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  1. Thanks so much... i found what i think is the "old" system calculation and based on my stats my points would be 24, i'm female, 38, 5'3 and 164.. it may seem that the older point system is easier for me???? idk i'm a creature of habit, i hate change, ha... not that i ever did the point system, i'm gonna do a lot of research here... I always did the core before when i started in 1996.. but i don't know.. i think i need something else, i am really enjoying eating food too much right now.. (not that that has anything to do with anything) anyway... thank you thank you
  2. awww that's sad.. i just looked at my old stats now SW 164 CW 164 GW 137
  3. Hi, I haven't been around in a while... I'm a mother of 5 and unemployed at the time... we do have foodstamps so food has been my only outlet... anyway when I did WW before i always used the core program..... I keep seeing the new advertisments so ... I've been searching online trying to figure out how many points I am allowed to eat daily but I'm not finding where to sign up for free (I thought there was a 7 day trial) ... there seems to be a catch on all of them. You either have to pay for 3 months or you have to pay for meetings, neither of which I can do. If I am missing something could you please help direct me to the right place. Thanks so much!
  4. HAPPY ASIAN NEW YEAR.... (sorry it's a day late)
  5. Lynn, i know i take things too personally, my problem. sometimes i try too hard to particpate in things that i don't really know what i'm talking about, or i go in the wrong direction
  6. oops, guess that didn't belong in that string.. just thought it was an interesting show about children, nothing to do with what was originally posted.
  7. Bridget: My continued prayers are with you for your db.. here's to a new chapter in his life. have a great day everyone.
  8. Ditto to what everyone said. Adding to this on something else I saw yesterday. Oprah had children and their families on yesterday that were overweight part two is today. Wow was it emotional and eye opening. I've been so blessed with my 5 children thus far. Self esteem to them is everything.
  9. WWLynn: at my next outting at the store I promise to get the book... I am obsessing on everything and going crazy in my head, it sucks. I can't seem to lose a pound and I'm going crazy, i do hate that this consumes my every thought... its been a problem since i was a little girl... its sad really. SSKATIE: I got a very warm nice feeling when I read your post. Thank you.
  10. lostteacher: I'll be curious to see how your "research" goes.
  11. okay, (head hanging down:bcb_blush) I think it was actually Lynn that said before there wasn't, guess I was hoping for some new "oil pill" .. or flaxseed would work. I'll keep workin on it.
  12. oh i get it.. and you're sure there aren't pill forms of oil I can take, LOL
  13. I was looking over the list and saw the following on the core list: Don't forget: healthy oils such as olive, canola, safflower, sunflower, and flaxseed are Core Foods only in a quantity of two teaspoons per day. and when i was talking about it the other day you said this: Flaxseed (being a seed) is not a filling food. IF you want to eat flaxseeds, you'd use your WPAs for that I'm really not even sure if I need the flaxseed, but it was under the oil category and i'm having a really hard time getting the oil in, so i guess i should research what it is huh? but anyway, this is a core eaten in the correct quantity? Am I over analyzing?
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