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  1. Guys, guess what I found out? If you buy the walking DVD, you can get $10 off on your pedometer. The pedometer is so great and really geared toward the program. Plus, it's actually comfortable to wear. I'll let you know how the DVD is. My leader said she loves it in Winter.
  2. I have my meeting tonight and would like to know what you guys think of the Weight Watchers Pedometer and the walking DVD. I was thinking of getting both and try and get this big butt of mine in gear. So, thoughts?
  3. Richard Simmons might be enough entertainment to keep me laughing and working out. That is too funny. Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll go shopping tonight and see what I can find!
  4. I'm looking for some great workout dvd's that require no addiitional equipment. None, nada, zilch. Everytime i find some that I think I'm going to love they end up needing a platform or weights or something else. Which ones do you love?
  5. If you do eat the whole egg you get a lot more protein! When I make breakfast I make three egg white and one egg. It makes me stuffed and I eat better the whole day.
  6. My favorite that I think about all the time...."Fake it till you make it." Just pretend that you are already at goal and eat as you would then. Imagine yourself with a ton of self-control. Keep your head high, exercise and just keep faking it until it becomes second nature!
  7. Great job on the weight loss. This is a great place to be to get that extra support you need, especially so far from the states. What an amazing goal to join the military. You will find so many useful aspects of this site. Check out the recipes, they are great. If you can't find something you need such as a cookbook or anything just PM and I'll mail it you.
  8. I am excited to finally get to post here. I recieved my 10% keychain and my stay and succeed award last night. I am also .8 away from 200 pounds. I haven't been under 200 in at least 2 years. It's starting to show. I'm just really excited! I went out and bought some new Nike shoes and the ipod connector so I can monitor how much I'm walking.
  9. I think from the limited information you gave that you aren't eating enough. You may be earning a lot of activity points and not giving your body enough fuel. I would check that and make sure you're drinking the water you need for workouts too.
  10. I follow program and every day it gets a little easier. Each day I have to think about it less. Each week I see a small loss, but it all adds up. Just set small goals and find a way to celebrate them that has nothing to do with food. Find an exercise that you love. It can be anything! I doesn't have to be walking or running. It can be anything really. You can do this because you are here!
  11. You don't have to eat your extra 35 point each week, but you must eat more to compensate for activity. Your body needs the extra nourishment. It doesn't mean, however, that you have to fill those points with junk. You could add an extra piece of fruit, some meat at dinner, etc.
  12. Wow! That's some great loss. We would love to hear some of YOUR tips and tricks. Welcome to the forum. I love it here. It keeps me motivated and moving forward. Share often!
  13. It's awesome. Everything by the firm is!
  14. I fugured it at 3-4 points, depending on if it has nuts. That's for a one inch by one inch square. You could savor it and it's not too bad.
  15. I would err on the side of caution and figure a zero. Then when you have active days wear a pedometer and see how many AP's you truly earn. As a stay at home mom this helps. Some days I do the stairs 50 times, some days I have time to sit and read. Every day is different.
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