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  1. I had a small, plain baked potato this afternoon at Father's Day lunch, and when I went to WW online to enter it in, it said it was 7 points for a large, so I halved that to 4. I found this by looking up Baked Potato in their "add food" list. Later, I was looking through some of the power up articles written by WW and it very clearly said that a small baked potato was 2 pts. Now I'm confused. Why would it give me different points values based on whether I looked it up in their foods list to add to my points tracker, or in an article written by them? I'm not sure what to count it as now.
  2. Good evening everyone! I was on these boards back in 2006 and loved all the recipes and postings so I'm hoping they will help me out again. I lost 30 pounds back then and would love to do so again, especially with summer days getting longer. I'm getting used to the new points plan, but for the most part, I like it. I'm a big computer person, so using e-tools hasn't lost it's novelty for me yet. I need to work on the exercise bit though. With working and attending graduate school, I feel like I never have time. My poor Boston Terrier is getting very good at the pathetic puppy-dog eyes look when he tries to bring me his leash. So far, I've enjoyed the fruits being free, although they are expensive and am happy that my Starbucks drinks seem to be quite reasonable. I've made the Baked Zita and a Meat Loaf recipe from the WW website and my husband, a very picky eater, even went back for seconds on both. I count that as a minor miracle! I've also found that Costco has lean ham already presliced into 1oz slices (not the deli meat style), which is great at tiding me over for snacks after I microwave it, plus I'm trying to get in more water, play my Kinect when I have time and stop eating the Kool Aid Kool Pops in the fridge. I think I can win that battle. Looking forward to reading everything!
  3. I did WW back in 2006 and am back on it partially due to motivational issues and partially due to medical issues. It's been such a while that I think there have been two plan changes since I was on it last! Nowadays, I love Starbucks and I just can not comprehend that some of the light frappacinos and skinny espresso drinks at 16oz are under 5 points. They are so tasty that it seems that they should be a lot more I've put the nutritional information from Starbucks into my handy-dandy little calculator, but seriously, I think it must be broken. I am having a hard time comprehending that my skinny Mocha light frapp can be that tasty and still allow me to make my daily goal! I must be losing my mind..... (and hopefully my waist one of these days too).
  4. Man, I just made this last night and my boyfriend, who's pretty picky, even went back for seconds! It was the first time I've ever used real garlic in a recipe...and I'm glad I looked up what a "clove" was, because I was going to use the whole bulb I bought at the store!
  5. so..... in one day, you can have Bulgar at one meal AND potatoes or ww pasta at another then, correct? I have a hard time not having pasta at one meal and potatoes at another, so I'm trying to find substitutes to help me on my way! Thanks for the help
  6. I thought non-creamy soups WERE core.... wouldn't this be core if you didn't get the tortilla strips? I guess I'm confused then what soups are core and what are not. Any advice?
  7. I've done some searching on these forums and on the internet and haven't found much in the way of a guide about eating out at specifically fast food restaurants while you are on Core. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Maybe I didn't use the right keywords. I did find this post, which I thought was helpful for eating at sit-down restaurants, but I need some help with fast food. I found plenty to do with Flex, but not much for Core or Simply Filling. Today, I'm going to go to Wendy's and get a small side salad with FF Italian, a baked potato without butter and a small chili. From what I understand, that's core, correct? Note: My friend and I did make a vegan Lasagna roll up that was amazingly good last night. I've never had grilled eggplant before and the crush pine nut spread almost tasted like beef. It was good!
  8. I shop at Meijer or Spartan Stores, and looked everywhere, but couldn't find Bulgar! The closest I found was Bulghour Cracked Wheat... is that it? I was in the Asian/Speciality food aisle. If anyone has specifics of where it may be in a Michigan grocery store, I'd love to know I asked an employee and he told me to go to a restaurant!
  9. Need help understanding Core plan food. Heya everyone, I'm new to the Core plan and started on it last week. I went to WW about 4 years ago and lost 30 lbs on flex, but I found it distracting to have to count points so I really am enthusiastic about Core. I'm doing this myself at home with help from the materials I got from WW and the internet but have some questions. I've been reading through the forums here and have tried a few recipes (pancakes, waffles, pork chops with apples/onions) but have these questions: 1. What is bulgar? 2. What is 5-spice powder? It was in the pork chop recipe. Any ideas? 3. Can I eat frozen Ore-Ida potatoes (Hashbrowns, O'Brien) on core or do I have to cook my own each time for it to count? 4. Where do you get CousCous from? I see that called for in a lot of recipes. I couldn't find in my Meijer/Grocery store this weekend. 5. I make parfaits like this at home for a midmorning snack... is this core? 1 cup Low Fat Vanilla Yogurt Frozen berry mix Cranberry Pecan Granola on top 6. What cereal can I eat that isn't shredded wheat? I'm really am not fond of the big chunks of that stuff. 7. I think soymilk is core... but I heard there was a limit on what you can have per day. Is that true? 8. Why can't you have brown rice and potatoes in one day, if they are at two different meals? 9. Are Nutrigrain bars that say "made with more whole grains" core? I'm trying to find simple snacks I can eat. I'm a beginner cook at age 28 (seriously...my parents gave me a book called "How to Boil Water" for Christmas), but I find the dinner recipes pretty good on here (I love meat and potatoes!), but I'm having a hard time finding quick and easy to make meals for simple lunches. At work, I've just been eating the WW frozen meals, but I know they aren't core, so I'm not sure what else I can make that would work well for lunch. I do eat salads, but only 1-2 times per week because lettuce doesn't always sit well with me. I am open to any suggestions you have for a quick and easy lunch! Are there convenience meals you can buy at the store that are core? Someone told me to go to Wendy's and have a small chili, side salad and baked potato, but I can't eat that every day! I'm really looking forward to working on this change in my diet and life. I'm really hoping that it forces me to learn how to cook more than just the seven meals I currently know. My biggest challenge right now is not to drink regular pop. I did not realize how STRONG the addiction was. I'm craving it a lot and thinking about it all the time, but I have tried diet Pepsi and that didn't seem as terrible as I expected, plus it gives me the caffeine I'm craving. Man, I have to stop thinking about pop! I hope I can get over this addiction within a few weeks. Did anyone else have this issue? Well, thanks for listening to my rambling! I look forward to learning from everyone and the forums and hope that this change works with me. So far, so good Have a great day!
  10. OH, thanks! I didnt' see that. I'll have to look on their website.
  11. A lady in my last weight watchers meeting mentioned that both the Olive Garden and Fazolis both offered whole wheat or low points pasta. I didn't see them when I last visited both those resturants. Anyone know what she was talking about? Thank you!
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