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  1. Bumping for the girls on the 30s boards...rave reviews for this recipe.
  2. I found them here in MD last weekend. They really do taste like a THin Mint!
  3. I just bought it yesterday and tried it this morning. It was a great 2 point breakfast for the 2/3 c. cereal and 1/2 c. milk. It was filling at 5 grams of fiber per serving and the honey makes it sweet. The macadamias are few and far between, but this is yummy stuff! From a girl who hates any really fiber-y cereal, that is high praise!
  4. I used unsweetened apple sauce and no choc chips and they were yummy! My students cleaned up a whole batch of them in less than a half hour. They are only one point.
  5. I think I am the only person who doesn't like those paninis...too many points and eww. Anyway, I also take one to work every day... SO - Santa Fe Beans and Rice...could live on this SO/LC - Turkey with mushroom sauce and green beans...only 3 points! LC - Five Cheese Lasagne LC - Chicken Enchilada Suiza LC - Roasted Turkey Dinner (a points bargain for turkey, stuffing and potatoes) All those are yummy, but truly my favorite is the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Sundae! YUMMM
  6. This was yummy! I used the garlic and herb laughing cow and plain olive oil for mine. I also finished it on the grill and the top browned just as it would in the oven.
  7. Don't make a face, but trying the peaches with a little balsalmic vinegar. Put in on and let them sit before you grill. Makes them even sweeter...one of my summer favs.
  8. DH grew up outside of Phily and every time we go back the whole family gets cheesesteaks. I trying to figure out how to calculate the points for half a small one. It is an 8 inch roll and 5 oz of meat. I would guess 2 oz of cheese. DOn't know about oils, but onions and mushrooms should be free. I figure 6 points for the roll, 3 for the chicken, 2 for the cheese and ?? for the oil I know they must use in preparation. So maybe 14 points? Does this sounds about right for half the sandwich?
  9. I'm not a fan. I thought they would be good, bought a box and ewww. I though the nutmeg overpowered the other flavors and was left with aftertaste that wasn't oo appealing either. More power to those of you who like them...they just aren't for me.
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