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  1. Great share! Thanks for the inspiration!
  2. Improving my health is my greatest motivator; however, looking better is a fabulous side-effect I will never complain about!
  3. Congratulations! You look great! Best wishes for your continued success! -Starry
  4. Congratulations - you look AWESOME! What a beautiful bride!!!! -Starry
  5. Congratulations!!!! What terrific success - you look so healthy!!!! -Starry
  6. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You look fabulous!!!! -Starry
  7. The morning I had planned to prepare this recipe, I had to run out the door unexpectedly. Therefore, being a (somewhat) experienced cook, I just went with the flow and baked it in the oven. First, I browned the chicken in "Pam" and seasoned it with a tad of Lawry's seasoning salt, garlic powder, onion powder, and black pepper. I put the browned chicken in a casserole dish. Then I sauteed all the veggies and placed them in the casserole dish (over the chicken). With the wine, I "deglazed" the pan and added the tomatoe paste and tomatoes. I poured that mixture over the chicken/veggies, gave it a good stir, and baked it at 325 (covered) for one hour. It was DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My husband and kids thought it was fab, too! It's a keeper -and quite a "staple"! -Starry
  8. You're weight loss is impressive, and your arms look fabulous! Such stylish clothes, too! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! -Starry
  9. Those are great pictures! And, you are doing so well! -Starry
  10. I first heard of T-tapp through Women's World magazine -I think in 2000/2001. Anyway, I met Teresa Tapp shortly thereafter, and she is an amazingly kind and extremely intelligent woman! Though I find her work-out really hard, it is the best!!!! I have done it off and on since 2000/2001, and "hoe-downs" really helped keep my weight down during my last pregnancy! Currently, I do Basic Work-out Plus 1x or 2x a week. I do "hoe-downs" whenever I need a bit of energy or when I've eaten something sugary! It's a great way to lower blood sugar (in general) and was a move featured in Prevention Magazine! As I become stronger, I plan to progress in her series! It is truly better than any other exercise program because, it not only takes of inches, it also cleanses the lymphmatic system. In my opinion, a great way to start with T-tapp is Basic Workout Plus (15 minutes -can't beat it!) or "T-tapp More"! Once you start, you'll be a tapper for life! And, if you get a chance, attend one of her seminars and buy her Alfalfa! The stuff is amazing ! -Starry
  11. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Way to go! You're such an inspiration! -Starry
  12. You look fabulous, healthy and happy!!!! Congratulations on your hard work and success! Because we have very similiar stats (height and dress size), I'm curious, after your 100+ pound weight loss, did you have any loose skin? Though I exercise, I'm thinking I'm going to need a tummy tuck (I think my skin has been streched so much from having four babies and the weight gain that came with each pregnancy - especially the first)! I don't know if it will even look o.k. after such a huge loss (I want to lose almost a 100)! Again, Congrats! -Starry
  13. ck, If you have a Whole Foods Market close by your home, check it out! They have great pamphlets (usually at the Customer Service desk) regarding all kinds of diets, 'Gluten Free' included. Each pamphlet contains the names of various glueten free products that can be found in the many departments of the store. I wish you well on your journey!
  14. You're looking fabulous! Congrats on your success btw, although I know it's your "before" photo, I love your skirt in the first pic - it's so pretty!
  15. It's one of the featured flavors of the month at 7-11, however, I don't know the point value for it. Of course, I get the smallest size (12 ounces). But, it is sweet, creamy and delicious beyond belief - it has to be a high point drink! I estimate it to be between 8-10 points. Anybody know the point value for this yummy drink?
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