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  1. This is super helpful - going for ethiopian tonight for the first time, and am really glad to know it's lower in points than indian food. i would have been WAY off if i guessed myself..
  2. Well, it turned otu GREAT with the wheat tortillas. I counted it at 6 pts/serving. I had a friend over for dinner and she was fainting over it too. Can't wait to eat it for lunch!!
  3. Haha - I did the same thing (subscribe). I really use the subscribe feature to bookmark recipes.. Anyway, I will try the recipe tomorrow and let you know how it goes. Are corn tortillas easy to find? Like, at a normal grocery? Or do you need a specialty store?
  4. So I seem to have bought wheat tortillas instead of corn tortillas. Are corn tortillas the hard chip like ones? Do you think I can use wheat instead? I know that will affect the point value, but will the recipe still work?
  5. I made this for dinner tonight - so delicious and totally filling! Had half a wholewheat pita with it as fake naan... hehe
  6. furhead

    EVOO spray?

    wow, that makes way more sense. should have guessed it was an acronym.. hehe. thanks!!
  7. hiya, i'm a newbie and sometimes the foods mentioned here aren't ones i've heard of. i've seen evoo spray mentioned a few times, and thought i'd ask what it is i'm also from Canada, so sometimes foods aren't available here... thanks in advance for your help!
  8. i make them all the time. like angel, i boil them. but i generally do it in the microwave. i put them in a tupperware container and almost cover them in water. then i place the lid on top loosely, and zap for about 3 minutes. drain, salt and eat!! great snack when you're having a salty craving...
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