that I might be able to run with on occasion, she does 10 minute miles...but her work ends up keeping her late more days than not...anyway, we are going to try it when it works out for both of us, hopefully having someone there with me will help to motivate me to go a little faster...and to jog further *keeps fingers crossed* I have been so happy with the way my weight has been going, and my clothes are fitting...so I KNOW that this is working, I just have to keep myself motivated and jogging for as far as I can. everyone have an awesome and happy thursday
  4. Congrats DDawnC!!! I am so proud of you! I know that I will probably be the same way when I finally get to that point! I have been out jogging a little bit, but having a very hard time getting any distance in. I don't quite understand it. I was doing so well, was up to three miles. Then I started getting blisters, so I got new socks..that was very helpful, last weekend I did Relay for Life, and my legs got pretty tired (I walked/jogged a total of 18 miles from when I got up Friday morning until I went to bed Saturday morning! woot woot!) My thighs have been tight since then, I have stretched a lot, but just feel like I am worn out by the time I get a mile. I make myself walk the rest of the way, but I am not seeing the progress that I want. I want to pick up my speed so that I can go further in the same amount of time. (By the time I get done doing Curves and jog/walk, I am gone for almost 12 hours a day.) I cannot see that I have more time to dedicate to it, so I want to push harder to get the distance in. I welcome any suggestions. I saw something on TV this morning where they suggested to run hard as long as you can, then to walk until you 'recover' then run hard again. I think that I am going to try this...any other suggestions? Thanks Happy Thursday!
  5. I use to feel the same way!!! My Florida girlfriend told me what to do.... Wear two sports bras! Sometimes I just put a sports bra over my daily bra, this works too! Try it...I was amazed at the difference!
  6. woohoo!!! you go girl! keep us posted on your progress!
  7. Good Morning Friends It has been just crazy here lately! I haven't been out much other than doing Relay for Life last weekend. I did a little jogging that night, but mostly walking since it was rainy and thunderstorming outside. I was able to get in a couple of miles before the bad weather started. I walked like crazy though, really logging in the miles that day! runnerintraining~you continue to be an inspiration to me, i love reading your posts! what a feeling you must have had after completing the marathon..i can hardly wait! daisey1417~you evidently have been running for awhile, i think your speed is great! i am trying to push myself to get a little faster...it will come, but i am not very patient! jillinmo~what a disappointment on the 5K. hopefully your next experience will be better. i cannot imagine the planning that must go into putting something like that together...maybe they had no idea it was going to be that popular...and evidently had underplanned CarefreeCas~hills are SOOOOOOOO hard! we have just rolling hills around here, but when i get to the top of one, what a sense of accomplishment! i bet you felt awesome after doing that! WorkinMom~i was jogging every day, that way i didn't feel guilty when a day or two came up that i couldn't make it out...because that ALWAYS happens to me around here...for instance, i haven't been able to jog at all since last friday night..argh...but i am hoping for tonight i have heard that you are suppose to wait a day between to help build your muscles, and you are doing great, so evidently you are doing something right! okay..that is enough from here! dont know where the time goes! i am up early to go in to work early today, it is going to be a very busy week according to the way yesterday went, and i want a jump start on it today! i really enjoy the great weather outside, when i am able to take my morning and afternoon breaks, i head outside with my mp3 player and walk for 15 minutes, it sure does freshen my brain and helps keep me going! Happy Tuesday everyone!
  8. i tried these this morning w/betty crocker devils food cake mix. i was able to get 18 muffins (they are still pretty big!), making them 2.3 points each. they are very delicious...i plan on taking them to work with me tomorrow hubby n the kids loved em too!
  9. i am really thinking about flying to florida to do the half...it is going to take a lot of training to go from between 2 and 3 miles to a half marathon...and it is in january...is that possible?
