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  1. I'm trying to figure out the new daily points calculation myself. I had seen it on this site once before but have not been able to find it again. I am trying to recommit to WW again, but need this info to know how many points I'm allowed. Thanks in advance.
  2. I am a recently recommitted WWer and your story is very motivating!
  3. I tried the strawberries and cream last night and enjoyed it. They sell it in 12 packs at my local grocer so this is another item on my list.
  4. I have only tried the oatmeal raisin, but I love it! I still have to try the apple cinnamon. I guess I'll have to pick up both the next time I go grocery shopping.
  5. Whoo hooo, my crock pot is a 5 quart. I will be grabbbing a box of these, my hubby loves our crock pot, he uses it more than I do.
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