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  1. For those of you with Android phones, go to the Market and look for WWDiary. This useful tool is flexible enough to track using the new points calculation or any of the older ones - just include or exclude calories, carbs, fat, fiber, and protein in the calculation. With a setting change you can track classic CORE (set the daily allowance to zero & use only APs + Weekly Points)/SiFi Technique. Of course you can also track the other stuff: water, dairy, activity points, etc. Enjoy...
  2. Carol, that's great news - congratulations! I happened to be lurking here and stumbled across this thread. I haven't been here much as I'm crazy-busy as usual (soccer, church, work, plus this year we are Virtual Schooling DD...I have her twice each week, she goes to church with DH the other days...she is doing GREAT in school now...and that's a whole separate thread). My eating is fine but as usual it's the exercise that is a challenge. Thank goodness for Core/Simply Filling or I would not have been able to maintain this long. Great to see some of my Buddies again, but what is up with banning Lynn?
  3. Thank you, Judy's DH please let her know that we are thinking about her!
  4. I've been sort of paranoid about going on-line during the day...but I'm pretty sure that's no longer a concern. As long as Denver Boss has what she needs, I think I can relax and visit!
  5. Thanks so much, my Buddies! Shortly after returning from Kansas we had a great deal of drama in my workplace. Took spring vacation while DD off school...and while I was gone my boss was fired! I now report to his manager (in Denver). The good news (I think) is that Denver Boss has a six year old daughter and is much more in tune with the challenges many of us face trying to balance work life and home life. Old Boss talked it up, but when push came to shove he did not support much flexibility. I felt guilty leaving early, even when I completed the work at home, worked longer hours and did everything I could to make sure that my performance never suffered. When I asked him about it, Old Boss blamed Denver Boss on the lack of flexibility. Turns out that Denver Boss DOESN'T CARE what days/hours I work in the office - as long as my work is done and of high quality, she is happy. I want to work from home twice weekly as we may be doing a modified home-schooling thing with DD next year. There are so many discipline problems in her middle school - with APD she is easily distracted, and I think she's just not learning that much. Her teachers tell her that they are "too busy" dealing with other students' discipline issues to answer her questions We can't have her falling behind because her teachers don't have time to answer her questions during class. Our county has a "virtual school" option - students are assigned teachers, they work through the curriculum on-line including participation in webinar-style lectures. We've signed her up for 2010-2011. We've thought this through a great deal. DD has plenty of interaction with other kids through soccer and other activities, so she won't be missing out on socialization. I know that DD will need to learn to tune out the distractions in life - fair enough. But I don't think we can allow her to fall behind because her school is a chaotic mess. So anyway, while this was happening I was worried that I didn't even have a job. My position is unique within the company - the best way to describe what I do is "internal consultant". So with Old Boss gone, I was not sure whether Denver Boss understood my role or saw value in what I do. Turns out that she does. Plus I've been looking around at other internal options. Now that Old Boss is gone, I'm working on Denver Boss to see if she will allow me again to use our office warehouse - I'd like to start riding my bike back and forth to work again, parking in the warehouse.
  6. How exciting! I am so envious of talented folks like you! I have no such artistic talent...basically the best gift I can give is my time here, which is quickly coming to a close. I'm going to be very sad to leave tomorrow. We should be back in the summer, for our usual trip to visit DD's birth family.
  7. Ha ha - that thing is like a Transformer - it reconfigures into a bazillion different incarnations. But it's very sturdy and lightweight, at least compared to stollers I remember. There are SO many baby thingies out there - I had NO idea. Check THIS out: Pee-Pee Teepee ...although this is more of a shower gift (pun intended). We also found $6.00 ADJUSTABLE SOCKS.
