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  1. I was wondering if anyone could help me with points for a soup I have in the slow cooker One med butternut squash baked with spices 5 cups chicken stock one can coconut milk I am guess about 3 pts a cup but I dont for sure? any help would be great Thanks
  2. Whoa ! 9 points I was only counting 7. Thanks
  3. sunnygirl3


    Does anyone know the points of a foot long veggies sub at subway? I am not sure if my info is correct? Thanks
  4. Does anyone know if these foods are core? HP sauce, yves veggies burgers, campbells gardennay red lentil and vegetable soup and all bran buds Thanks so much
  5. I have some core ?'s does anyone know if HP sauce, yves veggies burgers and campbells gardennay red lentil and vegetable soup are core oh and all bran buds? Thanks so much
  6. Can anyone suggest some core snacks I can throw in my bag, besides fruit and popcorn? I am switching to core and I want to be prepared. Also I was wondering if anyone can tell me if on core what is the expected average loss per week? Is it the same as flex? Thanks tons
  7. sunnygirl3


    Can anyone suggest a hearty low point granola that I can buy in Canada, I was eating the w.w bagels but they seemed to have dissappeared? I need more breakfast opitions Thanks
  8. Wow thanks for the suggestions! I have tried the core program in the past and although I like the concept, I think I end up over eating, but it is something perhaps I should revisit? Right now I am frustrated and having difficulty staying on track, I am hoping for some hidden motivation. thanks again sunny
  9. I am a veg with a gluten allergy,does anyone have any food suggestions Much thanks
  10. I know its not the best idea, but does anyone have a low point meal replacement bar, I am not crazy about shakes, but I am willing to try them. I have been using the slimfast bars but I find 5 pts is a bit high? Thanks
  11. Does anyone know where I can get a mastercook in Canada and the approximate price? Thanks Sunnygirl
  12. I was wondering if anyone has a good recipe for lentil or tofu loaf with the points, I looked at the veganlunch box but there are no points value for any of them. I am searching for some good vegetarian ideas. Thanks sunnygirl3
  13. Thanks for the website but it will only list american locations, I guess I will just keep looking:bcb_cry:
  14. Anyone know where I could get morning star corndogs in canada? i cant find them anywhere? Thanks sunnygirl3
  15. Could anyone help me out with the points for this recipe? 1/ cup bread crumbs 5 tbsps parm cheese 2 tsp oregano salt and pepper 1 pkg firm tofu 2tbsp olive oil 1 can tomatoe sauce 8 oz 1/2 tsp basil 1 garlic clove 4 oz shredded mozzerella Thanks you tons my friend has requested it for a birthday meal this weekend sunnygirl3
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