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  1. That's good to know Stevia is okay! I rember when I was nursing our 4th he had a intolarance to dairy and soy -MSPI. Soy is EVERYWHERE! My goodness it was so hard and I lost a lot of weight but was miserable. So can I ask you what plan you follow? I think I would like to do core- or simply full. I don't like to count points but soon I will have a iphone and they have a great app! I would love any and all guidance you could give me! What are some of your favorite recipes and DESERTS! Thanks again.
  2. and heavier then before! So I am once again nursing and limting dairy due to bothering my LO........ I would really like to try and do more Clean eating. so that would be avoiding most artifical stuff ie...splenda and what not..... is there anyone else following WW while trying to eat clean? Plus I can use stevia in place of splenda correct? Things ahve changed a bit since I have been around!
  3. I need a little guidance over here....... I am going to try and count pts again since I really need to start eating better! My questions are----- 1- Ia m still nursing my almost 1 year old -I was planning on not adding any pts for nursing since he is older. I don't have the new info on Pts can someone tell me the formula for them (again) I know I saw a post on it before but I couldn't find it. 2-I was also thinking of joining online WW-would you? I can't really make it to meetings. I work nights and weekends. thanks- I need all the help I can't get!
  4. just wondering what are your favorite cookbooks? Do you just use some of your old ones and convert them to WW??
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