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  1. THanK YoU VeRY MucH!!!!!!
  2. First, CONGRATS on the weight loss you've had so far. AWESOME. As for the leg muscle comment -- you're RIGHT! I'm thinking about making sure I have some rice and/or pasta after long rides to satisfy the hunger and *hopefully* prevent me from eating too much. (Although pizza tastes much better!!) Thanks for the tips!
  3. Thanks!!! I can relate to the "replenish" statement. I appears my body wants to replenish EVERYTHING it lost during the ride. I hear my legs saying, "Feed Me. Feed Me!!" Do you have a link to the wwlynn discussion?
  4. I have lost 22lbs since January 1st on WW and riding. Unfortunately, I have hit a plateau on my weight loss during the last 3 weeks. My riding stamina has increased dramatically since the weather has improved, but now I find myself eating a LOT of calories during the evening after a long ride. For example, today I craved PIZZA after a 30+ mile country road ride. Anyone have any suggestions on non-fattening foods that will satisfy my hunger, but not crush me in the points column? I know carbs are good for athletes. I just tend to eat too much after exercise. Regards!
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