  8. Here he is...Baby D. I am so in love with this little guy!
  9. Oh Sailor, this sounds like it was truly worship! Love it! Congratulations!
  10. PM's should be OK now...thanks, Lynn!
  11. Hey Buddies! I'm writing to you on my new netbook from the comfort of an airplane seat, somewhere between Atlanta and Wichita, KS...on the way to meeting my new baby kind-of-grandson Devon! I posted last week to say that our house was flooded due to a sewer line blockage. Thankfully it was clean water only, but we have been dealing the aftermath. Then our dear Monica called to say that she hadn't been sleeping well and that she MIGHT be having contractions, even though she wasn't due for another 3 weeks. I received a 5AM text saying that she was at the hospital Wednesday morning. Later that morning the doctors advised a C-section as the baby's heartbeat was slowing down too much between contractions...and now we have Devon. Both baby and mom are fine! I'll post pictures later. She is entitled to at least four days in the hospital without special authorization, so I'm telling her to stay put as long as possible. I want to get some cleaning and organizing done before she comes home Saturday. Since the baby is a bit early, things aren't yet completely set up and she still needs some supplies. I'm working with her DH on a shopping list as we plan to pick up what she needs when I arrive. So tonight we'll be cleaning, organizing, doing laundry, etc... I'll post when I can! Hugs to all...
  12. Very quick update! We had a sewer blockage Saturday evening - water flooded about 1/4 of our house! Thank goodness it was only soapy water from the washing machine and not actual SEWAGE...so I've been busy and distracted. Water removal company, insurance adjuster, plumber...no kitchen...but things are starting to get back to normal. I've had to leave work to attend to many things, but that doesn't mean that work stuff can wait. So I'll probably be posting again next Monday... Thinkin' about my Buddies...
  13. BK - Do not despair...because you are NOT alone. Many on this board have lost - gained - lost - gained...so you are in good company! Hang out with us - we are a fun and friendly group and will be there for you when the going gets tough. My best advice is to post so that we can get to know you... Hugs...
  14. Good morning, Buddies! Yes, it's Ash Wednesday and that marks the beginning of a very busy time for DH, the church, and our family. We also have soup suppers at church for the next five Wednesdays - while DD is at soccer. I like the fellowship and appreciate not having to cook (!) plus there are usually plenty of healthy options for dinner. Typically I send a crockpot with DH at least 3 times during Lent - all he has to do is plug it in at the church and our contribution to the soup supper is set. Lent is one of my favorite church seasons but I'm funny that way. I usually try to give up something AND also take on something extra. I'll decide later today what that will be. Oh...I'll be preparing for a trip to KS in March. Our former foster daughter (Monica) is like a daughter to us, and her first baby is due on 3/12. She's finishing up college plus working...she and her DH bought a house last year, so I'll be there to help cook/clean/whatever for a week and a half after the baby is born. This is a first for me - I've never actually given birth myself!! - so I'll be reading one of those "what to expect" books...and I'd appreciate any advice my Buddies can give. From talking to friends who have been through it, I suspect the best thing I can do to help out is to make sure that the mundane things around the house are taken care of while Monica gets as much rest as she wants/needs. At least that's what I think my role will be... Back to work... Hugs to all...
  15. Hey Buddies, I'm like Amy lately - not much time to post, but I'm reading the Daily when I can at work. I rarely have time at home. This past weekend was 3 days of soccer in very cold weather, plus Gotcha Day...and I'm still recovering. This week won't be much easier - Ash Wednesday services tomorrow evening and the first meeting of our new Women's Group at the church Thursday evening. This coming weekend yet ANOTHER soccer tournament... I've been eating clean but as usual no time for exercise, although I do laps around the soccer fields when possible. Take care, Buddies!
  16. Hey Buddies! Had an awesome dinner last night, a terrific and productive day at work...the sun is shining... Found out that my 97 year old grandmother was in an accident yesterday while in a bus on the way to her senior citizen's center. Her bus was broadsided by a car sliding in the snow (NE Ohio, near Lake Erie). The impact was so hard that the bus was pushed up sideways on TWO WHEELS...then the bus landed back on all four wheels with a big SLAM! Thankfully all passengers were wearing seatbelts, no one was hurt, but she was really upset. Looking forward to a three day weekend ahead for me as I'll be taking Presidents Day off for a soccer tournament...one more day of work! Hugs...