  10. hi friends thank you so much for these two threads. i will look into them..i have gone 3 miles, and want to do a good 5 by the end of the summer.i know i need to work on speed..hope this will help
  11. hi friends i am back to jogging yeah me! i went out last night and again tonight.it was a busy weekend and i was dealing with blisters on the backs of my feet. i think it was the shoes that i was walking during breaks at work with. now that i have put bandaids on, the feet feel better, thank goodness! a girlfriend told me to get some 'runners socks' so i will be looking for them the next time i get to a sports store (we live out in the boonies..takes about an hour drive just to get someplace w/ a store like that!) i did 3/4 last night, very humid and i forgot my music *pouts*...OMG what was i thinking! i walked a good three miles more, so i still got plenty of steps in for the day. tonight i jogged a full mile, and i plan on doing at least two tomorrow night. it was still very warm tonight, high 80s, but the humidity was down. if the weather is like this tomorrow night, watch out here i come! i am doing relay for life friday night, 6 pm to 6 am, so i figure that i am not going to jog after work on friday, but will around the track throughout the night. do any of you do the disney marathon? there is a goofy this year where you run a 1/2 on saturday and then a full on sunday, achieving a "goofy medalion". my girlfriend is doing the half and some of her friends are doing both...i said...."talk about GOOFY!!!!" HA HA HA...they are also doing a 5K family on friday night. wish that i could go and do that and the 1/2 with them, but i dont think that i can swing that and a GWA (girls weekend away) both next year..but time will tell! i feel that i could do a 1/2 by then if i really worked at it... okay..long enuf (see what happens when i dont post for awhile?!?!?!) ya'll have an awesome thursday..happy running!
  12. hi friends very good thread...i have often wondered too.i have lost quite a bit now, and i still have a ways to go, but it is working! i too have a "nasty stomach". my son (who just turned 18) was a very large baby...10 pounds 2 ounces! he was born via emergency c-section. obviously with him being that big, i had gained a lot of weight and lots of stretch marks. five years later my daughters were born.they were a month early and weighed 1/2 ounce more and 1/2 ounce less than 6 pounds each.they were another c-section, and added more stretch marks, more saggy skin. when i was bigger, i always called my stomach my "baby-butt gut" because that is just what it looked like.i was heavy enough that the fat would 'bulge' around my verticle incision scar. i still havea little bulge on each side of the scar, but what i hate even more than that is a 'fold' that is just above my belly button.i have been doing crunches like crazy trying to get rid of it.my stomach is definately smaller, but i often wonder if the 'fold' will ever be gone i am not quite at the point of wearing the tankini swimming suits, but i am getting close!...but i do worry about the top coming up and someone seeing my stomach (although after getting to the 150s *giggles*...i ordered a victorias secret suit..and i can hardly wait to get it and try it on!) i guess my best advise is to do crunches/sit ups.i know they are terribly hard, but start with a small number...like 10 if you can do that many..or 5...or 15..whatever you can do and one or two more. when one of my girlfriends first started at curves, she asked if we were going to do crunches as long as we were already on the floor.i groaned...i hate crunches!we started out at 15, adding 5 more every week.at one point i was up to 150 a night.i dont do that many any more because i am doing variations of crunches (i still do about 140, just different 'styles') and lots of leg lifts/leg exercises. my stomach has shrunk more than i had ever imagined..but i worry that i will never have the tummy that i wish i had. i am open to anyone elses ideas too... one more thing..lol...i am a long poster!...i still have some 'wings' under my arms.my brother told me this weekend if i do push ups, that they will get smaller.i told him that i cannot do push ups!he asked if i could do one, two, or three? five? ten? and to do them every night.i started out at one and now am up to three (go me!) lots of determination goes a long way and pushes us to our goals! good luck!
