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  1. Have you tried the same brand but the little "everything" rounds?????
  2. Make a facial.......great for your face.......Really try it!!!!
  3. wasen't there a forum for off top questions at one point? Just wondering! emmajean
  4. Has anyone tried the coconut milk? Whats your opinion, taste wise, points wise etc??
  5. If this wasen't a hint to tell me I better get "back on points" then nothing will ever be....... I was sitting in the dark (I always do) on my computer eating "Nestles Toll House Chips" (a no-no) well I was done and all of a sudden I see a "CHIP" on the back of my hand.... SO I POP it in my mouth and guess what???? It WAS NOT A CHIP BUT A LADYBUG!!!! Did you ever squash a ladybug and that smell they give off, well it TASTES THE SAME!!!!! Was that a sign or what????? EmmaJean:bcb_grin
  6. Chrissy; Hi there! I happened upon 1 of your posts where you mentioned you GAINNED back almost all of the 100 lbs you lost. Well I am in that same position right now. I lost 50 lbs and gainned it all back. I could use some encouragment from you! I even gave away all my "BIG" clothes and ended up with 1 pr of pants I was wearing over and over again. TIll now I started a job and had to go out and BUY NEW BIG clothes again. Imagen how I feel. Well feel free to contact me.


  7. Thanks, I'm going to try it for myself as well as my grandson.
  8. I had a sugar free cappachino vanilla today. WAY TO >>>> sweet. Didn't like it AT ALL. EmmaJean
  9. I tried Stevia and found it to be much TO sweet, I didn't care for it that much. But I am going to try the Truvia. I bought the Spenda with Fiber?!?! Any thought on that one?? EmmaJean
  10. AFter losing 100 lbs. "DId you cut your hair?" that was to, to funny really!!! Yes, people are very strange. My friend ( I guess) said the same to me. You look terrible, your face is so.....drawn,,,you look better with a FULL FACE. OK so she;s about 300 lbs. with a FULL FACE and FULL FIGURE!!! It takes all kinds of people.
  11. I haven't gotten one YET. But my friend LOVES hers, she also said she uses the bags over again not just once. I was going to buy 2, 1 for myself and 1 for my daughter for CHristmas but I didn't get around to it. I think they are VERY cheap only like $10.00 or so but I am not sure how expensive the bags are. EmmaJean
  12. Hi all; ANyone try those new Pinata apples? Well at least they are new to me, just saw them at the LOCAL supermarket for $1.99 a lb My DH LOVES them, very CRISP and JUICY!!! I LOVE ALL APPLES.....I like them soft, I like them crisp...I'm just an apple person. EmmaJean
  13. To those of you NOT SICK of hearing about "yogurt" yet again LOL The Yoplait Pineapple Upside Down had got to be THE BEST!!! Wal-Mart only 50 cents each!!! Now they have cherry cobbler and cinnamon bun but I haven't SEEN them at my store as of yet.
  14. Well I have NO PROBLEM spending the extra bucks on items that are "healthy". I will buy ONLY the BEST and only USA fish for example no matter the cost. But since to me a Macintish is just as good as a pink lady why go for the extra money??? Certain foods I do organic, for example thats the ONLY milk I will drink. EmmaJean
  15. Just my 2 cents.... I bought the HoneyCrisp at 2.99 a lb so I got 2 apples for $3.00 they were fine but not worth that money. I also got the Pink Lady and didn't rry them yet but they were 1.99 a lb so we'll see. I STILL like my plain old MAC's and they were 99 cents a lb. EMmaJean
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