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  1. Here's my plan: ************************ Sunday- Rest Monday - TBA Tuesday - WATP Wednesday - TBA Thursday - WATP Friday - TBA Saturday- Rest
  2. Well for me, 120 minutes of moderate Walking is 7 pts, but ya have to go by your own weight and intensity level. We walked the hilly 9 holes once and I was ready to die. I suck at Golf, but the last time we went we got the cart, but because I suck, I ened up walking...A LOT!!!!! So I used that walking as Activity pts because I worked up a really good sweat and at times was breathing heavily.
  3. HEY! That there is a great idea!!!! {{{{{{{Smooches}}}}}}!
  4. Well that is good to know! If they sweat, then that's a good thing! hehe!!!! That means we aren't suffering alone, LOL! J/k...I'm actually finding this exercise thang fun! I wish I could change my username to "ExerciseDiva" hehe:D
  5. I just did The FIRM Complete Aerobics & Weight Training (BSS2) and LOVED it! Wow! The whole cheese factor that is present in the older VHS's I have wasn't there at all. Hmmmmmm I may have to get the Transfirmer thing AND Turbojam!!! Maybe Santa will bring them......I may have to get a job just to supprt my exercise DVD habbit! LOL!
  6. Thanks Bonnie! I've been pretty much resting or doing the WATP and some FIRM Upper body Strength training this week, trying to give the knee a break. I am going to attempt FIRM Aerobics & Weight training today but if I see that I am having troubles still will stop the DVD and just do the WATP again. I just had a cyst, ovary and folopian tube removal surgery in May followed by an infection that almost killed me so I sure DO NOT want to EVER have surgery again. I don't even like going to the doc anymore and being touched whatsoever, but I'm Diabettic and have to go 4 times a year. I was once considering a Booby lift, but after that experienc in May I NEVEr wanna have surgery again. If diet and exercise can't perk these puppies up for me, well I guess they won't be perked, LOL! Unless I'm wearing a bra that is, hehe! Luckily my man loves me as I am.
  7. Thanks Sweetie, I think I will stick with the WATP's for today because my knee still hurts a little, but I am going to watch this FIRM DVD tonight before I attempt it tomorrow. BTW, I've lost 2.8 lbs since Saturday! WooooHoooo!!!!!
  8. I just got The FIRM Complete Aerobics & Weight Training (BSS2) in the mail and was just about to come ask how y'all like that when Nancy answered the question b4 I could ask, hehe..... That's why I like this here BCB Group, peeps are always posting answers to my questions befoire I can even ask. I do still have a question though, before I do this, is it easy to follow?
  9. I tell yall what, I may not be having a lot of On Scale victories to report, but I sure am seeing some shrinkage going on. My tummy and waist are getting impressively smaller. That right there makes me wanna keep doing this and stay OP! Not to mention I wanna be an addict like Joanne, hehe! She just cracks me up! I am also taking 75 mg's less of Wellbutrin, because my mood has improved naturally. I still have down day's, like yesterday, but I think that was just the day it was...But things are definately improving mentally AND physically.
  10. Hmmmm I have Ankle/Wrist weight's up to 5 lbs and 2 and 5 lb dum-bells, is that good enuff? I'mma bust out some FIRM upper body today!!!
  11. I really love doing the Step Aerobics, in fact, it's my favorite form of exercise, but right now, that's what hurts my knee. The step helps me get the heart rate up real good. I am too heavy chested to run or do jumping jacks, so I'll have to think of something. When I work-out, I like to work-out hard and really sweat so I feel like I've done something, hehe. When I do the WATP video's I don't get the pain, but I also don't feel like I am working as hard. ...O'well. Guess I'll have to WATP and do Floor Aerobics until I drop some more LBS. Maybe losing some more weight will make it better...I sure hope so... Thanks, Roni
  12. Sometimes when I work out hard on the Step Bench I get this pain in my left knee. It feels like I've pulled something and like it is going to pop out of place. What is that and shd I stop doing what I am doing? Do I need to take rest days until it goes away? I've never experienced this before, does this mean I am getting old? LOL! Also, the day after I do Step aerobics the bottoms of my feet feel bruised and it's painful to walk...As the day goes on it gets better. I make sure I am stepping off and on the bench properly.....Like I said, I've never experienced pain like this b4, but then again I wasn't carrying so much weight before either....
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