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  1. Alysse - You are such a beautiful woman (as you were @ 210lbs) but now you RADIATE! Congratulations on your success - you are truly inspiring!!
  2. Doing a double-take when catching myself in a mirror and store-window and taking a minute to recognize myself
  3. Wow - you look GREAT!! You should change your username to "NSHotty"!!! Congrats on a great accomplishment!
  4. Laura, What an incredible inspiration you are! You demonstrate what great things can happen when some has determination and CHOOSES to work the program (thanks for the reminder!) What a great role model for your beautiful children!! Congrats again - enjoy it - you deserve it!!!
  5. Michael - That is truly inspriational! I'm so glad to hear you had a great time - AND lost weight...a true BCBer!!! Well done!
  6. Hello All, Well, I did get out for a run with my niece over the weekend...All I can say is WOW...pushing a jogging stroller is not as easy as it looks! I got a great workout in, and she had fun too. She thought it was particularly funny to yell "Faster Auntie, faster!". That's when I told her I'd make her get out and push me . In case any of you were wondering, my brother did incredibly well in his race this weekend. His overall time was 10:56:19 and he ran the marathon in 3:44....I was amazed (and I think he was too). I'll tell you, sometimes when I see how fast he runs, I think I must be adopted! Planning to get out for a run this evening with DB if the thunder holds off, if not I'll throw in a FIRM tape and hit the TM at the gym tomorrow morning. Hope you are all doing well.. Christine, did you take the kids to Hampton? Or go to a quiter beach? Either way, hope you had fun!!
  7. Moe - Congrats on your race! What a great accomplishment! Darlene - I remember reading about that incident last year...absolutely tragic. I think setting a goal to run it next year is a GREAT idea...good luck with your run tomorrow! Kimberley - Smart to listen to your body on the TM...hope that twinge doesn't return! Nick - Hope you were well-hydrated on your run!! I am hoping to take my niece to the beach today (I am watching her while my brother is at his race) - the sun doesn't seem to want to make an appearance, so it looks like we might get a run in with the jog stroller. Hope you all have a great Sunday!
  8. Hi guys!! I've been reading, but not posting as until last night, I hadn't run in over 3 weeks! I am back on track and ran 5k last night...I had done a KILLER class at the gym 2 days before, and my quads were killing, so I took it easy, and didn't clock the run. I felt ok...definitely rusty though!! I'm glad I'm back and DB and I have talked about setting a morning running schedule...I am awful about getting up early to run - so maybe with his "encouragement" I'll "just do it". In other news, my brother is running a full Ironman (2.4mile swim, 112mile bike, 26.2mile swim) on Sunday in NY, so I've decided if he can do that, I can get out and run at least a few miles Hope you are all doing well...Nick and Kimberley, looks like you guys are logging the miles!! To the "injured" - hope you all heal up quickly!! Have a great day (and weekend!) everyone!! Happy running!
  9. Thanks Megan!!!!! Good Luck @ WI today AMY!!! GOOOOOO BLACK!!!!
  10. Let's go BLACK TEAM!!!! This week I am happy to report a loss of 1.6 even though TOM starts today....Let's keep it rolling ladies!!! Thanks, once again, to the leaders who are taking the time to organize this!! Ellen - Thanks for the kind words last week! They definitely helped and I wanted to let you know I appreciate it!
  11. Uggg...Black Team I am SO sorry to report a big stinkin' gain...I was up 2.8 lbs (everything I had lost since we started the challenge). I am so frustrated with myself. TOM is coming, but I don't usually have this big of a gain. My b-day was Monday and I think I underestimated some points on my b-day dinner. I hate feeling like this, so I'm going back to square 1. I busted out my first week materials and re-read them last night. I have a new journal and have written every bite for yesterday and today. Sorry for letting you guys down But I am back and I am in fighting mode
  12. Keep up the great work!
  13. Christie: I didn't see you question when I posted earlier - thanks! This weekend I have 2 separate BBQ's that we're going to...for one I am bringing 1 points hot dogs, and allowing myself to have 2, and the other I'm bringing 97% lean burgers that I made with bread crumbs. I've brought my running gear so I'm going to go for a run one day, and swim laps in the ocean one day to earn some AP's. And I'm going to remember that being at a get-together is about spending time with family and friends, not about the food!
  14. Starting the Black Team off with an even loss of 1lb. Way to go Red Team - Now let's all step it up!!!! (Thanks again Melissa for organizing all of this and also to the team captains for their hard work...on more than one occasion this past week when I was faced with a challenge I thought about how I wanted to post a loss here - Nothing like a little healthy competition to keep you on plan!!!)
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