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  1. Checking in and down 3 more lbs! 12 since I started back on Dec 29th! Go me!
  2. Ahhhh shoes! I love shoes! I ordered a custom dress for my wedding (sounds expensive, but it was only $176 including shipping) and thought I will wear a pair of 4" platform heels I have as long as they get the length just right, otherwise, I am wearing calf high lace up boots with a similar heel only a tad shorter. Sailor- When are you getting married? I am getting married 10-10-10! Good luck! I love wedding planning! I set a budget of $2500, and I am under budget and almost done witth everything except of course the food which we can't get until a little before.. I wanna see the toilet paper dance, you may have something there! Good night everyone, it's been a long day!
  3. I'm here and going good, I have had a really busy week and got sick with some cough/conjestion/sore throat. Between traveling and making wedding preparations, I stayed the same. Better than a gain!
  4. Can I get in on this? I recommitted myself to my program and I am in for the long haul! I'm down 9 lbs in 3 weeks!
  5. Needed to remind myself of this... and was glad to see over 16000 views!
  6. Awesome Job David! CORE is great! I am so proud of you, you freakin' rock! PJ
  7. I heard that it works, but if you really want chips, Baked Scoops are not that bad point wise!
  8. I know the feeling. At my meetings whenever we have discussions over chicken points or fruit points.... I think, la la la la. I don't count that! Everyone looks at me like I am from outer space. Gosh I love CORE!!!
  9. David, You are absolutely right! Both programs work great, if you are fully dedicated to them. And I know you can do it! I went through a divorce as well and kinda slipped into the LAZY being as well. Then woke up one morning and said.... WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING???? So I have been back and in full force on CORE now for three weeks and I have lost 4.6 lbs. (That is helping to take on the 25 I gained back from being LAZY) WE can do this! I am always here for support for you if you would like it. Sounds like we are in similar situations (except my kids live with me, my son full time and my daughter every other week), but being divorced and having to get out of the rut! I am here for you buddy, too bad we couldn't each cook for 1/2 a week and Fed-Ex it to eachother, lol. That would be much fun! You have done great and you are going to continue to do great with the support and determination! Have a great day Buddy! PJ
  10. I love the new one as well. I am on core but I use the daily for my weekly points. Its convienent. Although I was never embarrassed at the store to use the paper one, this one is just so much easier.
  11. Do you think it would taste ok without the cottage cheese? I just have issues with cooking cottage cheese... I know it's wierd since its already curdled...
  12. I like it with salt, pepper and Tomatoes. Also in my green salad is good!
  13. I made this tonight, but used what I had on hand. I used ground turkey, water instead of the broth and onion soup mix and I used wheat wide egg noodles. I used the sour cream and the mustard, it was good! I added mushrooms and mixed veggies to fool the kids, and they loved it. I think I am going to try it again but use chicken, chicken broth and the 98% FF broccoli cheese soup! I'll let you know how it turns out. It's on my list for next week when I have both kiddos!
  14. OK so I really want one of these too! Please let us know how it goes!
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