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  1. You know I'm in. My goal will be to lose 5 pounds.
  2. This is my new favorite soup. I made it with cheese whiz light since I couldn't find the velvetta light where I live. Sooo good!
  3. Sorry (in advance) if there is already a thread on this game.... (I couldn't find one) Anyway, I bought this game for my kids for Christmas and it's great to get your heart rate up fast! This game has a full mat that you (1 player or two players) can stand on and run & jump as you play ....log leaper, sprint challenge, head-on hurdler, jump rope...just to name a few games. Your heart rate goes up in seconds....it's so fun! I'm thinking I should have bought it just for me. Anyway, there are different modes...outdoor adventure, exercise training and free play. There are different difficulty levels too. It's addictive and so funny to play. Just thought I would share my opinion of this game, just in case someone was looking for an active, heart pumping game for the Wii that will make you sweat!
  4. Sounds yummy, I bet my kids would enjoy this too. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Bumping for my grocery list, I lost the recipe. lol
  6. I made these the other night, I really liked them. Thanks for posting!
  7. I'm going to have to try this... thanks for posting!
  8. This sound really good and I bet it's filling too. I'm going to make this tonight. Thanks for posting.
  9. Happy Birthday Denise.....and a big "THANK YOU" for this awesome site too, it's the BEST!! I hope you have a WONDERFUL day!
  10. I always do this with my meatloaf, makes it much more moist as I tend to always overcook meat. I never thought of doing this with my burgers too...great idea! Thanks!!
  11. Thanks Ruthie! I have a detailed profile on my pedometer and it does give me the calorie count...never thought about using it. Perhaps, on my non-workout days, I will reset the pedometer when it hits 10,000 steps (that is a normal day for me anyway) and determine the AP's from that point on for any extra I do. Thank you girls for you help!
  12. Thanks Crystal, I just love wearing my pedometer too. Very, very motivating! You are right, it would be hard to judge AP's from the steps taken..wish there was a way to figure it out though. Here's where my mind was.... I get an average of 10,500 steps on non-workout days. I get up to 13,500 - 14,200 steps on workout days. (depending what I do) I was thinking on my non-workout days, if I move a little more and get up to the 13,500-14,200 steps I might be worthy of an AP or two. I would be turning my non-workout days into workout days just by putting in those extra 3000+ steps. I dunno...LOL Any suggestions or am I being silly?
  13. I do WW at home. I recently started wearing a pedometer for fun and for motivation to get moving more. Probably a silly question but...I was wondering if there was a way to figure out how many AP's earned walking 10,000+ steps a day? Also, does anyone use a pedometer as motivation to get moving? I find it makes me want to move all day. Any help/suggestions appreciated!
  14. Bumping up for my breakfast in the morning! Sounds so good!! Update: YUMMY...made this this morning and it is really good and so filling!! I will be making this again...thanks for posting!!
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