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  1. Hiya Veronica!!! Good to see you again too, neighbor
  2. OMG Amy your kids are absolutely precious. Your daughter was such a gorgeous newborn and she is STILL gorgeous. And your son...WHAT A DOLL. You and your hubby make GREAT LOOKING kids!!! Keep the pics coming I'm good, I've gained back about 20 lbs since I was at my lowest weight in 2007, which sorta ticks me off. Been lurking/posting on the veggie board but that isnt' working so well for me, so I'll prob. start back here again. Good to see you!
  3. Amy! so good to see u posting again. Um, we need some updated pics of the children please
  4. I put 1/2 a cup of unsweetened applesauce in mine along with the diet soda and that really seems to help
  5. i think i'm going to try zapping them in the mw to make figgy chips.
  6. LOL I ate the whole thing, just washed it and bit into it, skin and all. They were sweet. The flavor wasn't bad But they were just too mushy. I wonder if I can find something to do with them where they are supposed to be mushy..like stewing them or something. I hate to toss them out but I dont think I'll be eating them as they sit now.
  7. I just had 2 ...the taste is ok but I do not like the consistency. They are too..mushy..I like my fruit a little firmer in the middle. How do u make "figgy pudding" like the Christmas song? LOL
  8. Ok. I wasnt sure if u could eat them fresh..perhaps I'll try one RIGHT NOW. they just looked so good in the store I HAD to have them.
  9. I found fresh figs at the grocery store today. They are unlike anything I have ever seen, they look like little plums. They were so cute. Anyone have a core recipe using fresh figs? These are definately not the dried kind that I sometimes see.
  10. Actually, I don't LIKE beans, but I"m trying to gradually ease them into my diet and learn to like them. The only bean dish I really like is refried beans, and I don't even know what kind of bean that is. I have a bean and pasta casserole in the oven at the moment. It called for 2 cans of Kidney beans but I put 1 in, instead, like you said, a little at a time. I'd need a black bean recipe where the taste of the beans would be..subtle. Im not sure I could do a cold salad right from the start.
  11. LOLOL now I have to find BARLEY! Can I use quinoa? I have some of that I am grocery store challenged!
  12. I found like 400 varieties, this time. I must've been looking in the bread aisle or something last time. I stood there, with a can of them in my hand, thinking, great, what do I do with these? So I put them back until I have something to use them for. least I know they are there
  13. And I was just wondering what I was going to do with the tofu I bought yesterday. This looks really good
  14. Im confused Why can't you make pizza with soy cheese?
  15. I shop at Publix grocery store. My town is small so my Publix is not huge and doesnt stock a variety of stuff. It is the only grocery store in town, I have no other options. We do have a section with bean sprouts, it's where I find my soy cheese and polenta rolls. That might be a good place to start. I wasnt going to make the ricotta cheese thing anyway, I was just wondering where I could find the tofu.
  16. Where in the store do you find tofu? right next to the black beans?
  17. I LOVE the tubes of polenta, I make chips/crisps in the MW all the time. This looks great, except it's going to have to wait until the temps drop below 95.
  18. It's quite possible I stared right at them and missed them anyway. I'll try again this week
  19. The last time I was at the grocery store (last week) I looked at almost every can in the canned bean section. There were kidney, garbanzo, and others that I can't think of at the moment, but there was nothing there marked "black beans". That's why I was thinking maybe they had a double secret name. I'll look again, maybe I have lurkers in my town that cleaned out the black bean supply in my grocery store due to this thread.
  20. Are black beans called something else? As in..red beans are also called Kidney beans. Can you find them canned? I swear, I have searched my grocery store over and over for a can of "Black Beans" but there is no such animal.
  21. By the way, Soda, I always eat my oatmeal cold
  22. I've tried cooking my bulgar in the light soymilk that I use for my smoothies but it tastes like bulgar cooked in water! LOL So, perhaps I'll buy the regular soy milk and try the bulgar in that. Thanks!
  23. I could use an idea for making sweet bulgar. I used to mix it with yogurt and add some cinnamon and splenda to it. The soy yogurt is 2x as much money as the regular (why???? I dont have a clue) and from what I've read here, doesnt sound very appetizing. Suggestions?
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