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  1. Since i am just adding half a banana I am going to stick to the 2 pts i came up with before entering in E-tools, othwise i will be forced to omit the banana and just drink the shake after my workouts alone, I am not using 7pts just because i added a 0pt banana. This seems to be a little confusing as to decide which PPV to go with, but from what I read from the above I am not adding 2 or 3 servings of friut just half of one..
  2. Yes, it's a designer whey protein shake i don't know the nutrional facts off the top of my head but it comes to 2pts, water and i like to put half a banana in it. Something that should only be 2pts calculates to 7 in e-tools.
  3. I'm hoping someone can answer this for me. When entering a new recipe in E-tools that includes a banana why does it calculate the banana as 0 but tells me the pp value is 7 on something that should only be 2 pts? Should I go with the 7 or 2?
  4. White wine diet sprite or 7up with ice. It comes out to be only 1pt per glass , I think because you not getting a full glass of wine when you add the soda and the ice. It's refreshing to me and I guess you would call it a spritzer.
  5. You look Fab!!! Great job. I am a little disapointed in myself though after seeing your results. I also started in April of 06 and only lost 34lbs to date. You lost almost double. HUMMMMMM I must being doing something wrong or could it be we are just two different people????
  6. GB, you have no idea how much you have just helped me with my fruit issues Thanks so much, stupid me never even thought of canned fruit, never even knew del monte packs it in water. Always thought it was loaded with sugar so i never even botherd to check. Applesause, canned fruit and frozen is the way i will go until the season comes back in... Thank you all -for all your help!
  7. Thanks Dawn, The applesause is a start for me until i can find something that is worth buying this time of the year. I think concord gapes is what i was looking for. Love them but can never find them...
  8. DDAWN, Thanks. I had no idea that applesause would be considerd a serving of fruit. I can live with that.. Should i be getting the sugar free or low sugar kind? Is there such a thing? Not something i would normally eat or buy, but i do like it. I will look into the frozen stuff. When i buy apples 9 times out of 10, only 1/3 of it is edible. There is a certain kind of grapes that i like they taste like bluberries does anyone know anything about them and when the best season for them is? I forget the name of what they are called. Thanks
  9. I am not getting any fruit in. What would be a tastey winter fruit that i can try? Nothing this time of the year seems appealing to me. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. Hi everyone. I thought i would ask the experts!!! Has anyone tried DHC skin care products. I am looking into buying some cleansers and creams. My friend has been using this and loves it. Anyone have an opinion on it? Thanks
  11. OH GREAT!!!!!!!!! I guess I will have 1oz of the turkey and eat more of everything else. Thanks for the help!
  12. Hi all, I just found out that my family is deep frying our turkey this year. Any suggestions on points cooked that way? I don't even know how many pts are on a slice when it's cooked in the oven.. Any suggestion on pts would be appreciated.
  13. I had it. I didn't really liked it. It really didn't do much for me. I used it steadily for about 2 months didnt notice a difference but that is just me perhaps i wasn't on it long enough each time. I think i did 30 mins each time. I didn't think there was enough resistance on it. I think you can find something that is probabbly around the same price that will work better. It wasn't long before the screen broke, meaning wasn't working at all. Put it in my closet and just recently threw it out!!! Whatever you decide i hope you see the results you want.
  14. Sounds like you are on the right track but you do have to eat all your daily points even if your not hunrgy. Try not eating such a big dinner or big breakfast and snack more during the day. The more you eat throughout the day the better it will be for you in the long run. Try maybe eating a tiny bit more for lunch and make sure you have 1 snack in between each meal. You can also try having a 3pt snack instead of a 1 or 2 pt snack to help use up your daily points. Good luck
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