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  1. Thank LJMB! I hopped on the scale today (I only offically weigh once a week but I do peek throught the the week - it's the only way to keep me on track) and I was down 1 lb. Will fluctuate I know, but what a good way to start the day and get me focused!!! I'm chowin' down my FiberOne ceral now!!!
  2. Is it too late to join??? I have just recently re-joined WW and I'm back here on BCB ... a challenge is just what I need. There are 11 weeks left in the challenge so I think I'll focus on losing my first 20. Starting Challenge Weight (04/05/2011): 219.5 (boo hiss!!!) April 12: April 19: April 26: May 03: May 10: May 17: May 24: May 31: June 07: June 14: June 21: Matt, Thanks for challenging us, I hope I can challenge and motivate you too. And look at you losing 4 lbs while out of town, that is outstanding. It really speaks to your dedication and drive to succeed! I am impressed.
  3. Hi All!!! I was an active BCB & WW member back in 2009 but unfortunately life came and smacked my upside the head and I (shamefully) did not deal with the situation in a healthy way. I have gained all of the weight I previous lost +20 additional pounds. I have been incredibly unhappy with my body and self image for the last 6 months but I am having a really hard time getting motivated this time around and I don't understand why. I started looking back at my last journey to try and figure out what was going on during that time and how I was feeling to try and kick start my motivation. That is when I remembered BCB. I was an active participant and met a lot of wonderful people who help keep me motivated and on track. So I'm back and ready to get started!!! I look forward to meeting many of you ...
  4. Just checking out the new user profiles and thought I'd leave you a visitor message!


    Keep up the great work, my fabulous buddy!!!

  5. Becky ... thank you so much for posting. You look absolutely amazing - beautiful and healthy!!!! You are an inspiration to us all.
  6. Marge ... CONGRATULATIONS ... you have come so far and you look absoluetly BEAUTIFUL!!!!
  7. Way to Go Jaclyn on your first 5 lbs, GREAT JOB!!!
  8. Not only do you look better - you look HEALTHIER!! Padre - YOU ROCK!
  9. I agree with CW, it looks good and you seem to have most of the Healthy 8's (you need oils and a vitamin). Since you have such a busy schedule I would really recommend getting ALL of your water in - this will help you stay fuller longer and this will really help you weight loss.
  10. Congratulations on making possible one of the most important choices - being healthy!!! Welcome to BCB - post often so we can get to know you.
  11. All I can say is you are P.H.A.T (Pretty Hot and Tempting)*!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stolen from my buddy Trish (I hope I got it right)
  12. You look absolutely beautiful!!! 75 pounds is quite an accomplishment and we are all very proud! You are an inspriation.
  13. Way to go Kallie ... so proud of my buddy!!! 10% is such an achievement, keep with the program and you'll be celebrating making goal in no time!
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