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  1. I am currently on chapter 4 and at first was bored; as I continued to read I could not put it down. I felt as if the book could apply to pretty much every problem that I am going through (especially self esteem). He hit nail right on the head. Although he does get religious here & there ; it's mostly about dealing with the things that run around in our head and recognizing those problems/"thoughts" as they occur. There are a few parts which I did not agree with and wanted to skip; But the books main goal is to get you to look at things from a different perspective and to stop sabotaging ourselves and making ourselves unhappy. *I will warn you; at first I was skeptical *It will only impact you if you are looking for answers on how to change your own thought patterns & behaviors. *This book is not for everyone. It is very specific to interpretation. It indirectly discusses weight loss and why/how we sabotage ourselves & emotionally eat . I wouldn't push it down anyones throat (some will benefit from it, others won't). So far it has impacted how "I" (a major key point of the book) feel about myself. It is the best self help book I've read so-far (and I've read alot of them). I've never been to a therapist but, WoW. The book covered everything that a shrink would; but actually gave me answers (not just a "how do you feel about that?" or a "how's that workin for ya" response.
  2. W.W.= whatever works (for u) Bottom line: It's ok to not like meetings; as long as you are progressing not regressing. When you start giving up on yourself then maybe consider other options. P.S. What's with all the negative self-talk that got most of us here to begin with?
  3. Congrats!! Don't forget to update your signature with your new accomplishment.
  4. J-E-L-L-0 (sugar free fat free of course )
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