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  1. I am thinking of following the wendie plan and I have a couple of questions. Under the new ww program I am to eat 21 pts per day. I have visited this website http://www.angelfire.com/crazy4/ahealthylifestyle/WendiePlan.html and have noticed that this program is geared towards the older program of eating 20 points a day if u are 150 or less. Therefore do you recomment I eat: POINTS TARGET - 20 (Weigh Less than 150 lbs) • Day 1 - 20 points • Day 2 - 25 points • Day 3 - 21 points • Day 4 - 35 points Super High Day (SHD) • Day 5 - 20 points • Day 6 - 24 points • Day 7 - 22 points If not can someone help me figure out how many points I should be eating. And another question is, if I do change and try the wendie plan is it recommended to be on it a couple of weeks, one week, or until I loose the rest of the weight needed? Sorry for the long post, any help would be much appreciated!
  2. Congratulations..that must feel amazing! You are an inspiration to yourself and others!
  3. Congratulations!! You're doing a wonderful job! Keep up the amazing work!
  4. Thanks everyone...this is what I mean about everyone being so supportive. The next 15 pounds I have to loose will be a breeze because of all the support I get here at bcb. Thanks again!
  5. I finally did it! I've lost 50 pounds in 38 weeks of being on the program. I have about 15 more pounds to go until I reach goal! I'm so proud of the fact that I've come this far. This has been one of my greatest achievements thus far. Thanks everyone for your support without everyone here at BCB this loss would have only been harder to achieve.
  6. I joined a month after you in May and Lately for the past 3 months I have also been calculating points in my head rather than on paper. Like you, I have never missed a meeting yet and I don't plan to. I had surgery in December and lost 6 pounds and I figured I could eat a bit more during Christmas because of the huge loss. Oh no was I ever wrong...I gained back all 6 pounds plus another 2 during Christmas and New Years. As of the new year I have started all over and I have began tracking EVERY SINGLE THING I EAT, including 0 pt foods. I have also noticed that by tracking I am more accountable to myself and I often gravitate to healthier snacks as opposed to cookies because everything is written on the paper. My only advise to you. Start as if it were your first day and do everything you have been taught to do in order to succeed. Good luck!
  7. Oh boy did that make me feel stupid lol I'm definately forwarding the quiz to some friends. Thanks for the giggle!
  8. I have bought the "Get Moving Mix" at my weight watchers meeting. I don't know if this is the same dvd you're talking about. But if it is I think it is a great DVD for the money I paid. There are 5 different and quick workouts on the DVD. They are easy to follow and you can easily switch your intensity level based on what instructors in the video are doing.
  9. I don't have the xl glider but I do have the tony little gazelle which is very similar. At first this machine REALLY HURT my feet after 10 minutes. I have tried several different types of shoes with it and the problem still persisted. After a couple of months and about a 25 lb loss I decided to try again and have noticed that my feet no longer hurt as much. Overall, it is a fun machine but I find that I am getting bored with it because it is the same repetitive workout. Hope this helps!
  10. I wish we had as many choices as you guys do in the states. Here in Canada I have only seen and tried 3 flavours. My favourite smart ones would have to be rigatoni with brocolli and chicken. Yummy! I bet these other ones listed are just as good!
  11. manda87

    Smart Ones

    Here in Toronto, we don't have many choices of Smart Ones to choose from. But my most favourite is the rigatoni with chicken and broccoli which is 6 pts and of course, the double fudge chocolate cake which is 4pts.
  12. I've also been on birth control for a year now. I havent had any weight gain at all. I've been on ww since may 06 and I've been steadily loosing. I do eat my pizza and ice cream much more than on occasion , but of course I stay within my points values. So to sum all of this up, no, the birth control has not affected my weight loss in any way.
  13. My scale at home is usually a bit higher than the one at WI, usually anywhere between .5-1 lb. My scale only counts .5 increments and the one at WI counts in .2. That could be the reason I guess. Anyway I like that scale at WI better than mine at home!
  14. I can definately see the difference. You're looking great! Keep up the great work!
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