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  1. Made this last weekend but omitted the cayenne... it had enough spice & flavor w/o it, and I was worried it'd be too spicy w/the pepper. IT WAS DELICIOUS! I froze several single serving ziplock bags and now I can have it whenever I want!
  2. I found this post today & was so excited to try these... but I was not as impressed as I had hoped. Actually, the cold mixture of cream cheese/crab/spices tasted WAY better to me than the cooked version. I think maybe I'll just use this mixture & have it on crackers as a snack... But I'm glad others liked it... it was an extremely creative recipe! Maybe I'll give it another try one of these days to see if my opinion changed!
  3. This sounds absolutely delicious, and something that even my boyfriend (who is not on WW and is a terribly picky eater) will enjoy with me!!!
  4. I have tried them, and I really enjoy them. They kind of trick you though by packaging 2 of them together, so you have to either double the points if you eat them both (they are kind of small) or put one in a ziplock bag & freeze for later. I thought they were tasty, and I'd reccomend!
  5. Hello, Teale here! I re-joined WW today, and I've noticed since the last time I joined, they've changed how you figure your daily points. When I did WW before, it was just based on your weight. If you fell in a certain weight range, you got X amount of points.... Well, I was surprised today when I got my new info packet to see that the calculations are quite a bit different these days. It's based on gender, height, weight, age, and activity at work. What shocked me is that based on the old calculations, I should have 30 points/day, and based on the new figures, I get 40! This seems like so much!!! I mean, obviously the WW folks have tabulated all of these factors & they know what they're doing... I was just surprised! Does anyone else follow the "old" calculations still... is that not advised any longer? On one hand, I'm excited to have 10 extra points to play with per day, but on the other hand, I'm skeptical... I guess we'll just let the scale show!
  6. I don't know that it will help w/your fiber interest, but Turkey breakfast sausage is great, and only 1 point/link. I get mine at Walmart in the poultry section of the meat department!
  7. Oh,I love the convenience of the freezer aisle!!! Here's my faves: Smart ones --Mac N Cheese --Chicken Enchiladas --Cookie Dough Dessert Lean Cuisine --Sesame Chicken --Chicken Fried Rice bowl --Spinach/Mushroom Pizza (my all time fave!) --Chicken Alfredo Meal in a bag Morningstar Farms --Corndogs --Regular Chik Patties --Parmesan Chik Patties (in high competition w/the LC pizza for my all time fave!) GardenBurger --Blackbean Chipotle Wrap Lean Pockets --Chicken Fajita I told you I loved the freezer aisle!!!
  8. Along the same topic of tuna, if you're having a tuna sandwich at home, try this.... it's my favorite thing that I used to make in my dorm room all the time: Heat up your George Foreman grill & get these items-- low-point bread (I use the 1 point/2 slices bread) 1 of the snack size cans of tuna 1 slice of FF american cheese Use spray butter on the bread, like you would for a grilled cheese, drain the tuna and put it on the non-buttered side, then put the slice of cheese, then put on the other piece of bread & grill it on the foreman! It is SO good and so low in points! Try THAT instead of subway! Homemade tuna melt!
  9. I have one of the WW endorsed scales that you can buy at places like Walmart or Target. I believe it's actually a Conair scale, but like I said, endorsed by WW. It was about $25 and I am very happy with how it works.
  10. Hey everyone! I've searched through this thread many times looking for some good crockpot recipes... but it's so overwhelming! There's so much information!!! So i was wondering if some of you could just suggest some of your fave recipes that you've tried and were successful. I usually cook with chicken, and I never cook with pork, so that kind of narrows things down! Thanks all!
  11. Just keep track of your activity points when you work out that day. Then it's ok to eat more, as long as you're still staying within your range. I sometimes earn 6 or 7 APs during a workout, and burning those cals does make me hungry, so I'll use those 6 or 7 points!
  12. That's AWESOME! I couldn't justify spending the money on one until I joined the gym and my little armband radio didn't cut it, cuz I couldn't choose what music I wanted to listen to... so, I splurged on the iPod Nano, and I absolutely LOVE it, it makes working out SO much more enjoyable! I hope you enjoy yours:)
  13. You look great! And so happy, too:) Congrats, keep up the great work!
  14. You look amazing, and I bet you FEEL amazing too!!! Keep up the great work:)
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