  17. Hey Buddies! Cool but very sunny today...I'm enjoying the snow pictures but very glad I'm not in it! I was so BUSY today that I barely had time to eat - ran to Publix for some fresh fruit during a quick break. Poor planning on my part, but least it's OP...I'm STILL at work but about to leave. I think I'll be making an old standby from the Core recipe forum - beef patties in gravy. That will satisfy DD after soccer practice. Stay warm, Buddies!
  18. Hey Buddies! Just spent some time catching up on everyone's posts since Thursday...then I gotta run again! I'd complain about the cold weather here in Florida but I don't think I'd find much sympathy. At least the sun is shining today.. Had some leftovers for lunch today - DH is cooking chicken cacciatore for dinner. DD may skip practice as she banged her foot up badly during the games this weekend. Nothing broken, but some tenderness remains. She can use the rest. Tomorrow should be LESS hectic... Hugs to all...
  19. Time only for a quick post... I actually slept until 6:00AM...yay, my body is moving off Ireland time! Becky, I love the way you put it - the cat "decided to move in"...that's a cat for you! Welcome home, Bridget! GREAT START! Carol - I've gotta go back and read your post about the chopper...I'm dying to get one and DH usually makes it to Costco on Fridays...I'll give him a call... Enjoy the weekend, Buddies...make it OP!
  20. This is so exciting.... What about the house? And yay, I can't wait to chat IN PERSON!
  21. Oh yeah Sailor... I drink plain chamomile tea if I need to wind down, but I take the out heavy guns (the Sleepy Time with valerian) if I'm having trouble sleeping multiple days.... Is that what people typically do in winter weather - wear boots/bring the pretty shoes and change?
  22. Hey Buddies! I'm home right now - DD has an appointment with the orthodontist at an awkward time, so she will miss most of this morning at school. DH couldn't take her this time. So I'm taking advantage of being home to dig through the freezer for some dinner ideas. And yay, no soccer tonight. I've been waking up at 4:30AM all week - I think my body expects me to be calling Ireland again, but I'm mostly done with the conference calls. I might try the tea with valerian tonight. Sue, we have FF feta around so I'll be checking out your recipe! Becky, which soup is your favorite to make? Linda
  23. That's what happens at our house, too! I pull something out of the freezer then stumble over exactly what to do with it But somehow it always works out!
  24. Good morning, Buddies! Wednesdays are a challenge for our family - double soccer practice for DD, choir practice for me - so we eat late and I have to push a bit to keep DH from bringing something home that's not healthy...especially if DH is whining about being hungry on the way home from practice. Yes, it's a planning thing.... For any of you that remember my mention of unhealthy drama at our church - things have taken a turn for the BETTER. The most disruptive of the folks causing the problem decided to leave. Sad, but probably the healthiest choice for them an Since then, Sunday attendance has been up, people have been volunteering to help out more...and I decided to ask around to see if there was any interest in starting an evening women's group. Five women immediately said "yes" to get things rolling! We stopped having an evening group a couple of years ago because of low attendance. (Our daytime groups are pretty active.) Many of our women are older and do not like to drive at night. That's understandable, but I reminded the group they would be excluding from participation anyone who worked outside the home or had other daytime obligations. So...we start meetings soon, and as I mentioned Monday we will be putting together an effort to help the Haitian community as our service project. Very exciting! Becky, I do the same thing with DD. She is usually good about eating veggies in recipes as long as the veggies are cut very small, crushed, or liquified. She loves spinach, if it's fresh. Ah Sailor, I am again impressed by your abilities to do crafts...and jealous! Linda, I can relate about the whole "relaxing" thing...while on vacation it takes me a good day to stop thinking about work/church/etc....but it's the healthiest thing you can do! Hugs to all Buddies!
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