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  1. You aren't bombarding the board with questions. This IS the place to come for help. However, and I mean this kindly, I don't think you're "hearing" what people are saying. What you are feeling isn't about the number on the scale. You are at a healthy weight, you are fit and you look great. The problem isn't the number on the scale, it's what's going on inside your head. And I have to say, what it sounds like is going on inside your head isn't healthy. Your body seems to be telling you that the number you're seeing is a good place for you to be. Maybe your past goals are no longer readily attainable because of the cancer and pregnancy. WW tells us not to obsess about numbers. It's not about numbers, it's about good health and you HAVE achieved that. It's amazing and you have conquered a lot. Perhaps instead of trying to adjust the scale, you should work toward adjusting your mindset about that scale.
  2. I think you're obsessing over an arbitrary number. You look very fit. You are amazingly active. Your doctor says you are healthy. The question is: Why isn't that enough for you? As someone else asked: What will a different number give you that you don't already have? If the scale says 150, will you look appreciably different? Will you fit a smaller size, and even if you did, is that important? And if so, why is it important? Will you feel healhtier?
  3. That sounds yummy, and filling. I'm going to save it for future reference. Thx
  4. I agree with him. I'd rather have "nothing" than baked taco chips. back on topic..... I love the sound of the waffles!
  5. You really cook the chickens for 5 hours????? I'm amazed they aren't really dry. I guess it's because the oven temp is only 250.
  6. I have been looking there, but obviously missed the baked oatmeal. Thanks for the link! However, I've had a hatred for hot oatmeal since I was a kid and don't think I'll ever be converted. But I'm not worried about that since I have a WW friendly breakfast that I've been eating for years and I'm quite content to keep eating it. It works well for me. 1/2 cup blueberries, 1/2 cup FiberOne, 1 tbsp freshly ground flax seeds and a WW yogurt. 4 points, 3 food groups and a whole lot of antioxidents, fiber, and stuff that is VERY, very good for you. I was interested in the baked oatmeal more as a nutritious snack food. So thanks again for the link. I'll definitely check it out.
  7. I keep seeing references to "baked" oatmeal. Here's the deal. I hate oatmeal as a mushy cereal, although I love oatmeal in muffins, cobblers and berry crisps...even as a "filler" for meatloaf. I think it's the consistency of oatmeal cereal that makes me feel like gagging. So, is this baked oatmeal in a more "solid" state? I did a search for the recipe and found many references, but no exact recipe. Would someone please explain and help me out. Many thanks
  8. It's very easy to miss the points/serving. Also 1+1 don't always equal 2 in WW math. 1+1 often equals 3.
  9. Isn't is amazing when you hear your own advice come back to you? Such wisdom.
  10. You look terrific. ....yipee, your pants are too big!
  11. You might find this article helpful: http://whatscookingamerica.net/cilantro.htm Quotes from the article:
  12. sjc1228

    WW Yogurt

    I'm newly back to WW after a long absense. I haven't purchased the newest Food Companion with the filling foods in it, although I own two previous versions. My question: does WW yogurt count as a milk exchange? I cannot recall the criteria for counting dairy products as milk. I seem to vaguely remember that if something has 25% calcium, it counts. Is that still true? Many thanks.
  13. Great advice, Katie. Dawn, Katie offered up some very wise words, IMO.
  14. Portions are ENORMOUS at the Cheesecake Factory. Are you going with someone you might share with?
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