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  1. My sister in law made some Neiman Marcus cookies and I had two of them ... I have NO idea how many points these would be. Is 7 points for too reasonable? Thanks!
  2. I'm looking for a "guesstimate" of points for party potatoes/cheesy hashbrowns. I think the recipe was about 2 lbs of hashbrowns and 2.5 cups cheddar cheese and then 2 cups sour cream. Looking for either total points estimate? Thanks so much!
  3. 5kidzmama -I sent yours out Friday. I was waiting for the other envelope, but it didn't arrive so I just sent that one that I had. I did send my ONE envelope in two, I didn't have a large one and couldn't get to the store. I hope you receive them soon! As soon as I get the next one, I'll send it on.
  4. Question: So I've got an envie that I received Saturday. Was this the last weeks? Should I go ahead and send it to 5kidzmama? Then when I get the next one, hold onto it until the next rotation? Thanks! If it's easier to PM me or email that's fine, I just want to be on the right page. THanks! Sherri
  5. Okay, so I'm here and back and everything. I got this week's envie. I'm sorry but I don't know what happened to last week or two weeks ago I think, but I don't have it... I'm sorry I've been such a space cadet around here lately! I'm dropping in the mail this afternoon to 5kidzmama, it's a big one! Sherri Guys, I'm really sorry that it's gotten lost. I've been looking and looking, I did receive it. I just do not have it? But I do have this rotations now. I got it on Saturday. DO I just divided it and send 2 envies? Or should I just send the one? Thanks!
  6. Does anyone have a "generic" rough guesstimate for points for a serving of green bean casserole? I'd really like to have some, I think it's just beans/crm of mushroom/little milk/then french's onions. Thanks for the help!! Sherri
  7. GREAT idea! Thanks! Mine takes a while to get where it's going too, thanks!
  8. 5kidzmama - I'm putting yours in the mail today. I REALLY apologize for the delay. It's just been one of those weeks, again, I'm so sorry for the delay. Thanks! Sherri
  9. Got my envie yesterday! Will try to get it sent out by morning!
  10. I eat it both ways. Ate it for breakfast one day, then today after working out on the elliptical I just ate it dry. Just the right amount of sweetness and then crunch to make me feel like it's a treat you know? But OP!
  11. Hey all, wanted to know if anyone has tried the Special K Cinnamon pecan cereal? I thought it was really yummy!! It's 3/4 cup for 2 points. But if definitely curbed my sweet craving, and was crunchy enough to feel like it was an indulgent snack! Sorry if this has been reviewed before, but it's great! Sherri
  12. Man ... my apologies. I sent it and all. My dad lives in Northern Missouri, up by the Iowa border and it usually takes 4 days to get to him. (snail mail) but we're exceeding that... sorry! Keep me informed please. Sherri
  13. This sounds AWESOME, espescially with the weather getting cooler. Anyone have any reviews on it yet? I want to try it! Sherri
  14. 5kidzmoma - I'm putting your envie in the mail today. So hopefully it'll go out in today's mail. Latest tomorrow's mail ... I always send after the Sunday ad's. So you know. So like this weeks, I got more coupons from Sunday's ad's. So Next week, I won't send again until after Sunday. Is that okay? Thanks! Sherri Really you haven't gotten last weeks? Strange.... wonder if there wasn't enough postage. I put 2 stamps, I guess I"ll start getting these weighed at Drugtown or something, I'm really sorry you haven't gotten it!
  15. Just put mine in the mail is 5kidsmoma, sry I'm running behind here. I HOPE there is enough postage on it as well. Thanks! Sherri
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