  13. Hi friends rincaro-I completely understand the running slower than the actual walking. I don't think that I am much faster yet, but I know that it is coming! We have to just keep at it, and I am sure that the speed and the distance will come. DDawnC-I am sorry about the dog. I know how they easily become members of the family. Good for you on the less than ten-minute miles. You inspire me! GOBLUE06-Congrats on the one-mile mark! That was my goal last year, and I didn't attain it until this year. I am not one to be without a goal, so now I am working for five miles by the end of the summer. We can do it! Congrats on the loss! Keep it up, it will keep coming off! CarefreeCas-After reading your post, it made me think...why am I stuck on the two miles. I think that is a multiple of things, but probably the biggest reason is because I am out of the house before 7:00 am, and by the time I start jogging it is already after 5:00. I am ready to go home. Today I decided that I was GOING to go the three miles since I thought hubby and the girls would be gone. It turned out that they were home, but I did do the three miles *cheers*! I really did not feel any more winded than I do when I finish the two miles, so I think that when you asked if it was mental or physical, I have to answer that it is mental. Thanks for the suggestion, it is the little "boost" that I needed to hear to make me think about that! Hope you have a great rest of the week and weekend! runnerintraining-I cannot even imagine doing a marathon...not yet anyway! My Florida girlfriends want me to come and do the Disney marathon with them though...time will tell! Good luck with the marathon! Christena-Enjoy your cruise! I have always dreamed of going on a cruise, but hubby is such a home body that I cannot imagine him going off like that. He is more of a cabin and fishing kind of guy...but who knows...maybe with me looking better...well we just never know! Have a great time, you know what you are suppose to and not suppose to have. If you go 'over' a little, just exercise a little bit more, you will do just fine! Tomorrow is Thursday already! *cheering* Hope that you all have a mahvelous day!
  14. Hi friends happy tuesday! it was kind of a tough weekend, but i think that i did okay-jogged a couple of times, (thank goodness for APs!) did a bunch of walking, even did a rest day, so things are good! i decided last week that i was going to use all my points, and try to use all my APs and flex points. i also decided that somehow i would get the dairy, vitamin, fruits and veggies,...even the oils *gags* i have found the only way i am getting the oils in is if i just take the two teaspoons like medicine. it does not taste good, but it is two lil spoons of icky and i am done. i walked on one break today (another busy day), did curves after work, did my normal abs/legs routine, went to weigh in, then jogged a short two miles my knee is still bothering me some, but if i take some advil it takes the edge off now the great news--after two weeks of gains (1.6 then 1 pound) i lost this week. i lost BIG TIME this week! down 6.8 pounds! woot woot! getting closer to goal! also, wore a pair of size 8 pants to work today-they didn't even look tight! of course every brand is a little different, but it feels great! what great inspiration to keep moving.hubby stated tonight that he figured my weight loss would slow down now that i have less to lose, and it has, (just look at the last two weeks), but i am so convinced that the jogging is what is pushing me ahead. i can hardly wait to see some of my southern ya ya girlfriends again...wish it was sooner any ole hoot-this has gotten long enough, thanks for the inspirations and thanks for letting me ramble on! oops, one more thing--i am having a hard time getting further than just over two miles...any suggestions? THANKS!!!
  15. hi friends i have been unbelievably busy at work again this week i jogged at home over the weekend and again on monday. i took tuesday off from jogging, still went to curves though . wednesday and tonight i jogged in town again...back at my 2 miles...yeah me! my curves is closing for the weekend tomorrow afternoon, so i think i will just start jogging after work. hubby and most of my family meeting for supper at a place w/a buffet. last time i had a salad when i was there, and things went awesome. i am going to be saving points tomorrow for the dinner out i have been trying really hard to get in my healthy 8s this week.i never have done the oil thing, but have so far this week. i find the only way that i can get them in is to just 'suck it up' and take the two teaspoons like medicine *gags*...but it works for me i am trying really hard to get my points all in, but most of the time i am just getting my dailies...sometimes some of my APs, sometimes hardly any of them. i weighed in this week on monday night, have only used 5 of my flex points. i rarely use them either. i was up another pound this week and i am hoping that these couple changes take care of the gaining for me i am making it in to quickly read the posts...even if i dont get a chance to write a post myself happy memorial day weekend everyone...happy running...happy friday
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