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  1. Hiya Veronica!!! Good to see you again too, neighbor
  2. OMG Amy your kids are absolutely precious. Your daughter was such a gorgeous newborn and she is STILL gorgeous. And your son...WHAT A DOLL. You and your hubby make GREAT LOOKING kids!!! Keep the pics coming I'm good, I've gained back about 20 lbs since I was at my lowest weight in 2007, which sorta ticks me off. Been lurking/posting on the veggie board but that isnt' working so well for me, so I'll prob. start back here again. Good to see you!
  3. Amy! so good to see u posting again. Um, we need some updated pics of the children please
  4. I put 1/2 a cup of unsweetened applesauce in mine along with the diet soda and that really seems to help
  5. i think i'm going to try zapping them in the mw to make figgy chips.
  6. LOL I ate the whole thing, just washed it and bit into it, skin and all. They were sweet. The flavor wasn't bad But they were just too mushy. I wonder if I can find something to do with them where they are supposed to be mushy..like stewing them or something. I hate to toss them out but I dont think I'll be eating them as they sit now.
  7. I just had 2 ...the taste is ok but I do not like the consistency. They are too..mushy..I like my fruit a little firmer in the middle. How do u make "figgy pudding" like the Christmas song? LOL
  8. Ok. I wasnt sure if u could eat them fresh..perhaps I'll try one RIGHT NOW. they just looked so good in the store I HAD to have them.
  9. I found fresh figs at the grocery store today. They are unlike anything I have ever seen, they look like little plums. They were so cute. Anyone have a core recipe using fresh figs? These are definately not the dried kind that I sometimes see.
  10. Actually, I don't LIKE beans, but I"m trying to gradually ease them into my diet and learn to like them. The only bean dish I really like is refried beans, and I don't even know what kind of bean that is. I have a bean and pasta casserole in the oven at the moment. It called for 2 cans of Kidney beans but I put 1 in, instead, like you said, a little at a time. I'd need a black bean recipe where the taste of the beans would be..subtle. Im not sure I could do a cold salad right from the start.
  11. LOLOL now I have to find BARLEY! Can I use quinoa? I have some of that I am grocery store challenged!
  12. I found like 400 varieties, this time. I must've been looking in the bread aisle or something last time. I stood there, with a can of them in my hand, thinking, great, what do I do with these? So I put them back until I have something to use them for. least I know they are there
  13. And I was just wondering what I was going to do with the tofu I bought yesterday. This looks really good
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