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  1. Thanks Jennifer! I'm going to take it easy and see how it goes.
  2. Thanks for the advice, guys! I think I will just take it down a notch.
  3. I have always been clumsy. I trip, stumble, and fall on a pretty regular basis, and I've gotten the technique of how to fall softly down to a science. Sad but true. So anyway, I was at the gym last Friday and doing my usual run on the treadmill. I had pretty much zoned out and was not thinking at all about the actual way my body was moving. My arm caught the headphone wire to my iPod and sent the body of the iPod flying onto the floor behind me. This all happened in a nano-second and I reacted without thinking. I spun around on the treadmill (while it was still going at a 5.3 setting) and somehow managed to get to the back of the treadmill while still on two feet, but then lost my balance and twisted in a bungled heap toward the floor while reaching for my stranded iPod. I got back up, walked a bit more and was then forced to leave the gym out of shear humiliation. The next day (Saturday) my back hurt very badly and has ever since. I went to a chiropractor on Thursday, but he was horrible and did not help at all. It is still very sore, but tends to feel better if I move a bit. So here's my question: Can I go back to the treadmill while my back still hurts? I've only done one workout this week (and it was a yoga tape) because I am worried about doing more damage. But if it feels better when I move, then it should be okay to maybe walk on the treadmill, right? Any thoughts?
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